Watch Dogs: Big Brother is Watching You

Sure, everyone has its own desires and interests but I have to admit that I haven’t been so excited about the game since Bioshock Infinite. While Bioshock story has a very symbolic and touching meaning for me, the Watch Dogs will become my official game of the year, unless the great masters release the new Bioshock. But, as far as one of the main editors and creators quit the Bioshock franchise, it is not likely to happen. After all, the story is smooth and complete. Sorry, I got carried away a bit. Sure, we are here to talk not about Bioshock but about something totally different, something that can actually meet up with the GTA V in a very powerful fight and if not win it then definitely show some deadly challenge. So, guys, meet the Watch Dogs.

Man, I do not even know what to start with. When it seems like there is nothing that can surprise you in the game world, someone from Ubisoft or EA or any other famous developers community appears and says – here you go, body! Watch Dogs is a lot like this, the unexpected break through that now is more than expected. Hats off, dear friends, hats off!

Watch Dogs 2

For a lot of people Watch Dogs looks like another reincarnation of GTA. Years ago, before GTA III, we dreamt about the opportunity to walk the streets of cities and be able to do whatever we want and however we want. Every new update in GTA family brought us closer to that point but I would say not close enough to make a difference. Well, thanks to the Watch Dogs, I think I am in the right place. Don’t get me wrong – I like GTA titles and I am pretty sure that I will like GTA V when or if it becomes available for PC users. So far – I am confident about one Dog, and it’s Watch Dog. Too prejudice? Well, I can allow myself to do that.

Why the Watch Dogs Are So Good Already?

It’s all about the new ideas. Nothing less, nothing more. I like new ideas, I really enjoy experiencing something that no one else can offer me and it seems like Watch Dogs has it all. But let’s start from the beginning. You are a representative of the greatest, I guess, professions of today – the IT guy. Or a hacker, if you will. Your name is Aiden Pearce and you know every little secret about modern technologies and that is why your smartphone is your everything. With the help of this little guy you can do almost anything one can imagine and even more.

The principle of Watch Dogs is based on the idea of modern technologies. Nowadays almost every item has connection with the web, meaning – it can be hacked. I hope there is no need to introduce you to the smart houses and smart refrigerators. No, you won’t be asked to hack fridges (unless you are hungry) and as it appears – you won’t have to. Though, that does seem to be a good idea for the future ridiculous game concept to be released on Steam.

Watch Dogs 4

By the word “hack” I do not mean hacking into someone’s computer or breaking into FBI. Well, you surely will be allowed to do that but there is a lot more than that Watch Dogs can offer. Frankly speaking, I do not know how to share this info with you because there are so many things in the list that they are better to be seen than talked about. But, I’ll try to do my best by giving you live examples.

Why You Should Definitely Play Watch Dogs

1. Watch Dogs is not Linear

Like all the other games of this category, Watch Dogs has a great number of story related mission. After all, if you start something, you need to make it to the end. But, that’s the story line. I can assure you that you will spend less time of doing the story stuff and will definitely spend a lot more on exploring the city and completing the side quests. And, this is not because they are everywhere in the city of Chicago. Yes, my dear friend, this time you will be welcomed to the city of 7 winds, the city of musicals and skyscrapers, the one and only – Chicago! This city will appear in front of you not only as a city of duty, but a city of unexpected possibilities and opportunities. For instance, here’s what can happen with you just on the random.

Watch Dogs 3

Imagine that you are walking the streets of Chicago, minding your own business and hacking into people’s smartphones. Suddenly, you see that your phone alerts on one of the strangers saying that he is in danger. Strangers like this one appear from all of a sudden and disappear the same way. You are not supposed to follow them and if you do not want to – simply move away. Or, if you are interesting in raising your personal morality, be an honest man and make sure that the victim won’t get hurt.

But, how do you know that someone’s in danger? It’s pretty simple, actually. You see – the city of Chicago uses a certain system that helps the police to prevent crimes before thy are even done. It kind of reminds the system used in one of the TV shows. Maybe, you’ve heard about it – A Person of Interest. There was a very powerful computer that could identify a person in danger. But it had one minus – it didn’t know whether it was a victim or an attacker. Luckily, in Watch Dogs the super computer works perfectly well and identifies victims only.

Watch Dogs 5

So, if you find yourself in a situation like this, you can either follow the target and see what happens or pass by it. If you do follow, the outcome can be very unpredictable. The persona you are going after can be attacked, violated killed (if you do not react fast) or simply robbed. If you do intrude on time, the attacking person can either attack you instead of the victim or simply run away. Again – all that happens randomly and you never know what will occur next. If the victim decides to shoot you back – good, then you can start shooting back at him as well. At least, you will have all the moral right. But, if the victim does not want to get into fight and instead wants to escape, well, chase after him.

