Saints Row Gat Out of Hell: Face the Evil

I’ve been familiar with the Saints Row games for years and man, should I tell you these are definitely those titles you are supposed to have in your Steam library. Sure, it’s not for everyone and classic GTA fans might not like the way things escalate in Saints Row, but so many people – so many minds. I was pleasantly surprised with Saints Row 2 and its gangster wars. Saints Row 3 literary shocked me with it’s stupidity (but in a good gaming way) and Saints Row 4 was one of the best games I ever played. It was hilarious, overpowered and brutally enjoyable. But now Saints Row founders have made a decision to surprise their fans with something even better and are going to send us to the underworld. How do you feel about taking a trip to hell? You are going to like it, I promise.

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A Short Reference to the Saints Row IV

For those who follow Saints Row products there is no need to explain how cool Saints Row IV was. You became the president of the World and was forced to face the alien’s invasion. Thanks to a very brilliant move on the creators’ side, you actually received an opportunity to become an overpowered guy with the abilities one would definitely like to have in his arsenal. I have to admit that the idea to upgrade Saints Row III with different skin styles was amazing, so technically – game developers did not spend time on creating a new city but instead concentrated their attention on other stuff like funny missions, superpowers and guns. Even though I was supposed to play in the same city, I didn’t feel like it was Saints Row III.

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Saints Row Gat Out of Hell: A Standalone DLC

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell kind of continues the story that you finished in Saints Row IV. However, this is not a standalone game (at least, for now) but happens to be a DLC that will cost you about 12$ on Steam (probably less or more depending on the region). Luckily, this is not another greedy move from developers when they cut the game on purpose and release it in parts to gather more cash. This is a firm, a well thought out DLC with some interesting approach to the gameplay. After all, what should you expect from a game where you are going to face the devil in a warm and nice place called Hell?

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The Hell of Saints Row

The idea to send the Saint Row company to the world of dead is not bad at all. After all, having a chat with the devil with the Saints Row approach has never been that hilarious. Also, there is a firm reason why the bad guys (meaning – your company) have to do that without asking any question. Their boss, the mighty president of the world, has been kidnapped by the devil and pretty soon should marry his daughters. Yes, the devil’s daughter and not the daughter of his own. As far as Mr. Kensington was an honorable man, the whole band will be sent to get him back but Johnny and Kenzie will be those playing the vital role in this theater.

However, after entering the portal and finding themselves in the hellish area, the band kind of realized that the Hell is not as cool as it could be. I think you will agree with me that sending the bad company to Hell has some great potential and realizing it on 100% would blow people’s mind. But, as far as this is a DLC (probably, because of that), Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell seems to feel half ready only. While the difference between Saints Row III and Saints Row IV was amazing, in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell you will kind of have to repeat whatever you did in Saints Row IV. Despite some customization, new characters and weapons, everything feels the same and the hellish surrounding does not save the day.

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Saints Row Gat Out of Hell: The Gameplay

If you plan to complete the main campaign only, it should take you no more than 7 hours. Of course looking for collectibles and completing side missions should take a lot more but I do have a feeling that you are not going to do that. First of all, because the number of ridiculous collectibles is too damn high. Frankly speaking I think there were more than enough in Saints Row IV already and at a certain point I got bored flying over the city trying to find them all. I do not want to continue doing that in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

Moreover, the missions themselves lost their bright colors. They seem to be pretty common and not attractive at all. For some reason, they feel more like side missions than the main campaign story. Not cool, man, not cool.

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The Cool Things About Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

Sure, there is a bright side of the story and it surely makes the game worth buying. If you are OK to close your eyes and do not pay attention to a so-so mission campaign, then there is a certain number of features you are going to like.

First of all – welcome to hell! After all – not an everyday trip to the virtual world ends up in the underworld. Pretty atmospheric and filled with evil, the Hell of Saints Row makes you feel excited and confused at the same time. Also, fighting the evil demons (the sword way and not the word way) makes you feel like you are doing an honorable job. Well, at least I felt that way.

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Second of all – the great characters. There is not much of them but yes, you are going to see some great and famous historical personalities like Shakespeare or Black Beard. There is definitely some potential to grow in this field and I do hope that either in the standalone game (if one will appear) or in the future a few more will be added.

Thirdly – the weapon. Not much was added to the arsenal but taking into consideration that it’s a DLC, it’s pretty much enough to have those at your disposal. I won’t cover the whole list of guns but the frog launcher and Gatling chair are worth the money and bring a lot of fun.

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The Verdict on Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

I am not going to force you buying the Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. After all, Saints Row in general is not a mass game, at least – not as mass as GTA. But, if you enjoyed playing previous Saints Row titles and have had fun killing the bad guys who invaded your planet, than Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is your kind of DLC. And remember – playing in COOP is a lot more fun than playing alone.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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