World of Guns Gun Disassembly: The ABC of Guns

World of Guns Gun Disassembly is not a game in its actual meaning. It’s more like an ABC of guns that everyone would like to have at home. Sure, it would be more interesting to have all those guns at home stored in a special place but if you have a very special need to take a closer look at the weapons of all kinds but at the same time want to be safe or simply can’t afford the arsenal – World of Guns Gun Disassembly is your savior.

World of Guns Gun Disassembly is a decent and more than successful attempt to create affordable and deep encyclopedia of guns. But not just a virtual book with boring descriptions and history. Well, not that we do not like history, but all that information is available on the web already. We also have tons of videos and tutorials on how to use guns, assemble and dissemble them and how to fire the proper way. But, have you ever seen an application that would allow you to get inside the gun, see how it actually works and assemble or dissemble the favorite rifle with your own hands? That’s what I thought. To your surprise – World of Guns Gun Disassembly is exactly this kind of software.

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How World of Guns Gun Disassembly Works

World of Guns Gun Disassembly kind of reminds gun LEGO box but very and very realistic one. At first, you download a demo version of the software to see how it works. It can be done on the official web site and you should not have any problems with this maneuver. Then, when the .exe file is installed and you are ready to go, World of Guns Gun Disassembly greets you with pretty simple and, I would say, out of date interface. I, personally, do not like it. It reminds me of some simple interfaces that were popular 6-7 years ago. Never the less, it copes with its task well and that is the best thing it can do. As far as this is a demo version, you will have about 10 various guns at your disposal. I got a version of World of Guns Gun Disassembly with a couple of pistols and assault rifles and I am pretty sure yours won’t be different. If you got bored reading up to this moment – relax, what comes will be surprisingly amazing.

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World of Guns Gun Disassembly Comes With Heavy Power

Once you got your gun chosen, start playing with it. At first it looks like a simple 3D room where you can take a look at the gun from all sides. However, in just a few seconds it turns into something unpredictably catchy. After just a couple of dissembling moments with Colt 1911 there was nothing that could stop me from going further. I’ve never thought that dissembling guns in virtual life can be so interesting. Piece by piece I started tearing the pistol apart. First went the magazine, then the barrel and other inner mechanisms. Did you know that it takes about 60 items to dissemble Colt 1911? Now you know – no need to thank me.

Everything you do is accompanied with simple but nice animation. In World of Guns Gun Disassembly your task is to dissemble or assembly a gun in a certain order. Don’t be afraid – it follows the rules of logic, so even if you have no idea what to do next – start dealing with the most complicated part of the mechanism. In the end you will either appear with lots of gun elements floating in the air or a fully loaded pistol/rifle/shotgun after making it one solid construction from all that stuff.

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It’s a great thing that you can train your memory by completing challenges both ways. Not only it gives you a better understand of guns but also allows to be more aware of all the small things. I would say it’s a perfect virtual helper for young soldiers and those who want to improve their knowledge in guns.

What’s So Special About World of Guns Gun Disassembly?

Despite incredible attention to the details, World of Guns Gun Disassembly also has an X-ray mode where you can see what’s inside the gun and how the mechanisms work without tearing it apart. Now you will know how a bullet appears in the barrel and how the spring inside makes it gain that crazy speed. By the way – there is also an opportunity to watch the gun working in slow motion to capture all the details and pause the most interesting moments. Even though I am not a real gun gig and shot AK-74 once back in the days, I found that truly exciting. And that is not a killer speaking inside of me but a voice of person who is surprised by the work done.

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On the top of all the greatness, you can also equip your guns with various accessories and see how they work.  Flashlight, optics and lasers – they all are here and look different on every gun. I still don’t know why my brain is so excited about World of Guns Gun Disassembly. Probably, because there is also a shooting range so you can give it a try and see how every weapon works. It’s simple and includes some paper and wood targets only but, as I’ve said before, World of Guns Gun Disassembly is not a game but rather an interactive encyclopedia about guns.

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What is a Catch about World of Guns Gun Disassembly

World of Guns Gun Disassembly is not free. Every interactive 3D model of a gun ill cost you, approximately, from 1 dollar to 2. But, you can get the whole pack and all DLC for 25$. Is it worth it? How would I know? But, what I can tell for sure is that World of Guns Gun Disassembly creators are really into their projects because they update the game with new stuff every month and offer very realistic models. They also plan to expend their project and add all the possible weaponry which includes artillery, war tanks, war machinery and else. That is going to be epic.

By the way – as it appears, the game is available on Steam and allows you to play with the AK gun from the start. It differs from the version I got from their official site and looks a lot better. Now guns are even more gunnish! And, of course, you will be able to receive achievements for just being a man and showing your love to guns.

World of Guns Gun Disassembly includes all the possible weapons starting from ages ago and going up to the modern and popular models. It has amazing potential ahead and if guys from Ukraine keep on doing the great job, spending 25$ on the game will never disappoint you. If you are interested – check the Steam page here.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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