Battlecry: Cossacks from Team Fortress

The subject of Cossacks is very close to me. I always was interested in this army phenomenon and the way they ruled in the middle of past millennium. Cossacks new a lot about war and were able to do unpredictably amazing things. I guess, gamers who are familiar with the good old strategy of 2000 under the name Cossacks: Europe at War will confirm my words that the game was amazing, and so were the nations you could play for. Unfortunately, this game has nothing to do with the title I am going to talk about today but it does have one thing in common and it is called “the atmosphere.” Well, at least it looks like it has one. So, my friends, let me introduce you the Battlecry, a game that has an idea that you might like a lot.

Battlecry: Are These Cossacks?

The main idea of the Battlecry lies in the mythtical and atmospheric visions of Cossacks. Yes, the very same Ukrainian Cossacks from the books and films like With Fire and Sword or alike. Cossacks were great warriors and their war strategy even let them reach Moscow during the war. And if not the decision of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi not to burn the city to the ground, we could have lived in a different world. Also, Cossacks paid numerous visits to the horde of Mongol-Tatars and made them answer for lots of things, especially – for stealing women and burning Ukrainian villages to the ground.

cossack_rampage of battlecry

It does not look like you will be able to see anything of the mentioned above in the Battlecry because it tells a different story of different Cossacks. I am not telling that this is a bad story, I am just saying that it is different. Despite that, I have a feeling that you, my dear gamers, will like it a lot. After all, the company standing behind the development of Battlecry is a well known team of Bethesda developers and these guys do know how to do things right.

Battlecry: The Team Fortress Style

Team Fortress have been available for players for years and it created quite a name. Lots of developers companies have been trying to do their best to compete with Valve and do something at least that popular. Unfortunately, no luck so far. But, it’s never too late to give it your best shot. No, Battlecry will be nothing like Team Fortress in the ideological meaning but it will be a big arena shooter with the possibility to play 32 X 32. Ye, I would also like to see a single player story in Battlecry but one can hope, right? Though, it does not mean that the game will be bad or so, it’s just that for the deepness of the story line, it is a good matter to have a possibility to complete a single player campaign.

Unlike Team Fortress, in Battlecry a great attention is paid to the close combat. Probably, a lot like in Chivalry. Yes, there will be long range characters but it looks like they won’t make that big of a difference in the terms of close combat clashes. But, it’s only a thought. After all, if you are skillful in killing people with any character, then it does not mean who are you and what are your possibilities. Though, as I’ve mentioned before, Battlecry will be more about kicking and beating up then shooting from the long range.

the_village of battlecry

The Ideological Believes of Battlecry

It’s a very good question, my dear friend. I would dare to say that Battlecry story happens in the future but with very strong dependence on Cossacks. They make a difference and the Cossacks believes are very strong here. If it is hard to imagine for you what it will be like, just try to combine future weapon from your favorite game with the cloths and behavior of Cossacks. The weapon of the future gives them the power to do even more crazy things and the power of Cossack religion (it is not an actual religion but I would dare to call it so) never lets Cossacks down in the fight. What can be better than that?

But, of course, we need to realize that in Battlecry Cossacks won’t be just fighting with each other and there is a need for a bad side (or the aggressive one, if you will). As far as the place was vacant, the aggression side was taken by the Royal Marines. It is hard to tell who they are but some of the characters kind of remind me (and please, do not take it personal) the Russian Empire. I will get back to this later but I just can’t but witness lots of small and even not that small references to the current conflict between Ukrainians and Russians. We won’t touch the problems of current conflict because this is not why you came here. After all, we all have our believes and thoughts. But, we want you to know that Fresh Gamer is against war and does not want to see it knocking on any doors in the world.

The Heroes of Battlecry

Bethesda left a small present for us under the Christmas tree and shared some information on some of the heroes that are going to take part in the major battles of 2015. Ye, the game will be available only a year after and it’s a pretty long wait. But, that means we can hope to see a masterpiece coming out from under developers fingers.

So, the characters of Battlecry. I specifically want to pay attention to some of them because they are really and really interesting. If you do not mind, I will start with the Cossacks side.

Battlecry Enforcer

 Cossacks of Battlecry: The Enforcer

Don’t get me wrong, but if you are familiar with Ukrainian politicians, you should recognize this face. Well, maybe it’s just a coincidence but as far as I believe in none, the Enforcer on Cossacks side is either Yuliya Tymoshenko or her younger sister. Just look at her hair! It’s like she’s been using the very same hair styling salon as Yuliya Tymoshenko. It is both funny and creepy. By all means, Yuliya Tymoshenko is a great politician and a strong woman and as far as the idea of creating fictional characters based on the real people is not new, well – here we go.

