Wasteland 2: The Desert Lands Are Back

There is an interesting situation with the Wasteland 2 nowadays. Almost every single gamers’ community says that Wasteland 2 follows the steps of the well-known Fallout title. Well, unfortunately that is not true. Instead, it was Fallout who took the idea of postapocalyptic scenario from the very first Wasteland game released back in 1988 and made it popular. But, we came here to talk about the present and the future without any intentions to bury into the past. So, let’s meet up with Wasteland 2.

Wasteland 2

The history of creation Wasteland 2 was not easy at all. As a matter of fact, if not the dedicated gamers, we won’t see Wasteland 2 reaching the Steam store. Brian Fargo, a person who is responsible for this project, have done everything possible and impossible to make the great thing happen, and as a result – Wasteland 2 is not a ghost project anymore. At first it was really hard to find a publisher who would like to take all that responsibility for creating another Fallout but with a different name. Sure, the game was classics back in the days, but! It was back in the days. However, the final decision to ask gamers for help paid off and only on Kickstarter Brian Fargo collected more than 3 million dollars for game development. The other part of the money had been sent to them directly at the official Wasteland 2 page. After more than successful campaign, Brian Fargo and his team of developers have spent more than two years working on Wasteland 2 and the results seem to be worth checking out.

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The History of Wasteland 2

Technically, Wasteland 2 is a direct sequel to the first part of the game. Yes, the very same one that was entertaining players back in 1988. Those old-school players who remember Wasteland 1 should definitely recognize some heroes and places represented in the second part. But, if you come to the world of Wasteland for the first time – no worries, you will still feel yourself comfortable in here. The trick is that the main plot of Wasteland 2 is not strange for a regular gamer and you will get into pretty close relationship with the game in almost no time. There was a war, a nuclear one, and now people are fighting to survive. That’s pretty much all.

Though, you will become a true guardian of the wastelands – a desert ranger. Not only this position sounds cool but it also happens to be a very responsible and hard as hell work. These ranger guys try to do their best to help the people around in order to make their life easier in terms of post-apocalyptic surrounding. They repair various machinery, they fight bandits and help the wasteland to prosper. Or, at least, not to waste what’s left.

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Wasteland 2: The Old School is Back

In all matters on can imagine Wasteland 2 is an old school game. Here you won’t find complicated scenario lines or extraordinary and over-charismatic characters. Also, the game has no main hero and instead you will be put in charge of the whole squad of desert ranger who came here to do all the stuff described above. The good thing is that no one cares about your past and where did you come from. As long as you are a ranger and you do your work well, you are a respected personality and only death can prove you wrong. Na, I’m just messing with you. As it appears – being a desert ranger is a very hard work not only because you have to deal with the unlimited number of bandits but because the unpleasant and ungrateful people of Arizona are not interested in helping you out.

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Lots of things changed during the last 15 years and people are not as friendly as they used to be in part one. You want to know why? Well, let’s make it a little surprise for you. After all, spoilers have never been good for your health. But, what we can tell you without any hesitation is that you should be prepared for everything your logics can handle (and not only). Wasteland 2 is a devastating hell to all those who revealed a perfectionist in themselves. If you have honorable intentions to help everyone – just forget about it because that is not possible. You are going to face tough decisions and people getting angry because you choose someone else and not them. This is a common case but it’s exactly THE kind of thing that makes Wasteland 2 to be the way it is.

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 Welcome to Wasteland 2!

Making decisions in Wasteland 2 is tough. And not just tough but tough-tough. If you think that the shortest route is the shortest one – you are already wrong. There are no right and wrong answers in Wasteland 2. As a matter of fact – they all happen to be bad. Sure, everybody sees that you are a human being and that you can’t be at two places at the same time, but you know what – nobody cares. Even after making tough decision and saving the village that was closer to you, people from the other village, the one  that you decided not to rescue, will keep on reminding you via the radio that you did a bad thing, cursing rangers and making you feel at least uncomfortable. Maybe, it does not sound that horrible on paper but it happens to be hyper disturbing when you play Wasteland 2.

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You should also be prepared that Wasteland 2 has no usual cutscenes that, sometimes, steal a decent part of the gameplay. Instead, you will have to read lots of texts. They are the one and only source of information and mission descriptions. If, by any chance, you miss the part where someone tells you to go somewhere, bring something and kill somebody – well, pretty bad for you. So, if you are not a good reader and prefer to visualize stuff and not to get deeper inside the story line by reading chapter after chapter, Wasteland 2 might be not your kind of game. But, you need to understand that despite its release in 2014, the game itself was developed to commemorate the old-school gaming traditions and so far it does it well.

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Conclusions on Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is a very hardcore game. You will have big territories to explore and lots of things to keep in your head. Besides, investing skill point in your characters happens to be one of the biggest responsibilities because skill point will be at your service pretty rarely but skills required for proper game communication will keep on bothering you here and there, asking to invest in their proper development. So far we can recommend you to be very careful when dealing with skill points and invest them in various desert rangers depending on their weapon interests and abilities.

Wasteland 2 is not for everyone but it’s a decent product, especially because it was sponsored by people from all over the world. It is challenging and hardcore just enough to keep you interesting and be patient about playing it one more time.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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