Infamous Second Son: Now – Pretty Famous

There is one great thing about exclusive games – they are Exclusive! And aside from the obvious, I do put a bit different sense in these words. As the practice shows – exclusive in the terms of PlayStation gaming means a lot: The Last of Us, Uncharted and others do not need any introduction and if you still have no idea what these games are – you surely have to check out the web for some answers. But today we are going to add another great title to the list of amazing exclusives for PlayStation and if you know what being a superhero means, than you would definitely like to know what does it mean to be the Infamous Second Son.

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Infamous Second Son for PS4 Only

Before you will start throwing any questions in my direction, I would like to clear the things up: Infamous Second Son is a PlayStation 4 exclusive only. Maybe, it will be released for PS 3 some time after but I really doubt that. After all, the PS 3 is an old story and even if Sony will support it for a couple of month more, sooner or later they will give up that beauty and will skip to the new generation. That is just something you have to accept. Though, it’s kind of a good thing too because now you have a reason to upgrade your old console with something refreshing in a face of the PS 4. There is no rush, but if you want to enjoy the best of it and, for instance, become a guy with great firing powers in Infamous Second Son – this is a firm step forward.

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Infamous Second Son Got His Second Chance

I can’t say that Infamous Second Son has one of the best stories to share. Well, at least – it is not new and won’t shock you as it did with Bioshock. But again – if you like superhero scenarios – this one will definitely fit into the group of alike. You will be playing as Delsin Rowe – a 24 year old guy who has almost nothing to lose and who enjoys parkour as much as painting graffiti and violating some minor laws. Delsin Rowe should have been locked up in a jail for a countless number of times but luckily he has an elder brother who (guess what) is a police officer. Every time when Delsin screws up – his brother gets him out from the lock out. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why the Infamous Second Son acts like a lunatic sometimes.

Infamous Second Son 3

I guess, nothing would have changed in the life of both brothers is not the attack on a truck that was not supposed to be attacked. What seemed to be an innocent prank turned into a real disaster and instead of having some fun Delsin screwed up again but this time – really hard. What is more important – he was injured during the attack and injured a lot. Unlike those who were in the truck, the future infamous receives great powers of fire control, which allow him to do pretty much anything. But we will get back to that later. At the crime scene he sees a woman that kind of turns everybody into stones and disappears. Now, his task is to find that woman and make or let her answer a couple of questions.

As I’ve told you before – the plot is pretty obvious and familiar, but that is only to happen in the very beginning of the game. The more you move deeper into the game, the better it becomes. Some of the story line turns are so crazy and unpredictable that you will need to take a deep breath and press the pause button to figure out what just happened. For me it’s a good sign – that’s for sure.

Infamous Second Son 4

The game will play the personages in different and unusual ways. Well, you won’t have a lot of them to meet up with but at the same time all NPCs are interesting and catchy. On the top of that, you will have share a lot with your brother who always has your back. As you understand, in Infamous Second Son you will be playing as a bad brother and the elder one will be a good guy. In most cases your methods won’t meet and, of course, you will have to deal with that in all the possible ways. It won’t be easy but it will be interesting. Also, the idea of making good/bad parallels allowed the developers to create a certain atmosphere that kind of surrounds you from the very first minutes of launching the Infamous Second Son and you have to change some of your moral believes because otherwise you won’t be able to play it the right way.

There is one kind of a serious downfall in the scenario part and it’s the lack of variety. When compared to the other games on the market, it is hard to tell that making decision influences the game that much. Sure, there are some points where your decisions influence the lives of others and change the way the game goes further on. But, that is only at the special points. Everything else only influence your moral decisions and satisfaction. If you act too good or too bad – it might influence the final cutscene and that’s it. In general, there is no need to complete the game multiply times but you can if you want to.

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How Does it Feel to Be the Infamous Second Son

It definitely feels great! When I saw the trailer for the first time, I said to myself “Dude – you need to have this game.” So far – no regrets. I would say that the third part of the Infamous trilogy is all about skills (aside from the other stuff). Infamous Second Son is so rich on fighting skills and opportunities that I can hardly remember them all. Well, it does not changes the way you end the game but it does change the way you feel and enjoy it. As you’ve guessed already, your main power is Fire. You can do pretty much anything with it: burning chains (a lot like Ghost Rider had), fireballs and even fire wings. What is really great – you can even turn into smoke. It may sounds strange but it allows you do to crazy stuff like travel up the buildings and perform breathtaking tricks in seconds. It is better to see it once than to talk about it multiply times. This stuff is absolutely amazing, not to speak – beautiful.

