Titanfall: Take it Easy!

Lots of gamers all over the world have been waiting for Titanfall more than for their salaries. The game was said to become legendary and pretty much every single trailer kind of proved that. Sure, what can go wrong with heavy robots and quick pilots fighting each other on very realistic maps with very surrealistic possibilities? First of all, Titanfall was promised to be an exclusive Xbox game in order to make the Xbox console from Microsoft even more popular. Well, Titanfall is available for Xbox consoles and PC gamers. Sony Playstation ss not likely to get a copy for a great number of reason. But, you know what – let’s check out what Titanfall is good for and is it good enough to rock our worlds?

Titanfall 2

 Titanfall Beta was Almost Titanfall Final

Back in the cold days of February EA made Titanfall available for beta testing. Those who managed to sign up received a couple of busy weeks filled with running and shooting. But, the shooting itself was not usual. For those who do not know – Titanfall is a game where you are supposed to play as a big robot and as its pilot. The trick is that you never know what is going to happen! And while playing as a robot with great armor and firepower is great and safe, not always can it prevent you from dying. Just on the contrary – running on the walls and destroying heavy robots from behind is more than fun, though – one precise shot from a big gun and BOOM! You’re dead. But that is where the fun lies! That I exactly what makes Titanfall so special and unpredictable.

The final version of Titanfall is almost no different from the one we tested during beta. At least, the gaming system remained the same. The only major difference between beta and final Titanfall is the number of Titans (3 compared to 1) and lots of maps, a lot more than beta had. But this, I guess, is a logical outcome, so don’t you worry. I have to admit that playing Titanfall beta was fun but its final version actually made it all better and greater. It doubled the fun and, luckily, EA and Microsoft have been listening to the right people.

Titanfall 3

What’s New in Titanfall Final?

As I said before – previously you were allowed to choose only one titan, now – you have 3 of them. The first one is the good old and pretty much universal “Atlas.” If you do not know what to choose – choose him. He is a balanced warrior with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. “Strider” is the lightest and the fastest titan among them all. He can run fast, shoot fast and dodge fast but, of course, the lack of armor makes him vulnerable. The last but not the least is the “Ogre.” He is the heaviest and the most powerful titan in the game. But, of course, he is not easy to control and moves pretty slow. He can take a couple of extra shots but – it won’t be able to escape the battlefield fast in case of emergency.

Unfortunately – this is the whole package. Frankly speaking, I was hoping for more, though – I am pretty sure that new titans will appear in Titanfall DLCs. At least – it will make sense. By the way – Titanfall Season Pass is already available for preorders but it’s kind of pricy and costs just a bit less than the TItanfall itself. I do hope that the DLC will have something more than just a pack of new weapons and titans. What more exactly – I don’t know. But, I know that I want it and want it now.

Titanfall 4

More Modes for Titanfall

Of course, together with the tech part, now you have an opportunity to struggle for you victory by playing in more extraordinary modes and on more extraordinary locations. Technically, the gameplay still remains the same, but it does not lose the fun part – that’s for sure. In Pilot Hunt you have to hunt the pilots down and the more you kill – the better your chances are to reach the top of the list. The Last Titan Standing kind of talks for itself: here you need to kill as many enemies as possible. Capturing the flag is classics and, obviously, your task is to capture the flag. The more times you repeat the procedure – the better your results will be. And, the last but not the least, Capturing the Checkpoint. Here counts the time you spend on the checkpoint and how long you manage to keep it yours. For some reason, capturing the flag seemed to be the most boring. Maybe because instead of taking part in rapid fights and intensive battles, you will need to keep the flag secured. To my mind, the most dynamic were the Pilot Hunt and the Last Titan standing. But keep it in mind that in the first one you will only have one life. After all – Titanfall is open for everyone and I am pretty sure that every single gamer will find something good designed especially for him.

Titanfall 5

 How Does it Feel to Play Titanfall?

Well – it feels great. Some people say that it is not fun to play Titanfall because the levels are small and narrow. But – that’s the point! There is no need to run around the location trying and search for your enemies. You almost always know where they are and what to do next. This helps to make every fight dynamic and interesting. Now you won’t be able to take a nap in the darkest corner of the level and fight is the only answer. You might feel some discomfort when playing in a team because occasionally Titanfall corridors are too narrow for two titans and if you are not acting like a team and your actions are not coordinated it kind of means that you are going to either stuck in the path or clash with each other. But don’t you worry – the upcoming DLC updates should change this for better (if that’s an issue) and add new levels too.

Titanfall 6

As for the details and level creation – everything looks just great. Fighting on the streets of dead cities and running on the walls of the broken building is unbelievable: you always want to do it more and more! And while Pilots have the advantage of hiding in small and closed areas, Titans use tall building for cover. What’s not to like here? Pilots are also very and very maneuverable and can do pretty much everything in the game. Probably, the best part is running the walls and climbing the building. When on a roof – you can always take control over the area and attack the titan from above when it comes closer. Titans are not that great in mobility, even the Strider, but! They can take down the whole building that kind of equals the situation. The only “but” here is that they still can’t jump. Or fly.

