Dashing Ralph: Come and Get Me!

I know that the following words will sound strange and kind of controversial but timekillers are real time saviors. I do not know how about you but I hate wasting my time. Unfortunately, there are places where wasting time is inevitable: standing in a line, using public transport, waiting for someone in a café and else. I’m pretty sure that you can add a dozen more to this list. But luckily, there is a solution that will help you kill the spare minutes with use and it goes under the name Dashing Ralph.

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Dashing Ralph: The Flying Dog

The idea of Dashing Ralph is not new: your task is to make it to the end of the level without sending Ralph to the Kingdom of Heaven. It might seem like an easy task but only for the first 20 seconds. The intensive gamepaly will force you to keep your fingers on the touchscreen the whole time and simply tapping on it won’t save you from restarting the level. Perfect timing, good reaction and, what is really important, the spy instincts – these are the only skills that can save Ralph from being killed by you. Technically, you will need only one finger to take Ralph under your control, but practically you being a commander will require steal patience and enough self-control not to end up with a broken smartphone in the middle of a queue.

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Dashing Ralph is a Tough Dog

The game is called Dashing Ralph for a reason. Angry enemies and flying items will force you to dash all over the level in order to save another second and stay alive just for a little bit longer. If the game is really hard to play, you can search for help by picking up little boxes and items. Depending on what you catch, you will get either a rocket launcher, a nuclear bomb or a shield bubble. There are also some other power ups that will keep Ralph running, but let’s make it a secret and let you find out about them individually.

The rocket launcher is good for shooting off cat-rockets, motorcyclists and other obstacles. The shooting will start automatically so there won’t be a need to hold the corresponding button. But, if you want every rocket to reach its destination, make sure you fly up and down and aim for the objects. The nuclear bomb is really good when you need to clear the area from the bad guys or if there’s a big chance that the very next second you will kill the dog. Press the button once and all your problems will vanish the very same second.

But while playing Dashing Ralph the offensive way is really cool, I prefer to keep it quiet and also search the level for hidden shield bubbles. Picking one bubble up gives you three chances to survive anything that hits you with no harm to the doggy. Maybe, because I was too clumsy or maybe because the game was new to me, but during the first 10 minutes of the Dashing Ralph I died no less than 15 times. And only when I started picking up shields – I managed to reach the next level with different decorations and tougher enemies. But, by all means, collecting everything you can reach and mixing the offensive and defensive strategies will increase your chances to fight for the first place in the leader-board.

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There is also something else that can make your life easier and Dashing Ralph more… dashing. Do not forget to search for the golden coins during your trips. The more coins you collect, the faster you will be able to purchase the incredible number of upgrades. Updating Dashing Ralph with bigger wings and better guns is always a good idea. Yes, they cost like a fortune, but none said it would be an easy journey. Try to keep the dog alive as long as possible and rather sooner than later an opportunity to become a better Dashing Ralph will be at your service.

What I like about Dashing Ralph

First of all, I am really into its simple but very friendly and good-looking interface. You can start playing the game in two taps which is really comfortable. The game launched perfectly well on almost any device and if your gadget runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread – you are good to go. The second part is the characters. They are very charismatic and kind of reminded me the good old cartoons I used to watch in my childhood. Sure, some will say that a dog with wings already sounds ridiculous, but birds fighting pigs can’t boast with the logical sequence either. After all, as long as the game is catchy and fun to play – it can be whatever one can imagine.

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So, Who is Dashing Ralph?

Just a few days ago I had a chat with Ralph and asked him about his story. He took a deep breath and said that the story is too tough to be real and that he would like to keep it to himself. But he did mention something about serving the secret agency and being on queen’s service as a spy dog. That’s all I managed to find out. Never the less, Ralph the Dog keeps on serving his country but now he is looking for a companion: a brave person who is ready to face the danger and fight to the end no matter what and no matter when. Now, the question is: are you ready to team up with Dashing Ralph to bring justice to this world?

Where and How?

You can easily download Dashing Ralph from the Google Play or Amazon App Store without spending a cent. It’s a free-to-play game that should keep your hands busy whenever there is a need to kill some time. Also, the iOS version is already on its way to the Apple App Store, so stay tuned for updates and make sure you give it a try in the future.

Dashing Ralph on Google Play 


Dashing Ralph Game Trailer

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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