Nvidia Shield Tablet: Monster Among Androids

Back in the days Nvidia surprised us with pretty great idea that was called Nvidia Shield. This was a portable Android based console that consisted of a 5-inch touchscreen display and a controller itself. Well, it used to have some minor issues, but in general – it was a decent product for pretty decent price. One of the main problems (as for me) was the usage of its 5-inch display. No matter how you placed it – it still won’t give you the comfort. But, despite that – I was really looking forward to get one for myself. Because of the great idea standing behind portable Android console, Nvidia has made a decision to give it a try and created Nvidia Shield Tablet. Again – it’s a bit controversial idea and there are things that I do not understand but in order to be objective – let’s take a closer look at the new product from Nvidia.

Nvidia Shield tablet `

Nvidia Shield Tablet is Smart and Beautiful

The very same second you grab the Nvidia Shield Tablet, it feels great in your hands. Nice and definitely not cheap plastic, simple but pleasant design and stereo speakers on the front panel make the magic happen. Another thing that you notice right away is the gorgeous display. Even on a sunny day it is still possible to enjoy gaming without any need to look for a shadow place. However, like all the others, direct sunlight on a hot day will steal the comfort. That is something scientists still can’t cope with. But, in 95% of cases during the testing period we had no problems with Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Another thing that falls in the eyes is the camera. Nvidia Shield Tablet has two of them and both can boasts with 5MP on the board. The only difference between the rear and the front camera is that the rear one also has autofocus function and the front one doesn’t. Frankly speaking, I don’t get the idea of having 5MP camera at the front (except for selfies, of course) but that is something you can deal with, so, thank you Nvidia.

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Let’s not forget about another strange addition to the Nvidia Shield Tablet that seems to be strange even after a few days of philosophical thinking. You see – Nvidia Shield Tablet also has a stylus. Surprisingly, it’s really cool and has lots of nice features but… I still don’t get the idea of having it around, especially after Nvidia stated that their Shield Tablet is a tablet for gaming. The only two games I can think of playing with a stylus are Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Heroes II. The other gaming segment seems to be ridiculous for this role. After all, Angry Birds and other arcades are meant to be played on touchscreens. But again – that is not a big issue.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Sports the Most Advanced Specs

As well as it’s elder brother, Nvidia Shield Tablet comes with the most exciting and powerful features possible. Having a machine like this at home is alsmost a crime. 8-inch touchscreen display with 1920×1200 resolution provides amazing pictures for every game you play be it the newest Modern Combat 5 or something from the old stash. It is also protected with Gorilla Glass 3, so your energetic finger movement should not destroy the touchscreen, unless you have claws instead of nails.

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Nvidia Shield Tablet is powered with the latest Nvidia chip – Nvidia Tegra K1. It is based on quad-core ARM Cortex A15 processors with 2.2 GHz each that include 192 cores on Kelpers architecture. Also, Nvidia Shield Tablet is the first tablet that can support DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4 and other great things that we do not know about. Besides, Nvidia Tegra K1 supports Unreal Engine 4. In other words – this is the scariest monster on Android 4.2 ever known. It also has 2 GB of RAM which is not the highest number among Android gadgets but it copes with its tasks well, so don’t you worry.

Nvidia Shield Tablet will come in two different options. The basic one will sport 16 GB of storage while the cooler one will have 32 GB and LTE support. The difference between those two is 100$ only which seems to be OK. But, if free space is not an issue and you happen to have a couple of microSD cards left from your previous gadgets, they will solve the problem and will save you 100$.

As for the rest – you can expect to get a pretty regular set of specs meaning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, 3.5 mini jack, mini-HDMI, micro-USB 2.0, power button and volume buttons. It’s kind of hard to imagine a tablet without the last two.

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Nvidia Shield Tablet Offers The Best Android Gaming Ever

It goes without saying that Nvidia Shield Tablet can handle any game you throw at it. Also, Nvidia did a great thing and created and app that stores all games optimized for Nvidia chips. The best part of this app is that this is not another game store where you are supposed to buy games for extremely high prices. This app is just a catalog of the games and the very same moment you press the “Buy” button, it redirects you to the Google Play. So, if you have had some games purchased earlier, just log in with your account and they all will be at your service.

But, besides the well known Android games, Nvidia Shield Tablet will come preloaded with a few titles that have been optimized especially for the tablet. You won’t find them anywhere but here. From what we know so far, these will be Portal, Half-Life 2 and Trine 2. I know that these titles are not new but having them on your portable Android console seems to be magical. And, of course, they all can be launched at the highest graphics setting and without any lags. All you have to do is to press the Play button.

Oh, I almost forgot! Nvidia Shield Tablet can be paired with a specially designed controller which kind of looks like Nvidia Shield portable console but without the touchscreen. Also, if you have a Bluetooth controller lying somewhere, you can give it a new life with Nvidia Shield Tablet. Seems fair to me. And, if you do everything right, you can stream your PC games on your tablet, just like you could do that with Nvidia Shield poertable console.

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Nvidia Shield Tablet: Is it Worth it?

It definitely is. On the one hand – Nvidia Shield Tablet is no different from all the other Android tablet on the market. It runs Android 4.2, it can play movies and games and entertain you with music. But its new chip and amazing gaming possibilities turn this guy into a real monster. Also, exclusive offers form Nvidia that are represented by Portal, Half-Life 2 and Trine 2 can’t but make it look like a decent upgrade for your next tablet. Sure, there are some things that do not make sense, like adding a stylus to a gaming tablet, but they are simply strange – not bad. I other words – you can find out more about Nvidia Shield Tablet and order it here. We hope – you won’t be disappointed. After all, there is nothing to be disappointed about.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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