Dead Island 2: Welcome to Hollywood!

It’s been years since the first Dead Island title hit the stores but even today people enjoy playing it all over the world. I happened to enter the play a couple of days ago and had no problem finding a partner for cooperative challenges. After all, it’s always better to play with someone who is going to watch your six. But, despite game’s greatness, it’s time to move on and surprise the gaming community with something new in all meanings be it graphics, weapon and game principles. Well, it looks like Dead Island 2 is going to be our kind of game.


Dead Island 2 is Waiting for Your in California

As you’ve guessed already, the events of Dead Island 2 will move from the beaches of Miami coasts to the famous state of California with fancy places, superstars and heat. As a matter of fact, there will be a number of places for you to visit, including Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the LA River. On the top of that, there is a plenty of other locations on the way that creators are not yet ready to talk about. My point here is that with that much attention to geography, you should not be bored playing Dead Island 2 for at least a month. Well, that’s definitely something I am going to do.

There is also an interesting thing about some parts of the cities you are going to visit in Dead Island 2. You see, its creators have spent weeks if not more scanning some city districts to make them look realistic and true to life. So, if you live in California and happen to be a citizen of LA or San Francisco, there is a great possibility you are going to recognize some of the places. I do not know how about you but I really like when they do things like that.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Will Get a New Look

One of the main reasons why Dead Island 2 received a right to become a real deal is the graphics. I dare to say that the original title still looks pretty awesome, but it misses smoothness and possibilities of the modern graphic engines. That’s not a bad things – it’s just the way it work. From what we can tell, virtual California will be a great place to visit (except for the zombie issue, of course). But Dead Island has never been a calm place, so that makes the deal even sweater.

Together with environment improvements, you can expect to see a lot more realistic zombie population. Their faces are more ugly, their hunger for brains is more severe and their intentions are more unpredictable. In other words – they are nice fellows to fool around with. Also, together with the regular walkers you are going to get an upgraded set of special zombie forces. They will have their own and very special features, so make sure you memorize them all in order to feel yourself comfortable and ready before the attack.

Dead Island 2-2

Weapon of the Dead Island 2

Of course, with the new game set you should expect to see a totally new weapon arsenal in Dead Island 2. Probably, you will recognize some guns from the first part but the rest will look different and unknown to you. In Dead Island 2 almost every weapon in your hands will be open for customization. With various upgrades and additions a simple machete can be turned into a smashing, slashing and stunning weapon. If you prefer fire over electricity – that is also an option. Just use your imagination and enjoy the result.

But what I really like about the upcoming game is that it will allow gamers to equip their characters not with one but with two weapons at the same time. For instance, you can have a stun gun in your left hand and a shotgun in your right. Combine the incongruous and protect your hero from bites or hits or whatever zombies do. It is an obvious thing to say that various weapons act differently if compared to the first Dead Island and with different approach can either kill zombie or make two dead zombies out of one.

Dead Island 2-3

Dead Island 2 Gameplay

As Dead Island 2 creators claim, “Dead Island 2 will have no ending. We call it a game of thousand stories or the smallest MMO RPG.” Events in the world will keep happening which means you will always have something to deal with. I do have a feeling that at a certain point gamers will start getting the feeling of repetitiveness but if the game scenario is going to be as good as the ideas shown and told at the Gamescom 2014, then there is nothing to worry about. Though, I do hope they are not going to add “complete the whole game” achievement in Dead Island 2, cause that would be a total disaster.

Thanks to Unreal Engine 4 there’re going to be places where a horde of 50 zombies will attack your character at once. For some reason, it looks creepy and beautiful. Also, the well known rules of zombie apocalypse will apply in the game. You make some noise – noise attracts zombies, now – you need to kill more. But as long as you watch your six and do not do anything stupid – everything will flow smoothly.

Dead Island 2-4

Dead Island 2 Surprises

Dead Island 2 creators have prepared lots of surprises for their gamers including great locations, new possibilities and, of course, new weapons. There are going to be pretty great things that will simply blow your mind. I still can’t forget the variety of guns offers in Saints Raw IV and I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed with the one waiting for you in the upcoming Dead Island 2. One of the guns that is really worth sharing is called the Fiesta Gun. It’s a cool thing that can shoot random objects and you never know what will come next. Sometimes it launches confetti and spooks the flies hanging nearby, sometimes it shoots teddy bears to comfort zombie kids, but sometimes it launches grenades and bombs. So, whenever you use Fiesta Gun, make sure you are ready for everything.

Dead Island 2-1

Dead Island 2 and my Conclusions

There is still some waiting ahead, 6 months at least but, if everything will keep on developing the way we want it to and the way Dead Island 2 creators promised, you should start saving your free time right now because there will be a lot of smashed heads in the future. Right now game developers are on a very special stage of development where they can go the lazy way or the crazy way. Let’s hope they do not miss their chance and fill Dead Island 2 with crazy ideas to make us feel proud and satisfied for purchasing the game in the future. As for now – stay tuned for further release updates.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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