Bad Roads 2: Extremely Addictive!

Sometimes, in order to create a decent game you are not supposed to invent bicycle for the second time. Sometimes, all you have to do is to take a good and well known idea and give it the shine of your own creative thoughts. One of the greatest examples is the Angry Birds franchise. It took the already famous and well known idea and managed to turn it into a real masterpiece with charismatic heroes, challenging levels and, of course, fun gameplay. Bad Roads is exactly this kind of game and I can assure you that you won’t regret downloading it on your gadget.

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Bad Roads 2 Doesn’t Mean Bad Gameplay!

As it always happens, I came across this game by a total accident. I was wondering the Google Play, looking for something fresh and inspiring. When I saw the trailer of Bad Roads 2, I really-really wanted to give it a try. A few minutes later I was a lost person already. Bad Roads 2 gets addictive from the very second you start playing and if you have no other things to do, there is a great possibility that in the next few hours you will fall out from this world.

The idea standing behind the Bad Roads 2 is very simple. Your task is to cover the longest possible distance without losing the boxes you have in your trunk. The moment you lose the last one – the game will be over and you will be offered to play the Bad Roads one more time. Frankly speaking, I am not sure if the road is endless or if somewhere there is a finish line where you can have some campaign and celebrate your victory. It’s very likely that the road won’t end even if you manage to drive for hours (that is not likely to happen). But on the other hand – you should not be disappointed and here’s a reason why…

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Bad Roads 2 Is Always a Surprise

Even if you launch Bad Roads 2 for the 1000 time, you still will be pleasantly surprised with whatever it throws at you. First of all – the graphics. It is very nice and very pleasant. Enjoying the views as well as driving the bad roads is always a great experience. They are nicely drawn with tiny special elements that will either make you smile or will scare a little. I’ve never thought that a pissing dog will make me laugh so hard! You will get what I mean when you see the dog in Paris.

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Aside the landscapes, that look just great, the car mechanics is very nice to deal with. The navigation is really simple: either drive forward or slow down by pressing the “back” button – that’s all. But even if it sounds simple – it won’t be even close like that. Losing your first box during the first 300 meters is a must – that’s for sure.

Bad Roads 2: Places and Cars

At this very moment Bad Roads 2 can boast with 5 worlds. You will start playing in a Canyon, then – the Mountains will follow. The next place to visit will be Paris, then Guilin and then, the last but not the least, Night. Ye, the last world is simply called Night. Every level has its own special features with its own special music. So, driving the bad roads of the Canyon area as well as moving the streets of Paris will be both fun and challenging, especially – with a perfectly chosen music.

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The variety of vehicles is big enough to share the feeling of innovation with you. And, of course, every single vehicle can boast with its own features. Some of them are harder to drive but have a lot more boxes stored in the trunk. Others can be very easy to control but again – won’t let you do more than 3 mistakes. Oh, and every car in Bad Roads 2 has its name:

– Livy is a small truck with a big storage compartment;

– Ory is pretty much like Livy but without the roof covering the boxes;

– Tiny is a small French car with a hind carriage;

– Corby kind of reminds the catafalque;

– Footy is a cool monster truck that can handle pretty much all bad roads.

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Sure, the moment you start the game, only one location and one car will be at your service. But, this can be changed with just a little effort: all you have to do is to collect as many coins as possible during your road trips. The more you get – the faster you will unlock the other levels. Usually, driving about 1000 meters will allow you to purchase either a car or the next world with really bad roads.

Bad Roads 2 Can be Played By Two

It might sound ridiculous, but Bad Roads 2 can also be played by two players. From the main menu simply press the two player icon, choose your cars, your roads and start chasing with each other. Those won’t be the very same places you are supposed to race in a single player mode but just short passages. The task is really simple: the one who comes to the finish line first wins the race. However, the competition does make a difference and trying to be the first person on the finish line, sometimes (or very and very often) you do ridiculously stupid mistakes. But, this is really fun and entertaining. Just give a try. I promise – you won’t be disappointed!

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Bad Roads Franchise

Bad Roads 2 is not the only game from this developer and, by all means, is not the only title in Bad Roads franchise. You should definitely go to Google Play and check the rest from the man named Laurent Bakowski. As for the Bad Roads 2, it’s a free to play game and you can download it from the Google Play for nothing. But, if you want to support the developer, it would be very nice to donate a dollar to inspire the generous guy in his future developments. As for now – let the Bad Roads from Laurent Bakowski be the only bad roads in your life. And… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Bad Roads 2 Gameplay

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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