No Man’s Sky! Can it live up to the hype?

No Man’s Sky! Can it live up to the hype?

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I must admit, when I first saw a trailer released for No Man’s Sky, I was blown away! Has my childhood fantasy finally been fulfilled, can I really explore that planet hanging in horizon, or are warning lights going to flash on my screen saying I’m about to enter a radiation zone causing imminent death!  NOOOOO!!! (its happened to me..  too many times…)

One thing is for sure, this game boasts an open universe, claiming that every single creature, plant, geographical location and even space ship are completely unique. All the exploration of Minecraft without the blocky graphics. ABOUT TIME!

I for one am already sold on this game for the exploration alone. However the infinite world will not be enough to sustain an MMORPG. Nobody would play Minecraft if the only thing to do was fight monsters and explore blocky terrain. Minecraft players get to build their own terrain, and explore others players terrain.

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Entering into the atmosphere shows rather impressive procedural generated graphics.

Lets talk about some of the key features needed in this game for us to continue playing.

First lets talk Economy. Will there be cities in the game where players can open up shop, sell and trade items? Will there be any NPC controlled cities, or just space stations.

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Speaking of space stations, I want to build my own, or at very lease want a space station I can buy and use. I’ll park it on Saturn’s rings and sell my specialty space tacos at ridiculous prices.

This is the core reason I’m worried that No Man’s sky can live up to the hype. It Promises endless exploration, giving us gamers the illusion that we can do anything! Will we really be able to do whatever we want in the game?

That said, the most important feature this game needs is an avenue to exploit our imagination. Its not enough to explore a video games procedural mapped terrain. There are already video games out there with breathtaking scenery. Success will be determined on how well we can use this scenery to our advantage.

While blasting dinosaurs with my oversized rocket launcher is fun, I feel this game will need more than just survival and trading precious stones.

That said, congrats Sean Murray, you were finally able toprogress video games a bit further.   I’m not yet convince your game will be the next halo, but your second one might be : )

I’ll end on this mind blowing video.


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