The Collectables: The Other Expendables

Very often free-to-play games are based on pay-to-win system. In some cases it’s OK and going the free way does not kill the fun. On the other hand, there are cases when you have to spend months if not weeks to either upgrade your character to the highest level or to complete the game successfully. The Collectables is a mix of both and while you are very welcome to invest as much as you can, at the same time it is also possible to become a decent warrior without spending a cent. It won’t be THAT easy but hey – none said it would be easy.

The Collectables 3

Meeting The Collectables

It is hard to tell for sure what exactly the Collectables offer to their potential fans. First of call, it’s a card game where you have to fill in your deck with great soldiers, unlock the new ones as you progress through the game and, of course, upgrade them whenever its possible. The better the deck – the higher your are chances to make it to the end successfully without losing a unit.

At the same time, the Collectables is not just a card game with boring card battles. All that is spiced with 3D action battles, where you are supposed to take part and play an important role as a commander. You will have 4 units at your disposal and your task it to help them reach the other side of the map without meeting their creator. The only minus is that you won’t be able to directly control them with your fingers. Well, here’s how it works: you can send your warriors in all the possible directions as long as it is not limited by walls or other obstacles. Help them find better covers, better firing angles but just make sure that they do not shoot each other.

The Collectables 2

But the problem is that you won’t be able to tell your soldiers whom to shoot first. This was, is and will be their own prerogative. I am not sure if this is good or bad but with time you get used to it. After all, it won’t be an easy task to follow 4 soldiers simultaneously and make sure that they shoot the right people. First of all, the Collectables is not a turn-based strategy. It’s an action with a mix of something and your fingers. Secondly, it’s a lot fun to see how your warriors deal with the bad guys all by themselves. Trust me – their creativity is measured only by the weapon they have in their arms.

The Collectables or the Expendables

The action part of the game, as well as the animation, looks just gorgeous. You will never get bored watching the 4 cool guys cutting, shooting, smashing, blowing and massacring their way through the hordes of enemies and machines. The heroes of the Collectables do remind the heroes from the Expendables who live in their own reality and are not afraid to face death with their eyes wide open. They just keep coming forward fearlessly laughing and fooling around. Well, that’s the moment where you come into play.

The Collectables 4

The Collectables are pretty irresponsible and even despite their cool nature, still can die. So, you should protect them not only by looking for great covers but also with the help of different cards. This includes med kits, grenades, supports packs and else. It is not hard to use them during the game but what’s really hard is keep those cards in your deck. As far as the game is a free-to-play title, you will have to use additional cards pretty often, or otherwise – it won’t be an easy task to make it to the end. Of course, these cards are pretty expensive and in most cases you will be forced to choose between upgrading your characters or keeping them safe on the battlefield.

Yes, sometimes it gets annoying but if you are into the game – it will pass soon. I got used to free-to-play principles and try not to make any in-app purchases (only if they unlock new levels). I do understand that people have to eat and that developers spend nights and days making games for us, the gamers, but I hate when money kill the fun. Sometimes you can cope with the money issue, but sometimes it’s a total disaster. The Collectables is something in the middle. The donating question pops out here and there but it is not obligatory to open your wallet and send your money in unknown directions. At least, I managed to enjoy the game without investments and I am pretty happy about it.

The Collectables 5

My Last Thoughts on The Collectables

You can download the Collectables for free from the iTunes and play it on either of your iOS gadgets. The Android version is promised to be released soon, so Andy fans will have to wait a bit to enjoy the fun too. The only thing to mention is that right now The Collectables is not optimized for Retina resolutions but even despite that it looks just great. After all, people from Crytek are known for making real masterpieces and they actually managed to port their creativity on mobile platforms.

I am not trying to say that the Collectables is the best game I ever played. It’s ok if compared with others. When playing too long, the fighting scenes become boring and monotonous. But, I guess, this happens with every game when you play it too long. Anyway, as far as the game is free-to-play, I do recommend getting it on your mobile gadget. After all, you are not loosing anything. Just give it a try and let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

The Collectables Launch Trailer

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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