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So to get straight to the point, we are all paying too much for video games, especially since most lose 90% of their value in the first few months.

So that is why I tried renting games. I’m not talking about some overpriced rental company like the late Blockbuster or Redbox, I’m talking about 59 cents a day, far lower than the monthly cost of my phone bill. (2.3 dollars a day)

Here are the reasons why I have switched to online game rentals.

Renting online is so much cheaper?

For the same cost of buying one new game every 3 months (60 dollar game)  your kids could have 2 of the latest video games at any given time.    (takes 2-3 days to switch out games)

Now you don’t have to worry about spending 60 dollars on  a game that your kids play once or twice.   If they don’t like a game, they just drop the game in the mailbox, put the flag up, and get a new one in the next 3 days.

So when I say cheaper, I mean its cheaper to get the latest games.   If your kids are happy to play last years games, renting probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you are regularly buying the newest games, renting will save you a ton of money.

They eventually offer a 3 game service for 30 dollars a month when you’ve been a member longer.



Get the games you want, not a pile to collect dust.

Generally you will be able to get the newest games as soon as your kid wants them. Although occasionally insanely popular games like Zelda you may have to wait a few days for, however I was able to get Horizon Zero Dawn the day after launch by adding it to the queue early and making sure a game was returned a couple days before the release.

I don’t know about you, however I always ended up waiting until the games are 4-5 years old and still end up paying more for them than a Gamefly membership.


Don’t waste your time, get a game you don’t like? Just switch it out.

So you order a game and it ends up sucking, being boring, or for whatever reason no one in your family is interested in playing it within the first 10 minutes after it arrives. Send it right back, even that same day if it’s early enough, and you will get a new game in a few days. You’re not stuck with a game no one wants.

You don’t have to worry about storing games all over your house.

If you’re house is anything like mine then it is a constant struggle to keep track of just about everything and find a place for it. Gamefly games come in a small envelope with another one inside it for returns. Just put the pack by your TV or on a shelf and then send it all back with the game in it. Finding a spot for a few pieces of paper every couple days or weeks is a lot easier than a stack of game cases or discs that always somehow end up getting lost.

Try lots of games, order all at once or multiple times a month.

If you don’t particularly like pre-ordering games or shopping for them in stores or online, you can go to your account and add 15 to 20 games you want to play to your que.  You can even add games that will be released in the future to your queue so they’ll ship as soon as they are released.

Games get sent out as soon as tracking is updated.

This one came as a shock at first, however as soon as the mailman scans the game, the next one is already on its way.

Is Gamefly better than Onlive? Redbox?

When I first heard about Onlive I was excited because the games are delivered digitally so you can get a new game instantly.  The problem is a 3 day rental costs $4.99, lets say you want a new game every 3 days. With Onlive that will run you around $50 for one month for a single game.

Compare that to Gamefly where you can have 3 seperate games all at once for just 30 dollars.  This same deal would cost 150 with onlive.

No late fees.

Redbox is far far worse…

New releases cost 3 dollars per day, so 3 dollars times 30 days is 90 dollars a month.


So for the cost of one month, you could enjoy almost a half a year of gamefly’s entry membership.

Buy games if you want to give them a forever home.

I won’t deny it, there are some games that I sincerely need to own…  like a small handful that is that I want to keep for the rest of my life. (example: super smash bros)

Gamefly gives you the option to buy the game directly and their prices are comparable with eBay costs (from experience it’s always less than gamestop also).

Cancel online whenever you want.

Gamefly isn’t one of those companies that won’t let you cancel.   If you don’t want to continue, just click on your account and click cancel membership.   Its literally on the main account page.


One other benefit…  

They are giving the first 3 months at a discounted price as well as the first month Free for a limited time!  Take advantage of their free trial while it lasts


Why not surprise your kids with a membership see how it works out for you?

I’m finally playing all the newest games where I was always 12 months behind waiting for games to go on sale.  Its nice playing the games when I can actually discuss them with my friends.

Author: Stuart Starr

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