What Titanfall Offers Us?

Technically, Titanfall is a mix of two different games. The first one is fast and dynamic, if you play as a pilot. It is always important to be on a move, otherwise – you will be shot dead. The second one is kind of clumsy and dull but very strong and overpowered. I am pretty sure that people who bought Titanfall have already decided what they like the most and what game style they prefer. Probably, the best thing about all this is that fast pilots and slow titans act in harmony. Pilots are really hard to fight with because of their mobility but on the other hand – they can be killed with one shot. The best part of playing as a titan is that it can work autonomously. It means that while you are killing other pilots or bots on the one end of the map, you Titan can go wild with the other. This is what I really like in Titanfall!

Titanfall 7

The final version of Titanfall is going to be upgraded with a multiplayer campaign. There will be 9 symmetric missions for resistance and for IMC forces. The story lying behind the Titanfall is pretty simple. I would even say – too simple. For comparison, the one that we faced in Brink was much better. At least, completed with videos before every level and deep story lines, it forces to pass missions one after the other. In Titanfall everything is limited with the key character showing up at the beginning for a couple of seconds and some dialogues during the battles. Everything else is a part of the game, but – a very good game, that’s for sure.

Titanfall 8

Titanfall and its Graphics

Since the beta testing, nothing have changed in Titanfall. By all means, the Source gaming engine is a beauty but calling it “the next generation engine” is not true. You can try to prove me wrong, but the well known CryEngine and Unreal Engine can take a firm fight and even win it. Though, Titanfall developers do deserve a credit for their job done. They kind of tricked the gamers with a few “dirty” moves and made the picture look better. Well, it is not bad and very creative, but still – it is not fair. Or, maybe, it doesn’t matter if it looks great. Here’s the secret: in order to make the models look smoother and better, they used the design peculiarities and as for the lack of modern technologies – the temp of fights does not allow you to pay that much attention to the details. Though, the animation part of the game is still not perfect and shows up just as it is. Sure, some elements look great but in general – they could have been a lot better.  You will get what I mean after the first few hours of intensive gameplay. Frankly speaking – it is not a major problem, but on the other hand – from a game like this you always expect more.

One of the strangest things about Titanfall is that it takes almost 50 GB of your space on either Xbox or PC. But you know what’s the catch? 35 GB of that precious space of yours will be occupied by the Titanfall music and no – I am not kidding. Sure, listening to the sounds of fights with the best possible quality is a great opportunity but I can tell for sure that only a few will be able to enjoy the opportunity. After all – soundtracks are good but not good enough to store 35 GB.

Titanfall 9

Titanfall is a Conservative Game

I guess that the only major downfall of the game is the lack of opportunity to customize your titans and your pilots. I am a modest person and I won’t like to have my titan colored in red or pink but upgrading it with a certain camouflage or some stickers won’t make it bad – that’s for sure. Just on the contrary – people could have organize their elite battalions, groups and so on. It would be nice to look at and will make a colorful difference for people who come here often.

Luckily, at the same time – Titanfall has an amazing statistics that kind of (and just a little bit) covers the lack of customization. Here you can find everything about anything. It all looks great and can be provided in diagrams. Also, if you want to become a cool guy, it is possible to reach the Level 50 in a day or two. After that you will have to complete wild and prestige achievements like killing two birds with one stone.

Titanfall 10

Titan Conclusions for Titanfall

Well, yes – Titanfall is not a representative from the new generation. It looks great, it feels great but it does not have the new generation graphics. Never the less – it does not spoil the fun. During the first 10 minutes of dynamic fights you forget about everything and the only thing in your head is how to kill that Titan or how to catch the speedy Pilot rather than “why this tree looks so bad.” Maybe, Battlefield 4 fans won’t enjoy the Titanfall gameplay, but Call of Duty or Hawken fans would definitely add it to their “Favorites.”

And there is one more thing in Titanfall that gives the undescribed and unknown earlier feeling of power and might. That precious moment when you, playing as a pilot, kill the enormous Titan is priceless. You won’t find it in any other game, even the one that has lots of tall and mighty bosses.

Titanfall 11

How good is Titanfall? Let me put it like this: lots of journalist during the first presentation of the game claimed that they are ready to buy the Xbox One only because of this game. Sure, that’s a good explanation when you want to put your hands on something as exclusive ad Titanfall. But, the game looks just fine on Xbox 360 and, what is more important, it gives a nice gaming experience even when played on a PC. Sure, it requires some better optimization but in general – I had no problems saving the world and taking titans down with the keyboard and my mouse. Titanfall is a worthy game in all the possible meanings and it will conquer your heart from the very first launch.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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