Deus Ex The Fall: And the Fall it Is

If you ask an old gamer if he liked the first Deus Ex released back in 90s, he will definitely say that back in the days the game was truly amazing. After all – it was refreshing, interesting, rich on skills, charismatic characters and other great stuff. Sure, it does not look that great right now, but again – it’s been years since the game was released. Then, a decade and a little after the Deus Ex: Human Revolution became available for the people of Earth. The game was different but still – a masterpiece: lots of innovations, lots of unpredicted turns, lots of fun! But then someone has made a decision to release a game that has Deus Ex in its name but has nothing except that in common with the original Deux Ex storyline. So, let’s meet Deus Ex The Fall.

Deus Ex The Fall 2

Deus Ex The Fall: Make me Portable

Deus Ex The Fall first appeared on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Well, it seemed logical to continue the Deus Ex franchise not on the PC but on something mobile. After all, lots of companies do that to capture as many fans of different visions as possible. Guys from SQUARE ENIX Ltd were not different and made Deus Ex The Fall exclusive on Android and iOS. Though, just a few weeks ago the game was ported for PC gamers and is available on Steam for 8$. But before you rush buying it for this beautiful price, let me share some gaming experience with you. I haven’t tried the PC version and it does look like I won’t do that in the closest future. Do you want to know why? Stay with me for a couple of minutes and, probably, I will save you 8$ dollars for a beer. Or two.

Deus Ex The Fall 3

Deus Ex The Fall Has Fallen Already

My relationship with Deus Ex The Fall started back in the days when the game was on sale on Google Play. I got it for 1$ and was pretty happy about it. I do not know how about you, but I am not ready to spend 7$ on a mobile game. I think it’s too much, even for a masterpiece. But, that’s my call. Anyway, Deus Ex The Fall and its story. At first, everything seemed to be fine. A short training, some kind of a story and tips on what to do next… the control system seemed to be good enough for a touchscreen display. It’s always not an easy task to optimize controls for the first person shooters. The only thing that I found annoying was the weapon and the way I had to change it. It took me too much time to pick the right rifle. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but I am pretty sure that I was not that.

Deus Ex The Fall 4

For the first 20 or 30 minutes everything seemed to be fine. Killing enemies was pretty cool, especially when I was allowed to use some stealth features or took them from behind. But the further I went – the darker it was. Dialogues made no sense, as well as the tasks I was supposed to complete. Walking the short corridors of every level was not exciting at all and it seemed that the “open world” of Deus Ex The Fall was limited by a couple of rooms. Even when the story took us outside, I felt being bordered and limited everywhere. No matter where you go, there is something that forces you to turn back and choose the road you are supposed to go. I guess, the word “freedom” was not the word used during the development of this game.

I do understand that mobile games can’t be as good as their PC analogues, but still – there’ve been a plenty of games on Android that surprised me more than Deus Ex The Fall. Dead Space, Mass Effect or Modern Combat 4… These are only a few to mention. Maybe, there is a reason why Dead Space, Mass Effect haven’t been on sale since their release on the Google Play.

Deus Ex The Fall 5

Deus Ex The Fall Will Make the Fallen Fall

The task of the game is rather simple: you have to walk the corridors of every level (usually they are pretty straightforward and linear), kill a couple of enemies, pick up the loot and reach the destination point. From time to time you can use your special skills to hack doors, safes or cameras. All that happens pretty naturally and can’t boast with mysterious approaches. After 10 hacked doors you do get bored doing that for the next few times and killing enemies from the cover becomes a routine process.

By the way – the killing. In Deus Ex The Fall you can do it in FPS mode or TPM. TPM is entered automatically and all you have to do is to take cover or hide behind something. The rest of the game will be progressed by shooting from the first person view. In general, that’s OK, but from time to time it gets annoying because you can’t control the process of changing views: if it has to be FPS – it’s FPS, if it has to be TPS – then TPS. Again, it’s not fatal but you will get what I mean when you see the way it works.

Deus Ex The Fall and The Weapon

There is a plenty of weapon that you can buy in Deus Ex The Fall. Unfortunately, collecting money is rather a long process and guns are pretty expensive not to mention the skills and other stuff. In other words, if you want to become cool quicker, you will have to spend a couple of bucks (or even more) on your character. Going the natural way is also OK but a bit boring and definitely too long. However, you won’t feel any discomfort (at least – I haven’t felt any) when playing with the regular guns that you bought at the beginning of the game. But again – you will need some ammo because if you are not playing the stealth way, bullets disappears pretty quickly.

Deus Ex The Fall 7

Deus Ex The Fall and the PC

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what Deus Ex The Fall will look like on PC but from what I’ve seen from the gameplay and from the trailers – it’s the very same Deus Ex The Fall for Android but with just a bit different graphics. Taking into consideration that the original Deus Ex Human revolution can be bought for 12$ and it often appears on sale, I would recommend to spend this sum on the previous title. Deus Ex The Fall is not worth neither 7 not 8 buck for mobile or PC version correspondingly. You can pay a dollar for it when the game gets on sale but only if you do not have anything else to play. In other case – spend it for something else, Tiny Thief, for example.

Despite the fact that I really enjoy the Deus Ex franchise, there is no place for Deus Ex The Fall in my heart. It’s a lot better to read the book it’s based on than to play the game itself. I am really sorry if I ruined your hopes, but our life is too short for games like Deus Ex The Fall.

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Deus Ex The Fall Google Play

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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