Toy Soldiers: The Art of Mind and Toy Wars

Is it correct to call a game released in 2012 an old one? Well, considering the number of different games being released every single day, it is hard not to. But, that is not an issue, if you ask me. The point is that I like to get back in time and review a bit older titles. Probably, because of the nostalgia, maybe – because of something else. The good thing about recalling the well known figures is that you never can go wrong. Toy Soldiers is one of those games I really enjoyed playing and I am glad that I allowed myself to play it one more time. Toy-Soldiers 2

The Strangest Toy Soldiers in My Life

I am not sure why, but I am not into any tower defense games. They are OK, but I get bored in the first 30 or 40 minutes of the gameplay. That is not good, right? But, that is who I am and how things work for me. When I found out that Toy Soldiers is a representative of a tower defense category, I was ready to close my browser and start doing something else. Luckily, I did not do that and with the great introductory of a friend in my head, I’ve made a decision to give it a try. He hasn’t said a word about the gameplay but he did mention that Toy Soldiers will change the way I see games. Well, it definitely did. Toy Soldiers is not a tower defense game in its regular meaning. Sure, you still have to fight tons of enemies and complete stages by upgrading your towers, but in this game it looks totally different. The main principle here is that in any moment you can take any of the towers under your control and start taking very active part in the Toy Soldiers war.  Actually, it happens to be a lot better than it sounds. There are games where you can either use a certain character on a map and help out your towers to fight the enemies faster, or you can just use towers and enjoy the classics. In here the strategy is totally different. But we will get back to it in a moment. Toy-Soldiers 7

The Most Advanced Toy Soldiers in My Life

Toy Soldiers story gets us back to the times of WWI. Yes, exactly, the First World War the mankind had to leave behind. The good thing is that you are offered to play two campaigns: one for the British Toy Soldiers army and the other one for the German Toy Soldiers. You can pick the one you like better or complete them both – it depends on you. The good thing is that it is possible to replay different levels and they usually take 10-20 minutes to be completed. This really helps if you are going for achievements (there are 17 of them) or simply want to enjoy some parts of the game without the necessity to replay it from the very beginning. I really like the way the battlefield and both armies look like. Despite the fact that everything looks pretty realistic (I mean, trees, bridges, mountains and else), the whole map is limited by the box. Yes, a toy box in which you play with your Toy Soldiers. Sounds logical, don’t you find? Trust me – it does not limit you during the game process in any possible way. Just on the contrary – it makes the war you fight just the way it has to be: cruel, but Toy Soldiers cruel. You will get what I mean after you play it for a few moments. The very same thing happens with the soldiers. At first, they look pretty realistic, but when you kill them (and kill is not the most appropriate word in here), they drop springs, screws and gears instead of bleeding. It looks both fun and creative and never gets old. Toy-Soldiers 5 Pretty much the same happens with light and heavy machinery. Most of them look very true to life and remind the actual machinery of the WWI. Though, when you destroy them, they turn into a bunch of screws and sprigs on the battlefield. Sure, tanks and armored machines are not the only enemies you are going to face. Just on your 3rd of 4th fight, you will meet with a couple of Red Barons (and by saying Red Barons I do mean airplanes), zeppelins and a lot of other interesting guys. Oh, I’m glad you asked! Almost every level ends with a boss fight. Bosses are, probably, the only personalities that do not look realistic. First of all, they are always big and hardly fit on a screen. Secondly, they represent the greatest achievements in army industry of those times but multiplied by 10 (or even more). For example, Tsar Tank or Uber Tank. They are both ridiculously heavy and strong for a regular toy but at the same time are fun to watch on the battlefield (as long as they are not attacking your base or your towers). Also, Toy Soldiers creators found a place for some mystic figures like RoboBob or 40 small UFOs. At this point you have to understand that you are playing a game about toys and that it does not has to be logical. After all – even those creative moves have no influence on the game’s quality and only make you smile. Toy-Soldiers 11

Toy Soldiers Enjoy Being Under Command

As it was mentioned before, in Toy Soldiers you do not only place towers and let them do their job. Just on the contrary: your task is to help them out with your hands and from time to time (if not all the time) take under control various towers. This adds effectiveness and allows you to do things that a normal AI would not do. For instance, a regular machinegun tower gains a bonus and you can shoot it no matter the distance. When the tower is controlled by AI, it will be active only when enemies come close enough. This really helps to be a good commander and take down enemies long before they reach your towers. Toy-Soldiers 6 I can’t say that you will have hundreds of them at your disposal, but towers’ variety in Toy Soldiers is very decent. Also, all of them can be upgraded three times and turned into some serious killing machines. Unfortunately, unlike other games, you are not allowed to place towers whenever and however you want. For that matter you will have special spots. Gas towers are very effective against troopers and the best idea is to place them as close to the future enemy soldiers’ route as possible. Machinegun towers are also good against toy soldiers, but can be used against machinery too. Then you have mortars. They are slow but pretty dangerous and deal lots of damage. Heavy cannons can shoot from the one end of the map to the other but are limited with the shooting angle. And, of course, you have anti-aircraft guns that can take down airplanes easily. Sure, you can take any of them under your control and use the way you think is best. There is one momentum that I enjoyed a lot and discovered by a lucky accident. If you are in control of the mortar or cannon, press and hold the shooting button (if you are playing on PC, it will be left mouse click). It may sounds strange, but you will get the projectile under your control. Well, you won’t be able to shoot it in any possible direction but it would be possible to correct its trajectory and hit the target the way you want. Thank you for that, Toy Soldiers creators. Toy-Soldiers 10

