Playfire or How Steam Can Bring You Money

The idea of being paid for playing games sounds like the most exciting offer ever. There is nothing more inspiring than someone paying you for doing things you like. Who can resist watching dollar bills being added to his/her personal account? Ye, keep on dreaming guys, keep on dreaming… No, I am not saying that it is not possible to turn your love for playing games into real cash, I’m just saying that it is not as easy as it seems to be. However, there are a few ways to make the magic happen and one of them is called Playfire.

I have quite a collection of various games on my Steam account. Some of them are real treasures and I do not regret paying for them the whole price. Though, there some titles that I regret even having in my library. By the way – in the closest future you will get an opportunity to hide games that you do not like or happen to be ashamed of in your library. That is not a big issue solver but if you have like 1000 of titles – it might help you out to kind of sort the things out. But, today we are going to talk not about the order but about one of pretty cool ways of earning money.

The Magic of Playfire

Playfire. Maybe, you’ve heard about this kind of service that become available a couple of months ago. Here is how it work. First of all – you have to have an official Steam account with at least a few games listed in your library. Sorry, but launching pirated games won’t work this time. Secondly – you will need to register at two sites – and You can use one account for both sites that that should not be an issue at all. Well, here’s where the magic starts rolling.

Playfire service links to your steam account and whenever you start playing a game, it tracks your achievements and leads the statistics. I know, I know – nothing unusual so far. But, whenever you open a certain achievement, the Playfire service sends you an award depending on how hard it is to unlock this or that achievement. Now, if you’ll stop interrupting me, I will tell you how the system is rolling.

Playfire 2

The System of rewards at Playfire

Unfortunately (I really hate to start sentences with this word), not all of the achievements are counted as those that gamers are paid for. Every day Playfire announces daily rewards and mentions the list of games that are willing to exchange their awards for money. This can be anything starting with some minor indie projects no one knows about and going up to popular titles like Wolfenstein or Tomb Raider. You can’t request the game to be in the list but you can simply wait for it to appear in it.

Luckily, daily rewards do not mean that you have to unlock all the available achievements in one day. Usually, you are given at least a week to complete the task and earn some extra for your gaming needs. That is actually pretty great because not all enthusiast have enough time to play games day and night to unlock all the achievements. Instead, they can spend an hour or two a day to kill 100 zombies or finish Chapter 6.

Depending on achievements, Playfire service will reward you with different money for some simple achievements and you can expect to receive 0.10 £/$/€ based on the region you play in. Ye, it doesn’t look fair but Steam’s policy regarding game in various regions is also not fair so it looks like we have another something do deal with. A bit harder achievements will get you 0.20-0.25 £/$/€ on Playfire. And the last but not the least – 0.50 £/$/€ for every person who manages to complete the hardest one which is usually “make it to the end” or “collect all items.”

Playfire 1

What Are Playfire Money Good For

First of all, you can’t cash the money you receive on Playfire the very same way you can’t do that on Steam. I know that you would like things to be the other way round but, I guess, not in this life. Also, the only service you can spend your earned money is (or GMG). Of course, the prices there are totally different and if, for instance, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity will cost you 38$ for a regular version on Steam, it will cost you 60$ on GMG. Ye, a 22$ difference is not the best offer ever but you need to keep it in mind that these are not real money.

Before you start screaming and cursing the greedy nature of Playfire, let me finish first. Sure, the prices, sometimes, might be pretty offensive but to even that out Playfire and GMG offer a system of discounts. For instance, if you spend more than 10$ on games (it does not matter if those are the real ones or the earned ones) you get a 20% discount. Also, they send out discount vouchers on pretty regular bases and as a rule the game you are looking forward to get is on the list. And, they do have special offers with 70 or even 80% price drop. Things don’t look that bad now, right?

Playfire 3

The Good and the Bad of Playfire

While earning money for playing games on Playfire is always a pleasure, there are some downsides of the system but before I start speaking about them, let me remind you that Playfire is still in its beta. So, let the judgment start:

– sometimes Playfire does not see your achievements even days after you unlocked it on Steam. Though, sometimes it sees it minutes after. So, if you plan to unlock some of the challenges on the last day of achievement week, prepare yourself to lose a couple of coins.

– sometimes Playfire offers really unpopular games with really stupid or challenging achievements. However, if you enjoy buying unpopular bundles and gathering 95 of 100 collectibles in the games, it might work for you pretty well. But to be fair, not all of the days are like this and pretty often you get decent achievements from decent game titles.

– Playfire is pure evil for people who can’t make it to the end. Usually, in a rush for achievements people play games only if they can get some profit from them. After that they leave the game and start playing something else. In business sense it is a great plan but in gaming sense it’s nonsense. But, the best recipe here is to concentrate on the games that offer rewards for achievements this week and continue playing separate titles when Playfire offers rewards for games you don’t have. Works fine for me.

Playfire 5

Playfire is Like a Play With Fire

Sure, Playfire still has a long road ahead to become a perfect gaming service with perfect rewards system. So far I had a few issues with it but also faced great communication with the customer’s service. There was something wrong with the system and at first I received and then lost 3$. I know that’s not that big but still – it’s 3$. I contacted Playfire customer’s service and asked for help. They answered in a day and solved the problem in two with my money back. Also, it took them 2 days only because these were weekends. Is Playfire worth playing with? Well, if you have a plenty of games on your library and you do not mind to get from 3 to 5$ back for the game, I think you should give it a try. Also, you will get 2$ on your Playfire account for simply signing up for the service and linking your Steam account.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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