Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: More Loot for Me!

By all means Borderlands is one of the most interesting and extraordinary first person shooters one can experience. It is hard to imagine how Gearbox managed to create a regular pew-pew into a decent load of humor, jokes and crazy as hell enemies. And every time a Borderlands game appears on Steam, it tops almost every list and becomes a true Narnia for people seeking for something crazy-positive. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is not an exceptions and comes with a great package of exclusive stuff be it heroes, humor or weapons. Let’s check this naughty dog out, shall we?

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 2

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: The Story Standing Behind

Maybe you’ve guessed already that Borderlands The Pre-Sequel kind of comes in the middle of two previous chapters and reveals some secrets of those things that happened after the first Borderlands but before Borderlands 2. The good news is that you will be surprise to hear about the place where all the action will take place. Yes, my friend, welcome to the Elpis, Pandora’s moon! Didn’t see that coming, I believe.

Handsome Jack is only on his way to the better future and a greater part of bosses who play vital roles in Borderlands 2 are just creepy guys in Elpis, Pandora’s moon Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Of course, you, as a player, are about to experience the very same childhood dreams and become a person you used to be before you entered Borderlands 2. Vilgelm is still a man and not a cyborg, Athena is a skillful gladiator who can throw her shield as good as Captain America, Nisha is only yet to become a sheriff and the one and only CL4P-TP, who will soon learn all the great jokes we like so much.

As it appears, in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel you will get a chance to play as CL4P-TP – a small and clumsy robot who makes this world a better place. Oh, sorry – not this world anymore but the world of Elpis, Pandora’s moon. Probably, CL4P-TP’s performance is one of the main reason why you should get yourself a copy of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel this very moment. I can assure you that you haven’t heard that many jokes and clumsy things since… well, since forever.

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is Like Borderlands 2 but Better

True story. If you look at Borderlands The Pre-Sequel in the matters of gameplay and game ideas, it looks like a better version of Borderlands 2. No offence but game developers could have made it better for a number of reason. However, if you are into Borderlands game – you won’t feel hurt at all. I am not trying to say that Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is bad but it looks like an addition to the second part than a separate game title. On the bright side – you will have an opportunity to meet the good old friends of yours, which can’t be a bad thing.

Of course, there are things that make Borderlands The Pre-Sequel a difference peace of software and that would be zero gravity. As far as you are playing on a moon, you are free to jump as high as you want. I give you my word – that is one of the best things you can experience in a game like this. Tons of new weapons and equipment are at your service as well. Boy, it is easier to get a decent sleep than to name them all. Let’s not forget about floating cars, freezing weapons and even crazier AI.

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: How Should I Play It?

Another thing that is worth mentioning happens to be the way you are supposed to play Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Now in your fighting strategy you are obliged to include things like high jumps and damaging hits from above as well as headshots that kind of destroy enemies’ helmets and make them suffer from the lack of air. It looks incredibly painful but modest enough to keep it in the frames of game realism. Also, because of the open space, you will need to refill your tank with compressed air but that should not be a big concern as far as you will have a plenty of barrels scattered here and there.

In everything else – Borderlands The Pre-Sequel offers pretty much the same gameplay experience. You enter an area, you kill the bad guys, you loot the good stuff, get to the closest vending machine, sell the stuff, but the better stuff and move forwards – no strings attached. Sometimes, you get back to the previous locations (and we all know that Borderlands is famous for that), sometimes you complete side missions, which, by the way, I heavily recommend. For some reason, side missions make the game brighter, give you better weapons and color the routine. What’s not to like?

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 5

The Heroes of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

By a lucky chance or being lead by cold calculation, every hero you will be playing as is a well-balanced character with his/hers own features and possibilities. Those who enjoy shooting (aka soldier) will choose Nisha. She is a nice, strong woman capable of kicking butts. Her ability to aim directly for the head makes a difference as well as heavy increase in damage. Those who enjoy challenge and consider surviving the apocalypse a key element, will choose Athena as their character. Vilgelm is a nice guy but the best role he plays is a supporting one. No offence Vilgelm, you are good at shooting too but not as good as Nisha is. But believe it or not – CL4P-TP is a real star of this show.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 6

This little piece of running scrap metal creates the main mood of the game be it a coop game or a single player. Every joke he makes, every move he takes, will make you feel better. During battles CL4P-TP uses an advanced technology called VaultHunter.exe that helps him to react accordingly to whatever is happening in front of him. However, he was never told that this system is only in its beta and sometimes acts not the way one can expect. When enemy approaches, VaultHunter.exe can randomly materialize two big guns with heavy fire power or a bath duck for no particular reason. The variety of elements is extraordinary and you will have to spend hours playing Borderlands The Pre-Sequel to see them all.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel  5

Some Final Thought Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

If you like Borderlands games, you will definitely enjoy Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. It has everything previous titles had + something new to experience. However, if you hated Borderlands for some of its features, the new Borderlands title is definitely not for you. As it was mentioned before, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel looks more like an upgrade to Borderlands 2 but not as a unique game on its own. But you need to give it a try yourself to understand how it feels.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel on Steam

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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