Freshgamer News: Surprises from Telltale and Atmospheric War Games

This week was very rich on game news. So many things happened, so many games appeared. It looks like game industry had some bad times before but now it’s back on its feet, minding its own business and making amazing titles. You think I manipulate your conscious to make you think that gaming world is a better place now? Well, let’s make sure I don’t with the new issue of Freshgamer news. Stay tuned for the good stuff.

Freshgamer News: The Game of Thrones from Telltale

If you played The Walking Dead or the Wolf Among Us, you are obliged to know who Telltale is. This company of developers has revolutionized the gaming world and by playing their emotional and atmospheric games you can hardly stay indifferent. Luckily, after three successful seasons of the Walking Dead and the Wolf Among Us, they made a decision to start a new chapter in their lives and it looks like this one is going to be awesome. It is kind of hard to find a person who knows nothing about The Game of Thrones. Hard decisions, lots of blood and cruelty, naked women and stuff… Oh, now you remember. Anyway, the trick is that in the closest future Telltale will make The Game of Thrones Game with the well known heroes and beloved cruelty. We are not sure about the story but so far we’ve seen Lannisters playing a vital role. Both voicing and charisma are going to be authentic – Freshgamer checked twice. Sure, you might say that these are not the fresh news. Well, maybe, but have you seen the teaser? So, how about that? Ok, ok – no hard feelings. Let’s go and watch it together. It’s awesome – I promise.

Freshgamer News: Telltale Will Strike Once Again With Borderlands Stories

Freshgamer 2 Borderlands

Believe it or not but we are not finished with Telltale. Instead of leading one project only, these guys are going to make a real difference and kill two stones with one bird (ye, you heard me right). To complete the story of Borderlands and satisfy the needs of those who like the stupidly hilarious atmosphere, Telltale will release another tough interactive story that will come under the name Tales from Borderlands. Already familiar heroes in a bit different approach were promised to be even better than they used to be in the original games. The Tales from Borderlands won’t be connected with neither of the stories mentioned in Borderland, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Pre-Sequel and instead will tell us the story that happened afterwards. It’s kind of unexpected but Frehsgamer does not mind, and you? Let’s watch the trailer – it is hilarious.

Freshgamer News: The Evolution of Computer Games

Freshgamer 3 computer Game Evolution

We were absolutely charmed with 3 webisodes of Video Game Graphic Evolution. A guy who named his YouTube channel Ahoy, did a great job on investigation and created a decent history of games and their graphics one should definitely check out. It starts from the very beginning and surprisingly keeps you interested to the very last second. So many true and warm emotions appear while watching them so there is even a slight possibility of crying in the end. Not that we at Freshgamer cried but we certainly were deeply touched with every single game. Please, make sure you watch them all – you won’t be disappointed.

Freshgamer News: Need for Speed Limits for Mobile Platforms

Freshgamer 4 Need for Speed

We are not sure on when and how but we are definitely sure that this is going to happen. EA is going to release a true masterpiece, in graphical meaning, for two most famous platforms – Android and iOS called Need for Speed Limits. Of course, this if going to be a racing game with some reference to the Need for Speed titles. In this one you will be playing as a street racer that, of course, will require you to have a pimped car fast enough to leave the cops eating sand clouds behind your wheels. Let’s hope EA won’t spoil the game with the annoying donation system. As for the graphics and gameplay – leave it be cause Need for Speed Limits will be created by the guys who brought us Real Racing 3. Here, check out the trailer. It looks like having a new iPad or Nexus 9 for Christmas is not that bad idea after all.

Freshgamer News: Realistic Minecraft

Freshgamer 5 minecraft

Sure – we do love Minecraft for what it is and there is no way we are going to like it for something else. But, if you just had a chance to take a look at it from a bit different point of view, would you mind to give it a try? Creative guys took the most memorable ideas from Minecraft and transformed then into the world of 3D. I was surprised with the way the game represented itself. It’s like looking on Minecraft through the pink glasses: you find so many familiar things but they look different. This time Freshgamer will ask you to leave the prejudice behind and check the video out. Warning! This is not an actual game and, probably, will never be, but it looks great and guys deserve at least a thank you for all the effort they invested. You will find more videos on their YouTube channel.

Freshgamer News: This War of Mine

Freshgamer 6 This War of Mine

Now it’s time to put all the jokes away. I’ve been waiting for this game since the first trailer appeared on the web which, by the way, was a very long time ago. This War of Mine is another atmospheric game that will let you see the real face of war and regret that people still are eager to kill other people for a number of stupid reasons. Unlike most games, This War of Mine won’t let you play as a soldier. Instead, you will have to survive in the cruel world of shooting and bombing during the conflict in Sarajevo. Somehow, This War of Mine reminds Valiant Hearts: The Great War. I guess, we got that same feeling because of the story and the incredible manner of telling about the war in such unique tone. It is highly recommended to grab this title on Steam and try to be as attentive as possible. At the end this War of Mine will reward you with the most confusing feelings ever.

That was all for today, folks. We really hope you like reading Freshgamer News. Your opinion and attention mean a lot, more than you can imagine. So, please, tell us in the comment section below what other things you would like to see on Freshgamer pages. We promise to play nice and follow your advice. And now – go! You have a war to win and a world to save!

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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