How to Pay Less for Steam Games

Probably, you can’t even imagine how many game stores there are on the web. Being led by different people, companies and enthusiast, they do offer various discounts and prices depending on your location, preferences and participation. Sure, no one can forbid you to pirate a game, especially – with the world getting more open to the internet. But, in case you are an honest man and prefer to work hard to treat yourself with a new title on Steam or a lot less popular but never the less – exclusive Origin and Uplay, this article is for you. So far the rules and sites mentioned in this post helped our team to pay less but receive pretty much the same.

Go Classy and Check Steam on Daily Bases

Steam 1

As ridiculous as it sounds – first of all you should pay attention to Steam. For some reason, their latest games on sale were not as exclusive as we wanted them to be, but among hundreds of offers there’ve been a few worth buying. The good and bad times come one after the other and do not expect to see great deals on Steam every single day. But, for instance, during the Halloween sale that, by the way, is still on, they had Watch Dogs with 50% discount which is kind of nice considering that the game is pretty new.

If you are not into other services yet, adding games you want to buy to the watchlist is a good idea. Whenever they appear on sale, you will get an email notification. It may sound old-school, but there is no way you check steam sales more often than your email, so – make sure you make that happen. Oh, and one more thing: always check offers inside offers. When, for instance, Bioshock Infinite is on sale, find the game on the store and check what comes in the description. There might be a bundle hidden offering all Bioshock titles for almost as much as Bioshock Infinite alone. Usually, those bundles do not appear on the front page and does not allow you to enjoy the moment unless you play detective.


Use 3rd Party Sites to Find a Proper Steam Discount

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A smart thing to do is to use 3rd party sites that allow you to monitor Steam sales. One of the best to mention is Steam DB. Thanks to the comfortable sorting system, you can see all sales on Steam (even those Steam refuses you to show at the first place) and sort them by highest price drop or the highest sale rate. It’s a very nice tool if you are low on cash but pirating is not your thing. There is a possibility to log in which gives you an opportunity to see the games you already have. The only issue one can experience with Steam DB is that prices are shown for those who live in the USA, which means – they do not usually correspond to what they actually are if you happen to live on a different game region. In other words – always double check. But, as a rule, prices appear to be lower than you expect them to be, which is nice.

Steam DB

Is There Any Deal: Searches Deals for Steam and Not Only

Steam 3

If I am not mistaken, this is the biggest search engine for game sales. It tells you about the deals on every single site (almost every) one can find on the web. It includes the officials like Steam, Origin or Uplay as well as less official like indie bundle, humble bundle and so on. Lots of opportunities, lots of features, flexible menu (though, a bit complicated at first). Sometimes you can have problems defining yourself with the region but sooner or later everything will be settled. What I really liked was that for every game they have their table of comparison and it is possible to see prices for the same game in one line which gives an opportunity to pick the one that suits you best.

Is There Any Deal

Gamersgate and GMG: So Alike and So Different

Steam 5

At first I enjoyed them both, especially taking into consideration that GMG is a part of Playfire. If you recall, in our previous posts there was a talk about Playfire and how it rewards you with virtual credits for completing achievements. That, for sure, was one of the best ideas ever. There should always be a reward for your efforts and until now I was sure they’ve been doing a great job. Though, for some reason nowadays achievement offers are poor and they do not provide you with that great amount of tasks to complete as they used to do before, which sucks. But, once in a while you can use the main site called Greenmangaming and search for sale offers there. They appear to be affordable on rare bases but if you have great Playfire credit or use their coupon, there is a chance to grab something nice. Always check your emails because they send 20% coupons on regular bases.

GMG – Green Man Gaming

Steam 4

At the same time, Gamersgate looks a lot more appealing in the terms of today’s changes on GMG. The first thing to mention is the bluecoins. These are credits you can use to buy yourself a game. You receive them for buying other games from the seller. And if in most cases games are slightly more expensive than on Steam, from time to time they are offered almost for free. I managed to grab Rocksmith 2014 for about 6$ and Murder Soul Suspect for about 4$. Sounds nice, don’t you think? They also have price drop alerts that, for some reason, works even better than on Steam.


Humble Bundle: Rare but Fair Surprises for Steam

Steam 6

This is definitely the best way to treat yourself with the pack of great games for a couple of bucks. However, we haven’t seen some truly great stuff for months. Once there was a great bundle with two Batman games, Fear Collection and something more I can’t remember. But still – paying for about 10 games that include games like Batman Arkham city and Batman Arkham Asylum only 5$ is always a better deal than paying 5$ for one of them when it gets on sale. Just check them twice a week on Thursdays and Tuesdays for new deals. Some of them might bring you a fortune.

Humble Bundle

Sure, there are a lot more options for you to see but these sites seem to be the best helpers. While some of them have great deals, others allow you to earn credits and buy games for free. As long as you pay attention to at least some of them on regular bases, they will always reward you with something worth adding to the Steam library.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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  1. Humble Bundle offers great games almost all the time. Risk of Rain is one of the best games i’ve gotten on Humble Bundle and it stays up there even with new sales.

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