Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: The First Details

Activision is not known for generous price drops during sales even on those titles who are like 10 years old. Though, they do know how to make decent games and they do know how to make gamers excited. Since the first Call of Duty title, we travelled all over the world and all over time dimensions and progressed from the times of WW II to the times that are yet to come. Those who love Call of Duty series will tell that all of them were good enough to keep them in private gaming collection. Sure, there were good times and bad times but to be frank – I liked them all. Let’s hope that the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare won’t disappoint us in any possible way.

Recently Activision announced the 11th game in the Call of Duty series that will be known as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. According to Activision themselves, the game will appear on the store shelves and online retailers on November 4, 2014. Sure, it’s a long wait but according to the trailer and some leaked information. The wait will be worth every minute.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: What to Expect?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has nothing to do with the previous Call of Duty: Ghosts except for the Call of Duty phrase in the titles. The new game from Activision will have its own heroes, own inventions and scenario. Ye, I guess we won’t see captain Price anymore which kind of sucks. On the other hand, there has to be some other guy who will cover players’ backs and smoke a cigarette all the time. At least, I hope there will be one.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will take us to the closest future where everything is both familiar and not so familiar at all. It looks like action will take place in 2030, maybe – 2040 but not further. Nothing has changed in the world politics meaning that poor people live poor and rich people keep storing money on their bank accounts while seeking for power and more money. As always – as usual. Though, humanity made a decent step forwards regarding new generation weapon. Not only it shoots bullets but does crazy stuff and makes enemies fear you before you actually pull the trigger. I guess – that’s pretty nice.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in Advanced Future

Those who are familiar with Call of Dutygames can already predict how it will be like. One of the key features of any Call of Duty game, even the first one, was the cinematography  part of the game process. A lot like the famous movie Saving Private Ryan starts, Call of Duty surprised players with intense and unpredictable story and keeps the tension to the very end. Sure, it’s hard to apply this description to the latest games in Call of Duty line but it looks like they are going to change the situation this time.

But what so advanced about the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? Well, the answer hides in the title. You will have to forget the mechanics of your previous FPS gameplay and change the way you see the battlefield in general. Together with the shooting you will get lot of new weapons and features in your possession. Unlike other games that only imitate the new technologies, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare makes all the fantasies real. Just suit for yourself:

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– Powerful costumes that will provide the character with amazing armor protection and will increase his firepower allowing to use enormous machineguns. Also, they will make you faster, stronger, bigger and simply better.

– Hovercopters: not new but so great. These things can take you anywhere pretty fast and maneuver between buildings like wind. Moreover, in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they can be invisible!

– Hover bikes: yes, you heard  me right. Star Wars-like bikes that have no wheels and can travel high distances without touching a ground.

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– With great power comes great invisibility. Enough said. Let’s move further.

– A totally new technology that allow to scan buildings for enemies as well as open areas. All you have to do is to throw a special grenade and it will light all the targets who thought they could ambush you easily.

– Advanced technologies that will allow you to do crazy stuff like climbing buildings in special gloves. Yes, I know that this is not new and that we’ve seen it before but hey – some ideas are worth being repeated.

– You will have a cool thing in your possession that I would call a Stretch Wall. It’s a removable barricade you can place anywhere. It is strong as hell but at the same time can suit in your backpack.

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– Powerful tanks that look like enormous 4 leg spiders and that can climb wall (well, maybe they can’t but it looks like they can if they want).

Some people say that the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare kind of reminds the Titanfall and Crysis 2. And you know what – it is hard to say no to this statement because it kind of looks that way.

A Little Surprise from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

There is one thing that will make this game great even if it appears to become a total failure. You see, one of the evil heroes (I assume he is evil because he says bad things) is being played by your favorite (and my favorite) Kevin Spacy. There is nothing and no one that can beat Kevin Spacy (except for Chuck Norris, of course.) I do believe that he has a responsible role in the game and by the end of it we are going to hate his character more than anything in this world but let’s hope that we won’t have to kill Kevin Spacy in the end of the game. I want to let him do some bad things in the next Call of Duty title too.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be released for all famous platforms including PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In other words – no one is going to hate anyone. The only thing that kind of seems to be true is that Call of Duty will still use the previous generation engine to make the magic happen. Well, it’s their call and maybe they do have a reason for that. But, I’ve never been a graphic Nazi and as long as the game keeps me interested and occupied, I am a big fan. Let’s hope Call of Duty Advanced Warfare won’t let us down. By the way, you can already preorder it on Steam for $60.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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