Survaruim: Not a STALKER But You Will Like It

I hope you are not tired of online FPS titles and there is still a place in your heart for another game alike. Well, by saying alike I do mean that it will have a lot of in common with the shooting principles of all the other MMOFPS available on the market but in the terms of design and hidden ideas, the game we are going to talk about today should be a surprisingly pleasant present. Anyway, let’s talk apocalypse, MMOFPS and STALKER or, if you will, Survaruim.

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The Secret of Survaruim

Unless you haven’t been browsing internet for 2 years, you should have heard about one of the most expected shooters under an honorable name – Survarium. Yes, it kind of feels like STALKER thanks to anomalies, artefacts, enemy bandit groups and comfortable post –apocalypse surrounding. But, the very first PvP round in Survarium will definitely make you change your mind. Despite so many ideas taken from STALKER, Survarium is a totally different game with a totally different approach.

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Survarium is not an ordinary post-apocalypse game. Technically, there were no virus, zombie attack or whatever can make people die. Instead, the nature itself decided to get rid of the people who behave themselves like they are the only living creatures allowed to live on the planet Earth and that their crazy behavior won’t be punished. Well, everything changed and it did in Survarium. However, there is not much we can share about the game and its plot as far as Survarium is only in Alpha testing. Besides a number of bugs and lugs there is also a great intrigue floating around the game. After all, revealing all their tricks at once won’t make the game as popular as you want it to be.

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The Game Mechanics of Survaruim

However, Survarium is not a single player game and the plot itself does not play that serious role as it would if things were otherwise. All you have to know for now is that you play as a part of a bandit group while others play as a part of another bandit group. Of course, each group believes to be the knights of the fallen world and will do its best to survive as long as possible and kill as many bad guys as possible. But technically, all the bad guys running around is not the only thing you should be afraid of. A lot like in STALKER, Survarium is filled with anomalies that can carry some great stuff but going there at the very beginning of the game without protecting suits and other cool stuff is more like a suicide than a treasure hunt. So, at the very beginning of the game feel yourself free to spend as much time shooting your enemies as possible.

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If you are familiar with World of Tanks and/or World of Warplanes, Survarium is your kind of game and your kind of place to spend hours and hours of cool gameplay. The mechanics of the games mentioned and the one that is only in alpha stage is no different. Sure, you have tanks or planes there and people in post-apocalyptic world here but if you take this away – the skill system, the safehouse and even the micro transactions – all of them are based on the very same principles. Probably, the only thing different is that the presence of factions and reputation. You have to pay attention to those two principles and upgrade them as fast as possible. You can do that with your reputation by completing the challenge tasks like “kill two enemies with one grenade” or “be the first one on the winning table.” But, no matter how easy that sounds, you will have hard time completing them all and fast.Survarium (6)

Survarium is not an Easy Game to Play

The main thing about Survarium is that it is not another “come and kill them all” shooter and if you are truly proficient in Call of Duty, that won’t help you at all. On the top of that, you will have to get used to the game mechanics that is not bad but different (and gamers do not like different). For example, there is no health bar in Survarium. Instead, you will face the cruel reality of its game mechanics. At this point it kind of reminds the old-school Flashpoint or its great reincarnation in Arma. Instead of health bar you get a zonal system of injuries. Depending on the impact, you will lose the ability to walk, hold your weapon or whatever comes into play. Shooting in the head illuminates the target right away. Of course, you can use various helmets and all the possible equipment available in the store but it won’t add you that much of an advantage. That’s the idea of the game and its main principle and you know what – I like it. After all, everybody hates when someone having enough money can become a real terminator while the rest will have to face the inevitable death. Luckily, that won’t happen in Survarium.

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The Alpha Stage of Survaruim Principles

At this point you should not expect to get a lot from the game that happens to be in its alpha stage. I mean that most of the features won’t be available for testing and as for the gameplay regimes, only PvP more is open for testing. Sure, there will be a lot more modes in the future but in the meanwhile we are forced to enjoy killing each other only. But, the already familiar “kill them all” mode is not that bad because it has an interesting features in its arsenal. If you plan to win the match, together with killing all the others it is important to steal various stuff from your enemies including the valuable batteries. However, when picking a battery pack, you lose in dynamic, speed and are not allowed to shoot. That adds some great hardcore features to the gameplay and will force you to think twice before picking up that juice of light.

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As always, game developers (which is Vostok Games) have a lot of things to deal with but taking into consideration that we are reviewing an alpha version of Survarium, they’ve done a very decent job and reached some great results. There is a possibility to receive a copy of the game by applying for it at their official site but it might be a great possibility that it is not available anymore. But, if you are not a big fan of constant bugs and naughty cheaters who feel themselves comfortable shooting through the walls and killing other gamers with ease, you should wait a bit more to put your hands on at least its beta product. And in the meanwhile – stay tuned for our new and fresh reviews coming up soon.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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