Battlefield Hardline – The New Face of The Battlefield

If not for the new trailer, I wouldn’t have known about Battlefield Hardline existence. I guess, the idea itself of creating a game with the word battlefield in it but without the actual war battlefield sounds kind of surprising and confusing. We got used that DICE and other developers involved in production have a great skill of creating amazing battlefield games with pretty good scenarios and even better multiplayers. But Battlefield Hardline is not the case. It’s a story about a cop with some serious ambitions and great interest in clearing the city from the bad guys.

Battlefield Hardline

There is hardly a person who haven’t heard about Battlefield games. After all, they are believed to be the best in the terms of gameplay and multiplayer for a reason. Of course, gamers can believe in whatever they like better and if you are a Call of Duty fan – no one is going to judge you. After all, I am one myself and I feel proud about that. But, no matter what you play, you always have to be aware of what other developers do in order to see their achievements and make something even better. That is one of the reason why various companies fight with each other to be either the first or the second to present the game. You might not feel it but lots of things depend on this decision.

Battlefield Hardline 5

Battlefield Hardline and its Story

The idea of applying Battlefield principles in some other field sounds kind of ridiculous. We got used to be playing the modern times and there is no need to change what is great already, right? Battlefield Hardline is a confusing mix of Battlefield ideas and Rainbow Six mechanics. But only to a certain point. As I noticed before, Battlefield Hardline is a police story with lots of interesting things to share. I do not remember developers creating a decent police-related game and Battlefield Hardline might be the unexpected solver for this problem.

But, there is one thing you should know: Battlefield Hardline single player and Battlefield Hardline multiplayer are two different cases, even more different than Battlefield single and multiplayer modes.

Battlefield Hardline 3

Battlefield Hardline the Single Player

Just in a few years the city of Los Angeles became the most dangerous and ridiculously complicated place to live. Thousands of criminals flooded the city and you, as an officer of the law, have to do your best in order to make them go way. The gameplay itself is very intriguing because serving at the police force you will have to deal with some minor robbers who have some interest in stealing that grandma’s purse as well as some serious guys who have an army of their own and are more than ready to send a bullet in your head if you come closer than allowed.

While we can’t tell you much about the single player, we know for sure that the story will be very interesting. Believe it or not, but DICE can still do that pretty easily. Also, there are a couple of things that are really worth mentioning.

Battlefield Hardline 2

The Cool New Things About Battlefield Hardline

– Different approach. The cool thing about Battlefield Hardline is that despite a couple of specially designed missions, you will have a choice to complete tasks quietly or to face the danger with a rocket launcher in your hands. Both ways work fine as long as you are tough enough to take the heat.

– Dynamic gameplay. By saying “dynamic” I do not just mean that characters will be running faster at 60 fps but the gaming in general will look dynamic and interactive. Most of the houses, obstacles and cars will be at your service. And while ones can be destroyed and smashed into pieces, others will work great for covering big distances and creating non-static obstacles. There is a third element that I call “the helping hand”. Whenever possible and available, you can interact with some objects, constructions or whatever and make them help you in tough situations. For example – blowing up a water tower to get out from the ambush. Not bad, ha?

– Not tons but lots of cool and new weapons and abilities. After all, you are not a warrior anymore but a police officer. Killing every single criminal is not an option. That is why you and your partner can organize raids, save hostages, electrify all the bad guys with a shocker and interrogate them to get some important information.  I like that idea already.

Battlefield Hardline 1

Battlefield Hardline the Multiplayer

At the same time, multiplayer is a totally different case. Unlike dynamic and interesting story in single payer, you will have to take part is some serious police vs criminals wars. If compared, I would describe it as police force Battlefield in Los Angeles against criminals who want to complete their criminal plans. However, there are lots of great things that do not make it feel like battlefield at all. So, those who are afraid to get a feeling that they are playing Battlefield 4 but in a different cover – keep calm and wait for the game because it is not so.

Battlefield Hardline 11

The Cool Things About Battlefield Hardline the Multiplayer

– Amazingly big maps. For a number of first plays you will feel lost: skyscrapers, hundreds of cars, tunnels, stores and a lot more. I would even say that you will need a map for your map to get to the right place.

– In order to make the game worth buying, you will be allowed to play both cops and criminals. Every group will get its own set of goals and special abilities. Of course, playing as a criminal will oblige you to steal money or do some other scenario related thing to piss the cops. On the other side, playing as a cop forces you to be attentive and do not let the bad thing happen.

Battlefield Hardline 10

– Interesting game mods. Unlike war stuff in Battlefield 4, you are a cop or a criminal and you have to act accordingly. This means that robbing banks and doing all the other things criminals usually do will be something at your disposal. They all seem to be thought out very well. There also will be an interesting scenario where two opposite criminal team will organize a bank robbery at the very same time on the very same day and while dealing with the cops, there also will be a necessity to fight with the other bad guys by killing their warmen and stealing the stolen money back.

Battlefield Hardline 8

Last Thoughts on Battlefield Hardline

I know that this is too much information to handle. As a matter of fact, everything mixed up in my head too. I can’t get rid of the feeling that Battlefield will now get a younger brother with the same roots but a totally different character. So far I find it appealing and very exciting but at the same time there might be a catch and I do not want it to be bad.

It is very unlikely we are going to see this game by the end of 2014 but preorders for Battlefield Hardline are already open on Origin, so, go ahead and make your bet or wait a bit to see if the product is worth being added to the library.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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