Wolfenstein The New Order: Back to the Classics

Oh, men! Every time I hear the word Wolfenstein, I remember my first gaming experience in the series of Wolfenstein games. Killing German soldiers in the WWII and then fighting with the mummies in the dark tunnels. That was really scary! I was still a kid back then and even had to turn off the speakers to make the game less scary. These mummies still give me chills when I think about them. Never the less, I did manage to deal with the scary level and make it to the end. By all means – it was gorgeous. But recently I was challenged to do repeat the path of great anti-Nazi warrior and to save the world again in the New Story of the Wolfenstein The New Order. And it seems like I did a good job.

Wolfenstein The New Order: Where Should I Start?

In alternative reality Nazi were too good to fight with and actually won the WWII. The anti-Hitler coalition was broken and surrendered to the rule of the Third Reich! As for the resistance – it was suppressed and technically disappeared forever. In other words – Wolfenstein The New Order does start with the New Order.  In 1960 even the most faithful and desperate antagonists gave up and started following the new rules of the new Nazi game. After all – everything seems to be fine right now: crazy doctors test prisoners in their laboratories, streets are controlled by big robots and Beatles are singing in German. Everything is just the way it is supposed to be – normal.

Wolfenstein The New Order 2

But, it looks like all that is not going to last very long. After 14 years of coma our good friend and a real fighter B.J. Blazkowicz returns to the world of people after a severe wound into his head. Of course, he is not happy about what he sees and being lead by principles and ideological believes, Mr. Blazkowicz makes a decision to change everything the way it was supposed to be and rewrite the history. Here’s just a short list of TO DO things by Mr. Blazkowicz in the Wolfenstein The New Order:

– hijack a submarine;

– fight a 100 meter robot;

– saboteur Nazi activity behind their lines;

– killing a crazy doctor who is responsible for creating big mechanical monsters;

– travels to the moon.

I hope you did not get bored with all the things planned by Mr. Blazkowicz. After all, he is not the man we knew before. He is a lot better!

Wolfenstein The New Order 9

How Does it Feel to Be Back in Wolfenstein The New Order?

Wolfenstein The New Order starts with very strange and unpredictable cutscene in which, by the way, you can take part. For a minute or so I was even confused with the things happening on the screen and had a thought to exit the game. I do not like things I do not understand. But, it was a short introduction to the rich gameplay that started immediately after the cutscene ended. You want it – you got it! That’s the beauty of Wolfenstein The New Order. God, I can’t even explain to you how seriously I missed the dynamic war clashes with cyber-Nazis in narrow corridors of military bases. That feeling when you try to run away and hide from a heavy fire of two well-armored ubersoldiers while recharging your supergun behind the corner is priceless. Only then you understand how hard it was during the past years to live without those things. Probably, the only thing that I am going to miss is the spiritual things of Wolfenstein and Hitler in exoskeleton. It’s strange because I was really looking forward to see the guy and have a little chat with him. After all – Wolfenstein The New Order is a sequel to the Wolfenstein released back in 2009. But after a couple of levels behind – you forget about that.

Wolfenstein The New Order 4

The level architecture is pretty standard and won’t surprise you with a sandbox features. There is one or a few corridors at your service and you are allowed to take any of them. However, no matter what corridor you choose, you will still come to the right place and by the right place I mean a small arena with Nazi soldiers waiting for you. It may look like a bad thing but for some reason it does not feel like one. Maybe because Wolfenstein The New Order is the beloved old-school shooters with great reference to the things we love. It may be simply on the outside but it is crazy amazing on the inside.

If you are not interested in storming through the hordes of well-prepared Nazi soldiers, you can use alternative routes and deal with them in a stealth kind of way. Well, that kind of makes the magic of Wolfenstein to disappear but not for long. Stealth attacks are also really good and watching Mr. Blazkowicz stabbing Nazis in the back or in their necks is very and very beautiful. Also, if you are not sure about your possibilities or you think that it will be too hard to deal with 10 well-armored soldiers – make a few of them disappear with the help of magic stealth tools. For that matter you will have the already mentioned knife and a pistol with a silencer.

Wolfenstein The New Order 11

In Wolfenstein The New Order Everything Looks Just The Way it Has To

While the level architecture is pretty linear, graphical and ideological compositions are simply awesome. If Nazis would really won the war, this is what Europe would look like. It looks like every detail had been thought out and created with maximum care. Whenever you look you see what you are supposed to see or, to be exact, what would you be supposed to see. This is the biggest and the fattest plus of Wolfenstein The New Order.

