Freshgamer News: The Best Games of 2014 and Porting of Heroes III

It looks like the gaming world has gone crazy. It offers so many great titles that it would take a life for a gamer to complete them all. This week was special on getting back to the past and making true legends alive. Renewed, remastered and reprogrammed versions of various titles are already on their way to surprise the dedicated gamers. In case you want to know more – this week’s Freshgamer News digest is here to help.


Freshgamer News: Game of Thrones from Telltale is Already Out

freshgamer new telltale

Even though gamers didn’t ask for it, Telltale Games released an adventures quest game based on the popular TV show Games of Thrones. Probably, the producers of the show, being led by temptation to earn extra money on franchise, made a decision to ask the professional to do some magic and create something every single gamer (well, almost every single gamer) would buy and enjoy playing. By all means, Telltale Games did their job well and provided almost a perfect product. For those who wonder, the story of the Game of Thrones by Telltale points put some interesting turnaround right after the Bloody Wedding in Season 3 and other great events before Season 5 (that is only about to air in 2015). According to the gamers, they like the general feeling of the game and the damaging cruelty does take place on almost every corner but the Game of Thrones by Telltale does misses the naked part. Well, my dear friends, this is a game and not an erotic show. For that you happen to have the TV series that cover the question of nudity very well. The game is worth $15 or so but we do recommend to wait for a Christmas sale on Steam and maybe we will get a chance to grab it with at least 50% off.


Freshgamer News: The Best Games of 2014 in 2 Minutes

The Best Games of 2014

2014 is going to end in just a few weeks which means it is the highest time to put a fat dot in list of games that have been released during this year. Sure, some developers might release a couple of new titles but these are very unlikely to surprise someone with whatever they are going to offer. All the big titles are already on the table and the only thing left is to make sure that they won’t burn our computers down. In case you wonder what games deserved to be called the best games of 2014, here is a dynamic list of those shown in this video. Enjoy.

Freshgamer News: The Release of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Was Postponed

freshgamer new witcher 3

For some reason, the developers standing behind Witcher 3 postponed the official release of the game. We do hope that there is nothing critical and that this decision was made only because the Witcher developers are doing their best to make the game look awesome and work perfectly well. That would be very nice of them. According to the official statement from the developers, the Witcher 3 will be released on May 19, 2015. Sure, it’s kind of a long wait but guys from CD PROJEKT RED claim that this will be one of the best RPG games ever.


Freshgamer News: The Heroes of Might and Magic III Will Appear in 3D

freshgamer new heroes iii

In case if you are a great Heroes III fan, you should be excited about this one. Because of 15 year anniversary, Ubisoft is getting prepared to release a remastered, HD version of Heroes of Might and Magic III – The Restoration of Erathia. The decision to re-release this version was kind of logical – this is the only version of the game that still can offer its codes for improvement. Heroes III will get improved graphics and will run perfectly well on all devices with HD resolution. But that is not all! Heroes III will also be released on Steam which means gamers will receive an opportunity to play online with their friends. Those who happen to have Android and iOS devices will also receive their part of the treat. The new version of Heroes will be release on both platforms and will probably become one of the best turn based strategies on the go.

Freshgamer News: Sony Announced Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

freshgamer news uncharted-4-a-thief-s-end-31488-1366x768

Even those gamers who do not like consoles and haven’t had a PS 3, PS 4 or OS Vita still know what Uncharted is. If I was asked to describe it in just a few words, I would say that this is Lara Croft but in a man’s body. Uncharted titles have always been exclusive for PS platforms and there is no way this is going to change in the closest future. Anyway, during their last presentation, Sony announced a new chapter of Uncharted that goes under the name Uncharted: A Thief’s End. From what we can tell so far, the game looks nice and kind of combines some features of Indiana Jones movies and Assassin’s Creed Games. But as far as actions speak louder than words, we do recommend you to watch 15 minutes of unique gameplay. They are totally worth it.

Freshgamer News: Developers Are Working on Stalker Lost Alpha – Developer’s Cut

freshgamer new stalker

Stalker fans do know already that Stalker Lost Alpha is supposed to complete the story that started in Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl. The trick is that this mode has already been released earlier this year but because of a great number of bugs and surprisingly luggish gameplay, Stalker developers made a decision to release a totally new version of Lost Alpha and improve it the best way possible. Unfortunately, we have no idea when this is going to happen because developers do not want to put themselves in any frames like they did the first time. But what we know for sure is that the bigger part of the renewing process has been completed already and now some minor but important issues are being dealt with. The new version of the Stalker is said to be the best one available.


Freshgamer News: GTA 5 for PC Will Be Released on January 27

freshgamer news gta iv

It looks like in less than 2 months PC fans will receive the awaited opportunity to launch the precious GTA 5 on their machines. Sure, the game will require some crazy hardware but that is a totally different story. What I really wanted you to know is that GTA 5 will be ported by the very same guys who ported Max Payne 3 from console on PC. As you can see yourself, the job was done perfectly well and there is no doubt these guys will do the same with GTA 5. The only thing left is to calm down and wait until January 5. Haven’t felt this excited since GTA IV.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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