Dying Light: Scary Zombie Parkour

Mixing game types kind of helps developers to create unique game titles. Even when it seems to be ridiculous, in the long run a well balanced mix of RPG and Tactical shooter can actually bring the best gaming experience ever. Sure, one has to be careful with the proportion but if ingredients are not raw, there is a chance for great success. From what I can tell, Dying Light appears to be a mix of Dead Island and Mirror’s Age. Both games had their moments back in the days and even today it is not a problem to find someone playing Miami zombie shooter or jumping from one to roof to the other. Want to see those two working together? Then welcome to the Dying Light.

Dying Light 2

The World of Dying Light

As always, something went wrong and either because of people’s greed or inaccurate laboratory experiments, the whole world is now under infection. People start turning into zombies and eating each other. Not the best place to spend your vacation but it’s too late to cancel the flight. The parkour part of the game required some serious investments into gameplay options, which means that creating corridor-type levels didn’t seem to be the best solution ever. So, you are going to find yourself in a perfect place for fast runs and incredible jumps – the ghetto. But, not the one you expect to see in big cities but those common and kind of popular in poor areas of Latin America. Small houses made from whatever one can find, easy to crash roofs and thin walls add the feeling that this world is definitely going down. Never the less, everything looks just the way it’s supposed to look.

Dying Light 3

Dying Light is not Another Zombie Shooter

And it definitely isn’t! Yes, the game is all about running from zombies and killing them in thousands if not hundreds but if you hope to see another Dead Trigger clone – don’t bother because it ain’t one. Sure, you will find some parallels in the gameplay, some of the weapons will look familiar and the new engine kind of makes the walkers look alike. But, that feeling will disappear pretty quickly. In Dying Light a lot of things depend on the time you are playing. You see – here everything is connected with the playing hours and the dynamic change of day and night make a very serious difference.

During the day you will feel yourself like the toughest guy in the world. Sure, major hordes of zombies can cause trouble but with some skilful hatchet skills and fast legs even the biggest danger can be left behind. Day zombies are usually slow, they can barely catch you on the ground, not to speak about your parkour skills that can keep any zombie away (as long as it ain’t hanging out on the top of the roof). But, then comes the night and boy – you do not want to be out there even if they pay you in gold. During the night zombies turn into some creepy creatures with supernatural powers. Run or do not run – it does not matter, they will still catch you. At least – when you only start playing Dying Light.

Dying Light 4

For some reason, during the night virus reveals its unnatural powers and turns infected into creatures that look a lot like those in the I, Legend movie (but a big scarier). If you think you can parkour your ass from them – wrong! They can run as fast as you can (or even faster). You think you can hide from them? Well, at first you need to drop them from your tail. You think you can kill them? Well, probably, but not with a kitchen knife and a baseball bat. Even when you get yourself the best equipment available, Dying Light monsters will still be able to take you down in a few hits, well – just because they can. Luckily, there is one thing that can help you survive the night and it’s called the night sense.

Dying Light 7

The Night Sense of Dying Light

You see – it looks like you are infected like everybody else in the world of Dying Light. However, it takes a lot longer (or does not take at all) to lose your mind and become a zombie like the rest of the people. That is probably why you can get bitten by zombies but keep running like Forrest Gump afterwards. Also, infection inside your blood gives you a bit more than virus resistance and rewards with a couple of great features. One of them is the already mentioned Night Sense. It’s kind of a passive ability but it allows you to sense monsters at night. You do not have to see them – just as long as they are nearby, you sense will share the sensitive information about danger and your instinct rules by mouse and keyboard (or console controller) would probably dodge the character into the nearest house. That should be the basic element of your survival. Also, because of the virus, zombies can’t sense you unless they see you. That, of course, can and should be used to your advantage. Going behind their backs and stealthing by is priceless in the terms of zombie apocalypse gameplay.

Dying Light 6

Dying Light and Being Random

Dying Light offers an open world of possibilities which is very and very nice. You can do whatever you feel like doing and choose those game styles that appeal you the most. You like smashing zombies with a hammer? Please, be my guest. You want to stay safe? Why don’t you run past by creepy monsters. It seems like parkour is your kind of things? Every roof top is at your disposal. You can stick to one of those styles or rely on two of them but the best idea is to mix each and every type of strategy because only in complex they make some serious difference.

Dying Light 8

One of the best things about Dying Light is that developers added randomizer to the side mission creation, which means you will be offered unique gameplay every time you start the game. Nor your friends neither Dying Light gaming community will be able to repeat your challenges because all of them will be unique and special in all the possible meanings. Seems like a nice treat, right?

Some Conclusions on Dying Light

The ideas lying in Dying Light sound great and even look great from a couple of revealed videos that you can find on YouTube. The graphics is really great and so does the idea of mixed gameplays. If everything goes well and developers keep their promise, Dying Light will see the day light sometime in January of 2015. In other words – just in a few months we are going to face the cruelty of zombie apocalypse world that sounds like a great opportunity for me. Stay tuned for unique after release review of Dying Light, the zombie parkour survivor.

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Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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