There is a great possibility that Wolfenstein The New Order will make some other pictures pop up in your head during the game. While playing the Wolfenstein in this or that moments you will think about such great titles as Half-Life 2, Resistance 3 or Killzone 3. There is a part of all these games hidden in some corners of the New Order. You can call it a copy-past movement but I would call it saving the good ideas and giving them a new life. By saying that Wolfenstein The New Order has something in common with those games, I didn’t mean that MachineGames have simply stolen the ideas and made them theirs. Not at all! It just seems that at a certain moment you get transferred to this or that title, just for a second or two. And this is a good feeling because when you look at it closer you do realize that you have an opportunity to be in 4 or 5 titles simultaneously by simply playing Wolfenstein The New Order.

Wolfenstein The New Order 6

Even though the shooting is amazing in the game and nothing can beat two assault rifles that occupy like ½ of your screen, it might get boring at a certain point. When it does – leave the game and get back in a couple of hours. You will understand that you’ve been missing it a lot. Trust me – I’ve been there. Another thing that might surprise you (in a bad way) is a lack of weapons. No, you will have more than two to pick from but in general – your arsenal is pretty limited. But that is when the stealth gaming comes into play. Also, just the second when things get boring, you are always treated with breathtaking cutscenes that would have made a great movie alone. Whenwatchingthem, MichaelBaystartsfeelingjealous.

Wolfenstein The New Order Has Some Things to Surprise With

If it happens that you are not a big fan of crazy cinematic turnarounds, Wolfenstein The New Order still has a couple of Aces hidden in his pocket. The first thing worth mentioning is a standard “non-standard” gun that is an obligatory element of every respectful shooter since Half-Life 2 appeared on the scene. In the terms of Wolfenstein The New Order it’s a cutter. Just with a few upgrades it will turn from a so-so tool into a deadly weapon that can do crazy things. With that beautiful machine you will be able to cut open doors and secret paths as easy as Nazi skulls. Sounds tempting enough to invest in, doesn’t it?

Wolfenstein The New Order 7

The second thing worth mentioning is a tree of Skills. Oh lord, this is the best tree I’ve ever seen because it is dependent on the things you do and how you do them. If you are into stealth gameplay – your skill points will be automatically invested in stealth stuff like knife stabs, knife throws, stealth approaches and else. If you are into explosives and stuff – more grenades and bigger backpacks are waiting for you. And, if you are a classical shooter lover, you can expect to become a darn good soldiers with two assault rifles in your hands.

All in all there are 4 categories that can be improved, promoted and upgraded: stealth warrior, tactical approach, explosives and assault skills. By all means you can become a universal soldiers and upgrade all of them. Just play the way you find best and do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There is nothing simpler than that.

Wolfenstein The New Order 12

Wolfenstein The New Order Follows the Traditions

The good old traditions of collecting gold and treasures haven’t gone anywhere. Just on the contrary – they are here and are ready to keep you occupied while searching for them through the long corridors and inside secret storages. Here we can name collecting vinyl recordings of the famous songs but being sung in German or alternative routes that kind of give us the possibility and interest to finish the game one more time. Just so you know – you have an opportunity to choose the alternative route right during the prologue. Frankly speaking, I didn’t get the desire to complete the game one more time after I beat the final boss but I am pretty sure that I will do that a few months later from now. There definitely was the desire to walk the corridors of Wolfenstein The New Order once more but just not right away.

Wolfenstein The New Order 13

You Need to Order Wolfenstein The New Order

There is a great possibility that gamers of the new age won’t feel the whole concept of the game. I am not telling that they won’t like what they will buy but they won’t feel it to the very end. Those who are familiar with the previous Wolfenstein titles will definitely enjoy every single corner of the game because thy know the magic and the new generation is not used to the old-fashion like shooters where everything is possible. Wolfenstein The New Order is a great game with great design, amazing possibilities and super powerful weapon and it may be boring only if you want it to be that way. In all the other cases it’s a must have in your library. And if you get stuck at the prologue scene, do not worry – it will get interesting just in a few minutes. Do what you have to do until you grab a weapon. Then it will flow the way it has to.

And here you can grab the game for 29.99$


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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