FreshGamer News: Dying Light Let’s Play and Assassin’s Creed Movie

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FreshGamer News: Dying Light Gameplay and Release on January 27

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On Freshgamer pages we already talked about Dying Light and the way the game itself is going to be presented. As it appears, Dying Light developers has made a decision to create a mix of parkour action and zombie shooter. From what we’ve seen already, the idea paid itself off and zombie fans are more than just excited to see Dying Light in their libraries. And what’s not to like? Tons of weapon, millions of zombies, freedom of movement and horrifying nights. But in order to make you feel even more excited, Dying Light developers released almost a 2 hour long let’s play video where they explain your character’s skills, abilities, things he can and should do and, of course, things he cannot and should not do. If you have some time to kill and feel yourself as excited about this game as I do – feel free to watch this stream. It’s long but kind of funny to watch and comes with a good portion of humor.

 FreshGamer News: Dying Light Multiplayer Teaser

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As it appears, Dying Light is also going to have a multiplayer mode. Well, I didn’t expect them to do otherwise cause the beloved resistance between people and zombies would definitely be missed by zombie fans. There is nothing more exciting than to chase people, corner them and make every single human being suffer from their selfishness. In Dying Light all that stuff looks just amazing. After all, you won’t be playing as a regular zombie who can barely walk and bite. You will be playing as one of those things that can jump, kick, bite and smell people from the distance. So far it looks very promising and if the actual gameplay happens to be at least 70% that interesting, count me in.

 FreshGamer News: Valiant Hearts: The Great War для iOS

Valiant Hearts- The Great War - IGN's Free Game of the Month

Ready for some free games? I hope that’s a yes. For a limited time only IGN is giving out free keys for one of the best games of all times Valiant Hearts: The Great War. All you have to do is to register on their site and claim your key. If you happen to be a member of IGN, simply find the page and ask for the code. But remember, this is iOS key only – no Steam or Android. In order to save you some time, here’s the link to your free key. Enjoy)

FreshGamer News: PS Plus January Presents for PlayStation 4

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We do not usually write about PS 4 games because, let’s be honest, except for exclusives there is not much to talk about. Ye-ye, you can start expressing your hatred in the comment section below – that’s normal. But I think you will agree with me on a fact that during the last month free games offered on PS Plus subscription happened to be, well, not that great. Except for 1 or 2 games, everything seemed to be the indiest indie possible. Even though I am a big fan of indie games, I don’t like when it’s too much of them offered. There has to be a decent balance between indie stuff and true gaming stuff.  Well, that’s what happened lately on PS Plus. Starting January 7, in case you have PS Plus subscription, you can get 2 great games for free. The first one is inFamous: First Light. Ye, it’s not the PS 4 exclusive inFamous: The Second Son but still – the game was reported to be very and very interesting. If I am not mistaken, it’s a prequel to the original Second Son story and despite it’s secondary position, First Light has lots of things to offer.

The second game to be at your disposal is The Swapper. One of the best indie puzzle platformer games one can fine on the web. I enjoyed it playing on PC and now you should definitely enjoy it playing on your PS 4. It’s a story of a cosmonaut that can clone himself and make crazy stuff by projecting his clones to various areas. As simple as it sounds, the game will keep you tensed since the very first launch.

FreshGamer News: Steam now Has FPS Counter

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In case you use Steam for your gaming needs (and if you prefer playing licensed games, that is exactly the community you should be registered on) you will be glad to know that now Steam has FPS counter. It’s a small addition to the community but it definitely helps a lot for those gamers who either want to record their progress and then make some let’s plays or for those people who can’t get their setting right. Never the less, it’s always a great opportunity to have something like that in the top corner of your screen just to make sure that the productivity of your device is good enough to keep that favorite game of yours running. Now it’s time to think about making the screen capture possible. That would be really and really nice.

FreshGamer News: Assassin’s Creed the Movie

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Believe it or not but 20th century Fox is actually working on Assassin’s Creed the Movie. It was supposed to appear on May 2015 but because of the whole pack of reasons, it has been postponed to December 21, 2016. Ye, it’s almost 2 years of waiting and lots of things can change during that time but who knows – maybe it’s for better. After all, making a movie about the coolest assassin in the world is a great responsibility and even before its release, people are already putting some serious hopes into it. So, 20th Century Fox! No matter what you do – do it right and make sure that we are satisfied in the end. After all, with a proper approach, you can turn it into a whole series of movies. You have at least 9 official titles to get inspiration from.

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