Toy Soldiers Are Not the Only Toys You Can Control

Hey-hey, don’t just go away! If you think that this is all, you are very mistaken. Sure, controlling towers all by yourself is very important but there are other units on the map you can use to your advantage. As a matter of fact, whatever you find on a map that is marked with your army’s logo, you can drive or fly it. I really enjoyed driving various tanks. They are very helpful against troops and allow you to make a difference on the battlefield. A very big difference, I would say. I can say with a firm that I actually won a battle while playing with two tanks somewhere in the center. I destroyed their towers and kept their machinery away from my base. If you want to, you can get into the plane and shoot other planes or drop bombs on the enemy’s army. A possibility of being a kamikaze is also open 24/7. Toy-Soldiers 8 Unfortunately, you are not allowed to play as a soldier. Yes, no running around with your squad and killing enemies in close combat. But, you do can play as a sniper. Just look for a sniper tower on a map and take it under control. You will see the whole battlefield through the scope but if you are good at sniping people out, it should be rather a great bonus than a punishment. After all, there are no requirements on how to play and whom to control. You choose your characters and then do what you want.

A Few More Thoughts on Toy Soldiers

It is really hard to compare Toy Soldiers with something else. There are lots of tower defense games on the market and some of them are really great. Toy Soldiers is not like any of those games and stands out a lot. Well, it is controversial and some gamers won’t like to have it in their game collection. But, I, personally, enjoyed it a lot and I am very glad that it was ported on PC. Yes, beforehand Toy Soldiers was an exclusive title for Xbox 360 gamers and appeared on the game market back in 2009. Did the porting in 2012 influence the gameplay? Not at all! As for the graphics, it is more than just great. Probably, it is not that detailed and clear as nowadays but it looks amazing and just the way it has to look. I even like the loading pages, when they show you the Toy Soldiers boxes and the way they looked in early 1920. Toy-Soldiers 3 Right now I am really looking forward to see a second part of a sequel, maybe about the WWII. After all, it will increase the interest and will give an opportunity to become very creative! It is not a secret the Second World War was richer in technological sense and it would be really nice to see Russian or American soldiers driving tanks and flying WWII planes. I am pretty sure that the people standing behind Toy Soldiers have had an idea like this, but in order to prevent their game from a total failure, they refused to invest their money in a sequel. While WWII has lots of aspects that can make a great story line, turning them into a Toy Soldier game is not an easy task. After all, Toy Soldiers of the first war had some vintage and classical notes. But, according to the reliable resources and a couple of videos, I found out that there is a Toy Soldiers: Cold War sequel to the one we are talking about right now. Unfortunately, there is still no port for PC and only Xbox 360 gamers are allowed to play it with all the excitement. According to the description and a gameplay video, lots of things have been changed and the game turned out to be even better. It is really good to know. I think we should contact the Toy Soldiers developers and ask them to add this game on Steam (after proper porting, of course). This will definitely make a difference and I would be one of the first in line to preorder Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Toy-Soldiers 12

Conclusions on Toy Soldiers

Is this game worth buying? Definitely! I had so much fun with it, but I can’t say that Toy Soldiers is easy to play. You might have some problems with the airplanes already in the 4th level even if you play very attentively. And this, my friends, is not a bad thing at all. Good games like Toy Soldiers do have to be challenging. It makes them attractive and forces us, the dedicated gamers, to play them more. As far as Toy Soldiers is not a new title, you can get it for a couple of bucks on Steam or some other resources. I, personally, managed to buy it for 2.18$. But I need to warn you about one thing: some people claim that they are having problems launching it correctly. Well, I can say with a firm that I played it from the very beginning to the very end without the smallest suspicion on disharmony or bad porting. No, Toy Soldiers didn’t pay me to write this article and yes, I really enjoyed the game that much. Sure, it is not for everyone, but it has everything I want to see in a game like this. So far, this is my one and only tower defense title that I am ready to launch whenever I am in nostalgic mood.

Toy Soldiers Trailer

Toy Soldiers Gameplay

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Trailer

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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