Chroma: Musical FPS from Rock Band Creators

What happens when you combine music and a regular shooter? “Nonsense”, you would say.  “Chroma” is what I say. It does sounds like a controversial idea with too many questions and mysteries, though – it does not mean that two ideas cannot coexist in one parallel and Chroma should become a decent prove to this theory. I know, I know – it still sounds ridiculous but here’s the things – stay with me for a few minutes and we will try to find out if the game is worth the talk.

Chroma 2

Where Chroma Came From?

You could have heard about such titles as Frequency, Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Dance Central and maybe you know what all of them have in common. Yes, you are right – they have been created with the hands of one studio – Harmonix. Even if you played only one of those games, you should know for sure that these are great titles and they have to be on every gamers’ computer. In other words – there is a great possibility that the upcoming Chroma will also be an interesting entertainment and won’t disappoint you with its unpredictable approach. Harmonix has a great history on creating and releasing music related games, which means – this is their sphere, this is something they really-really like and if you like something you can’t do it wrong, right?

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What Does the Chroma Looks Like?

Probably, that is all we know about the game – its basic principle. Yes, there will be music and yes – there will be characters. A mix of FPS and music accompaniment does sounds like an absurd but nowadays only absurd games can win gamers’ attention. Well, not always, of course, but being creative today is one of the key schemes to the better future and popularity in the gamers’ society. It looks like in Chroma music will play a key role and everything will depend on your choices.

Firstly – Chroma is said to be a Quake like arena shooter and there is a great chance that there won’t be a single player campaign. For better or for worth – I don’t know but what I DO know is that we can expect it to be a free-to-play title. Let’s hope Harmonix won’t spoil it with the donating system and pay-to-win tactics. If that is the deal – then forget about releasing this game, it’s not worth it.

Secondly – music will be your main instrument in the war against other players. According to the psychedelic screenshots and trailers, it really happens to be so. After all, even the official Harmonix site proves that term. But how it will work and what exactly makes a difference in the game – none knows.

Thirdly – music will be everywhere. You can expect to see it coming from other players, hiding behind every corner and all your moves should also produce music. When you think about it, this scheme does look like a regular FPS game but instead of “pew-pew” and “tic-tac” sounds you will get a mix of them all, probably – of the electronic origin. I hardly believe that players will be offered to choose the music of their weapon and shoot rock, classics or pop. Though, it would be nice. I can only imagine a bunch of badass guys shooting Justin Bieber’s songs at AC-DC squads (something tells me that this is going to be a total massacre).

Chroma 7

Fourthly – this is rather a guess than a real statement but I think we should expect to see (or better to say – to hear) a background music. It will be something light and something that can be easily mixed with other sounds. So, now imagine a team of 4 players running towards the checkpoint. They see their opponents and start shooting. Someone shoots drum rolls, other – drum & bass motives, the third one – guitar solos and the last music warrior – electronic piano. All together it forms a fighting orchestra that deals the biggest damage when shooting (playing) synchronized. The very same thing happens when the other teams starts shooting (again – playing) back. Probably, it will be a war of killing sounds and the better the teamwork – the better the final result. At least, it looks like a logical solution for me.

Fifthly – the graphics should be very… graphical, so to speak. You will see lots of bright colors and sharp objects. It will remind you a futuristic dancing club but with a handful of disco times. You may like it or not – that’s all up to you, but I think this is exactly what should be expected from a game like this.

Chroma 5

What to Expect From Chroma?

You can expect whatever you want – it still will be different. Even the trailer below won’t give you answers on all your questions and for some reason – I am not surprised or disappointed. Just on the contrary – the mystery has to be mysterious. I want this game to explode and shock me with everything it has. The good news is that the wait won’t be long. Sometime in 2014 (probably, a bit closer to summer or autumn), Chroma is said to appear on Steam and will be a free-to-play project, so it looks like there won’t be open preorders for the most enthusiastic gamers. However, there is definitely going to be a beta testing. By the way! You can actually sign up for one on this site. All you have to do is to register, fill in a short survey and wait for response. So, if you are into games or simply want to experience something new and something that you’ve never felt before – here’s an amazing opportunity. And don’t worry if you do not get invited to the beta-testing – we will keep our eyes on the game and will share our experience with you. Stay tuned!

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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