The Walking Dead Season 2: More than a Story

It’s not a secret that the second season of the Walking Dead from Telltale Games is out and it’s also not a secret that through the whole season you’ll be playing as Clementine. Yes, the very same Clementine you used to took care of back in the first season of this amazing title. Just a few days ago guys from Telltale Games released the 2nd episode for the 2nd season and being impressed with the great job they’ve done, I thought it would be nice to share some impressions about the story and its continuation.

The Walking Dead 2

As a matter of fact, at this very moment I have a final song of Episode 2 playing in my headphones. I guess, it’s one of the most charismatic and appropriate songs that can describe the new season of the walking dead and its main character – Clementine. I am not sure whom does this voice belongs to but I know for sure that it’s a cover on the song “In the Pines (Where Did You Sleep Last Night?)”. If you have a chance, just listen to it and you will get what I want to tell you.

For those who still do not know, the Walking Dead Season 1 was over a long time ago and the new one started just a couple of weeks ago. But what is really important – there’s also a DLC that kind of connects two seasons and tells us a few stories about the secondary characters that are going to play an important in the Season 2. By all means, it was a genius move by Telltale Games and not only they managed to keep the story interesting but also gave gamers an opportunity to play the game in somebody’s shoes.

The Walking Dead 32

Play the Walking Dead as a Little Girl

Ok, ok – don’t be mad! I’m getting to the point. So, the Walking Dead and the second season. Frankly speaking, I can hardly recall a game where one was offered to play as a little girl. It feels weird a bit, especially in the moments when you are asked to do some responsible and life-depending things. Sure, I do understand that the world is different now and even the youngest have changed a lot. Carrying a gun or killing someone with a knife is no strange in the society filled with zombies. Is it bad or is it good – who knows, but what I do know for sure – you can’t live the life you had before. It simply does not work this way.

The Walking Dead 4

In the second season of the Walking Dead Clementine has changed a lot. She is not a little girl anymore, even if she does look like one. She can survive on her own and knows for sure what to do when a walker appears at a sudden. Also, the new season is rich on really unpredicted surprises and outcomes. If you recall, the first five episodes of the Walking Dead were truly amazing. But now, just imagine their greatness and double it. The new episodes have more action, more responsibility and always force you to make tough decisions quick. This might be stressful but again – hard decisions are not easy to take because no matter what you say – you can’t be good for everyone.

Probably, the doubled feeling of extra responsibility appears due to the fact that you are playing as a little girl. Sure, playing like a grownup who can be responsible for his actions and who actually knows what does it mean to be a bad guy is different from what we offered to experience in the Walking Dead Season 2. But again – it’s not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all. I would even dare to say that this particular decision have made the story better. Not that the first one was bad, but the new one is not even slightly boring, which means – the job was done well.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Story Line

Frankly speaking – I have no idea where this is going and what will happen next. Every time I thought I knew what will appear at the end of the road – I was wrong. Sure, there are some things that look obvious and become obvious afterwards but they appear in minority which kind of makes the whole thing act like a big magical mechanism. Without any doubt, decisions have become tougher and responsibilities that fall on your shoulders will be black and white only in the rarest cases. In season 2 of the Walking Dead series sacrificing one’s life over someone’s is a regular thing and the speed people change each other during even one episode is simply insane. It’s not only hard to memorize their names but in lots cases you won’t even remember their faces. Don’t be sorry, please, it’s just the way it works in here.

The Walking Dead 5

There is not a single thing I did not like in the game and every word, every move seemed to be at its place. Sure, you can blame me for writing this post lead by emotions but on the other hand – if there’s a game that can touch the deepest parts of my emotional worlds, I won’t keep that just for myself.

The Walking Dead is Not for Everyone

While it may sound ridiculous, but the Walking Dead from Telltale Games is not for everyone because technically the whole franchise looks more like an interactive story than a computer game in its actual meaning. And as far as there are people who like this kind of games and those who doesn’t, the Walking Dead will become either a masterpiece or a total waste of money. But frankly speaking – I haven’t met a single person who would regret purchasing and playing the Walking Dead episodes.

The Walking Dead 6

When the credits started rolling I realized that I am missing something, that I was robbed. Not physically, but emotionally and that now I have to wait another month or two to become a part of Clementine’s story again. Darn, this little girl is amazing and if only I could meet here in a real life. By all means, the game is a masterpiece and won’t let you feel indifferent even for a mere second.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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