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But, as I’ve said – that is not all. The more your progress through the game – the tougher your enemies become and, of course, with smarter and stronger enemies you improve your current skills and receive the new ones. When during the first part of the game it is pretty easy to fight enemies in close combats, that becomes hard when you have to do this later on. However, when that happens, you will unlock a possibility to shoot multiply and critical fireballs that will be able to reach your enemies even if they are at the other end of the map. On the top of that, it is possible to play the Infamous Second Son in stealth: you lose just a little bit of the action part but still – the stealth kills look great, especially when taking down a few SWAT officers from behind in one jump. This approach allows you to actually be inside the game to the very end of it. You won’t have a possibility to relax and use the very same skills over and over again. This becomes boring and the word boring has nothing to do with the Infamous Second Son.

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Together with the news skills and upgrades you also receive an opportunity to finish the game as a good or as a bad guy. With the help of new possibilities you can either kill your enemies or disarm and neutralize them to avoid joining the dark side. The last one might not look THAT action and cool but still – has a right to draw your attention. In the end you receive a decent shooter, a decent stealth game mixed with a decent fighting. Add some magic to this package and Wuala! You have a great game called the Infamous Second Son.

Infamous Second Son: Don’t Get Lost

Another great thing about the Infamous Second Son is the city. You will be playing on the streets of Seattle and boy, it looks just breathtaking. I literary spend an hour just enjoying the street walks. But whom am I kidding? With those great skills I was barely walking. It looked more like a magical parkour with magical jumps and beautiful transformations. Fire is a powerful thing. Sure, you will have an opportunity to discover the city all by yourself through the game progression but it might seem like a good idea to do that aside from the main missions. Besides, you will be able to do that thanks to a decent number of secondary tasks. They are not hard to deal with and kind of give some heads up on some details. And, they also count as achievements.

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The city of Seattle is divided onto two islands and both islands are divided onto different districts. All districts are secured by the SWAT soldiers and, obviously, in order to make the world a better place you will have to deal with the guys. Also, thanks to the RPG elements in Infamous Second Son, your guy will have to collect the “particles” that influence the way you upgrade and improve your hero. The more you find – the higher you can get. When fighting for the districts, you receive an opportunity to fast travel between the locations. Yes, the city is great to investigate on its own, but sometimes, when you are short on time, it is not a bad idea to skip the parkour part and get right to the action. But, this is not obligatory, so if you prefer being independent – let it be so. After all – you have all the firepower in the world to make this happen. And, if you haven’t forgot yet, you are pretty good in parkour. All that multiplied on beautiful city sights makes the magical travels a lot better than the fast ones. For what it worth – even here you will have an opportunity to decide whether you want to fly to the destination point, turn into small particles and kind of get there by the destiny call or use the smoke travels. You see – that’s the beauty of the Infamous Second Son.

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Some Conclusions on Infamous Second Son

I have to admit that Infamous Second Son is not the next generation game in the gaming sense. If we put aside all the beauty of the game processes, it’s still a parkour runner with RPG elements and stuff. BUT, here’s the stuff – you can’t put all that aside and this is exactly what makes the game special. I am not saying that the Infamous Second Son is worth the money only because of the graphics but great details and beautiful animations do make a major difference. Do not forget about the plot that also deserves a high five. Not a strong one, but definitely a one. If you have an opportunity to connect your newly purchased PlayStation 4 to a 4K TV and play this game, you will be taken away by everything it has to offer and I assure you – that will last from the very beginning to the very end. Also, there are some hidden surprises around almost every corner and I am not just talking about collectibles and new skills but about those special things that you would never think about.

So, if you are ready to lose a couple of days of your life and invest them in the beautiful and breathtaking gameplay – this is your call and this is your game. Infamous Second Son is definitely a game you would like to have in your collection and it’s such a pity that this is a PS 4 exclusive only.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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