Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Now in 3 Dimensions

If the word combination “Plants vs Zombies” sounds familiar for you, then it means that you’ve played the game at least once and the idea of the unusual line tower defense concept is familiar to you.  Well, just imagine the greatness of the Plants vs Zombies game put into a bit different format, the one that you should like and enjoy even more. Let me introduce you the future of Plants and Zombie wars – Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

I will never forget my first date with the Plants vs Zombies game. It was so good that I even missed the next day in university cause I finished playing the game in the morning. The very same thing has happened with my friends and even some members of my family. The very next day my sister called me and said that she hates me for introducing her to the new game. Though, she also mentioned that I am a great brother afterwards. Those who’ve played Plants vs Zombies in the past (or are playing the game at this very moment) will tell for sure that the idea is simple, and yet – unpredictably catchy. The second part of the game is just a bit less exciting because of the donating system but as long as you play nice, it is possible to complete it without spending a cent. But people responsible for creating the first two titles have made a decision to surprise the gaming world with something different, something that will bring some innovations in the gameplay of Plants vs Zombies but still won’t steal the fun.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Ideas Are Coming!

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a TPS (third plant shooter) mixed with tower defense notes and the beloved Plants vs Zombies creativity. It’s like something that everyone was waiting for but has never had a chance to ask about. When the second part of Plants vs Zombies was out, I asked myself what happens, when they decide to go for the third one? Sure, creating new zombies and new plants is always fun but it can’t last forever, right? And almost immediately I was answered the question with the announcement of the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 4

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Zombies are Not Welcomed Here

If you like the idea of protecting your plants and your garden in general from the naughty zombies, this is exactly THE game that you are going to like. The major difference between the previous versions and this one is that unlike the lineal tower defense game you will get more action during the process. Technically, in Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2 you were supposed to place the plants and watch for the plants not to be eaten by zombies. It was more about defense than offense. No, I am not telling that this was a bad idea, not at all! On the contrary – this particular idea has turned Plants vs Zombies into a real masterpiece.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

But if you look at it closely, there was something that could have made the game even better. It’s like adding another 25% to the already existing 100%. For me this something is the action. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is aimed to change the passiveness and will throw gamers right into the action. How cool is that? No more sitting and watching like a general! Now, being active is the only thing that will save you from being dead.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 5

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Be Active!

As far as Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is not a platformer any more, the action part of the game will take place in 3 dimensions which means – not only levels but plants and zombies will also be in 3D. You will still recognize the well known characters like Sergeant “Peamaster”, lieutenant “Corn” and the explosive Mr. “Chili”. Sure, the other side of the barricades will be represented by improved models of regular zombies, zombies with road corners on their heads and, my personal favorite, Gargantua zombies. They look better, stronger and so realistic!

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 6

The main principle of the game is rather simple and it kind of reminds me the Toy Soldiers Idea. While technically the game is a tower defense, you will be able to take control over pretty much any plant and start making a difference on the field. To strengthen your positions, you can place Plants in special pots to control some of the exits, then run towards the front line and start illuminating the waves of zombies. By the way – the already mentioned zombies of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will approach you in waves (the classic tower defense move), so during the breaks you will be able to take a breath and either regroup or fortify some of your positions.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare also Has a Multiplayer

Yes, you’ve heard me right: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare can be played in Multiplayer mode. This means that you can get together with your friends and enjoy shooting out zombies acting like one smart plant mechanism. For instance, the Peamaster acts like a regular soldier with the assault rifle, the Sunflower can heal plants from the distance and my favorite Cactus will shoot zombie from the distance. By all means, there are a lot more plants coming your way with a lot more interesting abilities to offer. I would not resist trying them out if I were you. After all – playing with friends is always better than playing alone, especially – if the game happens to have a local cooperative mode.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 8

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: No More Suffering!

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is just THE game everyone was looking for. It takes the favorite characters from the well know franchise, makes them bigger and in 3D and, what is really important, refreshes all that with the new approach and new gameplay. Playing in plants shoes (or better to say – roots) is something none else can offer and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare creators do know it very well.

Unfortunately, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is Xbox and Xbox One exclusive release only. Ye, it is very hard to say these words, but as for now – you can treat yourself with the Garden fights only if you have an Xbox console. However, I am more than sure that rather sooner than later Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will be uploaded on Steam and we will be able to enjoy the best of it, right? Not a single zombie will pass! Oh, and there is a pleasant surprise waiting for who whenever you decide to pick a side…

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Trailer

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Gameplay

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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