Do you think we can better ourselves by playing video games?

Can we really benefit by playing video games?


I believe games can make us think faster, perceive better, and learn in a way parents have shunned for over a decade. Video games may become the new educational foundation by offering advanced learning benefits and a whole new look at the future of education.

Is anyone else thinking how Spock advanced his gray cells in Star Trek?

spock simulated sci-fi advanced gaming  learning enviornment

spock simulated learning enviornment

I suppose we should start with less fantasy.

Dr. Ezriel of says that it’s more than just playing games, it’s learning. When learning to play games, synapses are forming thousands of connections in your brain that improve quick thinking and split second decisions. (Just think how handy this skill would become the next time you’re in a car accident.) The doctor explains that just playing isn’t enough; gamers are constantly challenging themselves, improving their cognitive abilities.

What if we applied the idea of learning through games to the educational system?

Computer simulations are a form of gaming where tasks are realized in the digital world. Many people have heard of flight simulators that teach you how to fly, and recently surgical simulations to improve results in medical fields. Dr Jeffery Taekman, director of Duke University’s Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center, explains a world without textbooks. To better understand and apply information, subjects for students would be taught using simulations. These digital tasks will help students make quicker choices and learn better.

I think the benefits of simulated schools would sharply increase the intelligence and the rate at which children and young adults learn.


Studies have proven that simulations in the fields of flying and medical have helped save lives. However, these simulations have never deprived students of their childhood. The initiation of simulated school should first be slowly implemented and balanced to see the effects it will have on children. Group simulations could help students interact with the class and still receive the social benefits of school.

So what do all these studies say of the future?

The benefits of gaming will help develop the future much faster and so far appear to be having a positive effect.

(Its super effective!)

The ability to think faster and make split second decisions can be a valuable asset that may even save somebody’s life. Simulations will increase productivity that could create a generation of genius.

Will the rest of the world be inferior to this new generation’s intelligence?

mad scientist inferior black and white old vial gaming

All are inferior! Mwahahahahahah

I can see a bright future for our world with the development of technology; exploring new ways to increase the intelligence of future generations sounds like the right direction to me.

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