Yuliya Tymoshenko aka Enforcer will be armed with a big and strong blade that can cut an enemy into pieces. Well, I would prefer to see her with something else but this is a game and anything can happen. In general – she looks nice and fights the very same way.

Battlecry gadgetter

Cossacks of Battlecry: The Gadgetter

Gadgetter is a very interesting personage indeed. I like the mustache and the cloths but I do not fully get what he holds in his hands. It looks like a gun but not a regular gun that shoots regular bullets. This has to be something powerful, maybe – something that shoots projectiles and damages people from the distance but not the way the sniper does. Because of the mustache I can’t call him a regular trooper but it does seem like one. Also, he has a saber which is so Cossack like. For some reason, I see him cutting enemies apart with a saber more than shooting them from behind the corner. But – that’s my call.

By the way – did you paid attention to the insignia on his shoulder? Does the blue and yellow colors remind you of something? Also, the cross used at the picture kind of reminds the one used by Ukrainian nationalists and the red color together with the black form a Cossack flag. I’m just saying.

Battlecry Archer

Cossacks of Battlecry: The Archer

Well, this is an interesting personage of the Battlecry world. With two vertical arbalests he has to be crazy fast shooter and very skillful warrior. I, personally, do not like the way he is dressed but I do enjoy the hairstyle. For those who do not know, this is the way Cossacks used to cut their hair. This was called “Chupryna” or “Oseledets.” All Cossacks used to wear these and again – it’s a great reference to the Cossack culture and Ukraine as well.

Battlecry Archer Royal Marines

Royal Marines of Battlecry: Archer

Just let me point out this: Blue, Red and While colors and the word Royal. Again, it’s just a guess but it kind of reminds the Russian Flag (White-Blue-Red) and the imperial believes of Russian Federation even in XXI century. You can prove me wrong – I do not mind, but it is not possible to have this many coincidences.

Unlike Yulliya Tymochenko from the Cossacks’ tribe, woman from Royal Marines is an archer. I guess, it would be interesting to see them both at the battlefield: one with the big cutting something and the other one with a bow. It should be epic! By the way – the uniform of Royal Archer has some elements of the Russian hussar uniform which, again, point out the obvious.

Battlecry Brawler Royal Marines

Royal Marines of Battlecry: Brawler

This guy has nothing to do with the long range weapon but it definitely looks like a representative of Russian Royal Marine army. To many things point out on his connections with the empire. Anyway, this guy will be a total disaster on the battlefield for the opposing side. He will beat dirty substance from every single person that approaches him and won’t show any mercy. Just look at his hand! It is gigantic! I guess, he will also be able to hide behind it from the arrows or something. Or maybe his hand will allow him to break through the wall and do crazy things. At least, that would be great.

Battlecry gadgetter Royal Marines

Royal Marines of Battlecry: Gadgetter

While the rest of the guys seem to be pretty logical and understandable, I do not get this one. He looks more like a knight with a big gun than a Royal Marine. With such a tool he does not seem to be in equal powers as the rest of the soldiers or, to be correct, the rest of the guys does not seem to have enough guts to deal with him. Probably, it’s just a picture, but the guy does look to be overrated.

Battlecry Slasher

There is also one character on the Cossacks side but I do not know how to call him, so, let the guy be the Slasher. From what I can tell – he is the most authentic character of them all. He has two sabers in his hands and can help the others lose their heads. Pretty nice, don’t you find? But, maybe it’s only on the picture he looks great and in the game… Na, I doubt that! He has to be gorgeous! After all – he is a Cossack.

Besides the characters mentioned, you will definitely see at least 3 more on every side. Unfortunately, we can’t tell for sure who will be those guys but it looks like they all are going to be legendary.

The Final Battlecry

Well, it’s a long road ahead for all of us and the only thing that we can hope is that Bethesda won’t disappoint us with their new project. I know that they are not known for letting people down, but just in case, I will keep my fingers crossed for them. After all – it won’t harm. And, one more thing: I know that I mentioned a lot about the resistance between Ukrainians and Russians that is seen in Battlecry. Maybe, I am wrong, maybe – I am right. But, what I want to say is that no matter what – it’s just a game and everyone is allowed to see there whatever he finds is proper or beautiful. But, in the end, all you have to do is to simply enjoy the game and forget about everything. We escape the real world to find ourselves in better or simply different places and not for making them politically incorrect.

Battlecry: Trailer

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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