I bet you still wonder what makes this chase different from all the other chases in all the other games in the world? Lots of things. Now, when you are after the guy, you have the whole city at your hands or, better to say, you smartphone. Sure, you can do the chase thing the classic way by going after the guy and stopping him by smashing into his vehicle. Or, you can hack into the police system and raise the stopping blocks. They are really good at stopping cars or pretty much everything that travels on the ground. Again – it’s better to see this once than to talk about it so much. By the way – the hacking: the stopping blocks remind me of the next great feature.

2. In watch Dogs All You Need is Hack

Stopping bricks are only a few to mention in the Watch Dogs that can be hacked. The world here is so interactive that you can only dream to be it real in the real world. The number of things and gadgets that can be hacked and used at your advantage is very and very big, not to mention – useful and creative. Let me just mention a few to give you a better picture.

– Smartphones, laptops, tablets and all kinds of gadgets that have Wi-Fi or other internet connection. You can hack into them to search for some useful information like personal data, card information and account passwords. After that – it is all up to you. If this is an innocent person, who is just being careless, you can let the things stay the way they are. If not – welcome to the crime world. They should have set something better than QWERTY password at the first place;

Watch Dogs 9

– ATMs: Need extra money? How about getting some without spending even a single hour at work? All you have to do is to come closer to the ATM and press a button or a few. Your smartphone will do the rest. Yes, it is that simple in Watch Dogs.

– The City of Chicago. I can’t name the whole list of things, machines, details and systems that you can hack into. Just in a few taps you can turn the whole city in your allies. It better sounds if given in example. Just imagine, that you break onto restricted area. There are surveillance cameras all over the place as well as security guys walking here and there. What should a regular man do? Walk away and hide at home. But you, my friend, are not like this. You are Aiden Pearce, the greatest hackers of all. And that is why you will hack into their cameras, will watch the guards and hear them talk useful stuff. Then, whenever you are ready and no one is looking, you will get on the secured territory and will hack in a few more things. From some borders you will create yourself a decent dynamic cover and forklifts will help you get on the roof of the buildings to shoot your enemies from above. And that is only a slight example of what the world is capable of.

3. Watch Dog Has the Strangest and the Greatest Multiplayer

There is one really special thing about Watch Dogs and its multiplayer and this little thing is called boundaries or, to be frank, the lack of any. You see, you never know if you are playing in a single player or multiplayer. As you progress through the game, you become better and smarter but so do your enemies. By enemies I do not mean the NPCs around you but the other players. No matter what you do, any player in the world can receive a mission on you, which means that someone will try to hack into your smartphone and steal the valuable information. But, here is the thing: in his game the hacker will look like Aiden but in your game he will look like a regular NPC with no things to give him out except for his behavior. As long as the enemy behaves normally, it will be really hard to identify him in the crowd.

Watch Dogs 7

The good news is that you can do the very same and hack into somebody’s else game. In this way boundaries between single player and multiplayer vanish in a blink of an eye. You can never know when and how your personality will be hacked but neither does the character. As it appears, the process of hacking others is really simple. First of all, you need to find your target and hack into his smartphone without being spotted. If you do that well, your gadget will start downloading enemy’s data. This is the moment when you will be spotted. Now your task is to wait for the download matter to fill. All that time the other guy will be looking for you. this means that you need to stay calm and hidden so that he does not spot you beforehand. If he doesn’t – it will be a great success, if he does – he will probably do his best to kill you. So, start running!

Watch Dogs Has a Lot to Show and Even More to Offer

I would dare to say that Watch Dogs has a limitless number of combinations and outcomes that can happen with Aiden. The best part – you cannot predict them. For instance, if someone saw you doing a bad thing, there is a great possibility that when you appear at a public place with TV on a wall, someone will recognize your face from the news. The whole city is literary filled with surprises and interesting presents and it won’t be easy to learn them all.

Watch Dogs 10

Watch Dogs is not just a game of hackings, it’s a game of opportunities and excitement. Moreover, people with mobile gadgets will be able to take direct part in gaming. No, they won’t be running the city of Chicago the way the PC and console gamers will do but they will have an opportunity to interfere in the life of these players by controlling the police chase or setting traps for the runners.

Trust me, whenever you start playing Watch Dogs for the first time, you won’t be able to stop. Every next challenge will make you even more and more excited about what you do and what can be done next. This is like a chain reaction, that can’t be stopped, it’s like a domino fall.

Watch Dogs is only 2 days away from being released, which means – you are just 2 days away from the greatest days of your life. Also, the good news is that just a few days ago Watch Dogs would cost you 60$. Now, you can officially get the Deluxe Version on Steam for 26$ only. Any questions? How about you do the honor and become a lucky owner of the greatest game of 2014. And yes, I am really confident to tell you that.

Watch Dogs Trailer

Watch Dogs Gameplay

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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