Freshgamer News: Christmas Steam Sale and Minecraft from Telltale

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. This is us, again, sharing some cool stuff with you. This week’s Freshgamer news have lots of things to share and even more to surprise you with. In this article we are going to teach you how to save a fortune on steam games and how to make sure you enjoy every purchase you make. Well, let’s get this party started.

Freshgamer News: Minecraft from Telltale

freshgamer news minecraft

As ridiculous as it sounds, after pretty successful launch of a great number of stories, Telltale is going to start working on a new one. While the fact itself of somebody doing something does not sound like a big surprise, you should know that this something is an interactive story about Minecraft. “Now way!” you are going to say, “Yes way!” we are going to say. Frankly speaking, I have no idea why and what for? After all, Minecraft hasn’t been known for its creative story but rather for the great opportunity to create whatever comes on your mind. The best Sandbox ever has been ported to all devices and made a fortune on the franchise. But an interactive story from Telltale? Really? Does it even make sense? Well, maybe it’s just a tip of the iceberg but I truly doubt the surprise. However, it’s just me. I am pretty sure that a greater part of Minecraft fans is already excited about the game. Let’s see what happens when it actually happens. So far, even though I am a big fan of Telltale, I can’t think of a reason to make this happen. Maybe you have something to say?

Freshgamer News: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode

freshgamer news cod

Forgive me my skepticism but do zombie have to be everywhere? I am a zombie fan myself and, probably, 50% of the games on my Steam account do happen to be zombie related but I hate to see zombies in games like Call of Duty. I know that somebody likes it a lot by to my mind it’s just another way to make people pay for a game just because instead of bad guys they have to deal with zombie hordes. According to the trailer, which, by the way, shows juts a couple of seconds of the real gameplay, the big difference from all the other zombies in the world will be the idea of the dead wearing exoskeletons. According to the Activision’s logic, zombie became smart enough to use exoskeletons and do crazy stuff. Ye, seems legit.

Of course, I’m being skeptical! I do understand that this was made on purpose to create a lot more exciting gameplay and so on but for some reason zombies wearing exoskeletons do not surprise me. Please, forgive me my classy believes and my prejudice, but I am truly convinced that there is a certain point where zombies have to be left behind and gamers start living something new and for me it’s the right time and the right place. But, of course, let’s give Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode a try and a chance to prove us wrong. And, before that happen – enjoy the trailer below.

Freshgamer News: Steam Christmas Sale

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Right after the Black Friday Sale, Steam launched, probably, the biggest sale of the year called Steam Christmas Sale. So far it’s been just a few days but there’ve been great improvement in the title offered and prices cut. But, let’s not rush into things and talk about it in a certain order.

As always, every 24 hours Steam offers new games with new prices. Usually, they vary from 10% and can reach 90% on a certain number of gamer. Unfortunately, you won’t see 90% discount on the most wanted and desired games like AS Unity or something alike but they also come with a certain surprise. For instance, the very same AS Unity can be grabbed with a 30% discount while the recently launched Borderlands Pre-Sequel can become yours for 50% off. Taking into consideration that both games are just a couple of months old, these are some great deals. If you are interested in the full list of games offered, just go and check out the Steam Store.

So far I haven’t seen much worth buying because most of the games are already in my library but there was one title that I would buy twice if I could. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag together with Season Pass dropped the price and with 75% discount will cost you just a couple of dollars. This sounds really cool because that is the highest discount on Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag ever! The discount mentioned will last for one day longer, so if you want to enjoy the best pirating experience, this is your chance. Also, some other Assassin’s Creed titles are on sale too and if you miss some of them in your collection, now it’s the highest time to make things different.

Beside amazing game offers present and on the way (Steam Christmas Sale will last until January 2), you also have an opportunity to vote for one game every day and get a Christmas card for that. A lot like earlier this year, you can use those cards to create a badge or sell them and get some money back. The cool thing about cards is that now in order to get one you only have to vote once (unlike triple voting during Easter sale). That was a smart move, I suppose.

steam cool

But, that’s not all. Now, if you happen to have some useless stuff like icons, backgrounds, emoji and else, you can turn them into jams. Jams are like money but you can’t just spend them on the games you want. Instead, you can do the following:

– turn jams into card packs;

– spend jams on auction and if your bet is the highest one, receive the game desired;

– or you can sell your jams on the market and receive some change on your Steam account.

No matter what you choose, the idea of turning items into jams sounds like a perfect procedure to get rid of the useless stuff in your inventory and benefit from that the best way possible. Just go to your inventory and you will figure everything out. If you need some details – check the main Steam page.

We really hope you liked this week’s news. Make sure you follow Steam sale on daily bases and get as many cool games as you can. After all, when it’s cold outside, there is nothing better than to spend a couple of hours playing your favorite titles. Stay tuned for more Freshgamer news coming up next week.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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