Anomaly Series: The Best Tower Offence Games One can Find

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who like tower defense games and those who don’t. I can’t tell for sure who am I exactly because until just a few days ago I felt like tower defense titles are not for me. Probably, the only game I felt like playing and that, technically, had a tower defense character, was Plants vs Zombies. But I think you will agree with me on a tiny little fact that Plants vs Zombies didn’t look like the classy representative of TD games. To widen my interest but to stay cool at the same time, I decided to try out something the same but something more of my kind and recovered a new title called Tower Offence. Boy, was I surprised with the creativity and now, being under impression, I challenge you to give it a try. And the name for this surprise is Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

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Ye, ye – probably you’ve heard about this title already. It’s not new on the gaming field but it’s been a starting point for the whole series of games alike, which means – the game deserves to be mentioned. Also, in this review we are going to talk about the whole line of Anomaly achievements, which means – you are welcome to stay in order to find out something more about the world of tower offence. But, probably, it would be very nice of me to define what exactly Tower Offence means. The trick of this kind of gaming is pretty simple: instead of defending your territories with towers you have a squad of units that attack those towers. To some extend you kind of change sides and join the dark side.Anomaly-Earth 2


Anomaly: Warzone Earth and the Story Standing Behind

Anomaly: Warzone Earth appeared in 2010 and won the desperate hearts of true gamers. They wanted something new but something that would be familiar to their game styles. Well – Anomaly: Warzone Earth appeared to be one of those games. All the action takes place on the planet Earth. We kind of receive this information from the game title. You are in the close future and aliens landed on the planet. Your task is to protect your home and send those bastards back to hell or whatever they believe in. You happen to be an honorable commander who takes control over the brave squad of tanks and rocket launchers. As far as aliens fortify their position in forms of towers, you appear to be the attacking side and on your way from point A to point B you take down those towers with various tricks and machinery actions.

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The Vital Role of the Commander in Anomaly: Warzone Earth

I guess this is the best part for sharing some information on the Commander. To make the game more interesting and dependent on the player, developers added a key figure to the gameplay named commander. Unlike the squad, he can move in whatever direction he likes and move a lot faster than the squad. It might not seem logical but trust me – you will be very glad that this was made to be possible. Commander in Anomaly: Warzone Earth has 4 different abilities that help a lot. Without them winning even the easiest level is hardly possible. If you need to know – these are the following possibilities: decoy (distracts and enemy from your squad), smoke (disorients enemy), airstrike (super forces attack enemies from above) and repair (pretty self-explanatory). As far as all the abilities are limited in numbers, you should use them wisely and carefully. You will get refills with the game progress but still – keep your eyes on the counts. The great thing is that it is almost impossible to lose your commander but sometimes having it gone even for a few seconds might help you lose the game.


What Does it Mean – Tank Squad Approaching?

Now, let’s talk about the squad. Usually, it consists of just a few machines. Depending on the money you have and on the tactics you prefer, you can choose from expensive but powerful tanks or some cheap but light-armored APC. Both have their pros and cons and it’s hard to say what are the best choices. But, you will figure that out through the natural progression, so – no worries. Every unit can be upgraded which sounds kind of nice. Upgrades are not that special and simply make your units shoot stronger and live longer. I didn’t like the upgrade prices because at the end they appeared to be too expensive (twice the price of your unit). But, in the terms of Anomaly: Warzone Earth gameplay these were fine (I guess).


By the way – you can’t have more than 6 units at once. One, two, three, four, five and six – yes, please. But no more than six. It might sound like a cool thing, but the more you have – the harder it gets to protect them. At certain points I found four to be a tricky number to take care of but in general it seemed to be the most optimal for my needs. It’s better to invest in your existing troops and upgrade them with more power than to lose units one after the other only because you had too many of them.

The campaign of Anomaly: Warzone Earth is not that big and in one day I completed like 2/3 of the game. If you are into achievements and enjoy survival level, you are definitely going to spend a lot more time playing Anomaly: Warzone Earth. But if you still think that the gameplay is too short, how about you take a look at the other titles of the series?


Meet the Anomaly Family

All in all there are 4 Anomaly titles for your interest. You are familiar with the first one. It is called Anomaly: Warzone Earth and was the first to start the chase. The second game in the list was Anomaly Korea and, of course, all the action moved to Korea. As for the time sequence – Anomaly Korea tells a story of alien invasion just a few months after the original title. The third one is called Anomaly 2 and during its campaign all the action was moved to the alien planet. Better graphics, new units and more catchy gameplay will definitely win your heart. And the last but not the least – Anomaly Defenders. Well, this is said to be last game in the series of Anomaly titles and there is one little special thing about it. Now you will play as the alien and your task will be to protect your planet. As you’ve guessed already – this will turn the things upside down and yes – you will have a chance to put your hands on the tower defense game. It is hard to tell why developers changed their mind and made the inversion but in the terms of the story line that sound logical.Anomaly-12

The best thing about Anomaly games is that they are available for all the possible and impossible platforms. PC, Mac, Xbox, PS, Android and iOS – they all are here. Just pick the one you like and get this thing rolling. I was really surprised with the fact that the game worked well on all devices I played and seemed to be well optimized for every player in the world. And even if you do not like tower defenses, this one will definitely win your heart because technically – this is not a tower defense at all.

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Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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