Gravity Badgers: Nice and Easy

In a search for time killers for my Android gadget family, I always wanted to find something simple and something that will keep me occupied for a few minutes or, if necessary, for a couple of hours. Believe it or not – there are not too many of those games wondering the web, which is kind of surprising. Sure, the well known titles like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope can’t be put in one line with others because they are classics, but even they (God, forgive me my words) can become boring. Yes, this also happens even with the greatest of this world. But, the Earth keeps spinning and there is always a place for something fresh and new in my heart and, at least for 10 hours, there’s been change in my life and this change goes under the name Gravity Badgers.

Gravity Badgers 2

Yes, I know – the name of the game is pretty strange. Why badgers and what they have to do with the space? Frankly speaking, I have no answer for this kind of question but what I do can tell you that this does not matter. There is a simple story standing behind the main characters and I can’t say that it’s catchy or something. As a matter of fact – it does not play any serious role in the game process and does not influence it at all (well, maybe just a little). But what really keeps me being late for all the meetings and scheduled events is the gameplay. It is simple, very simple. Maybe, even simpler than Angry Birds offer, but still – it’s entertaining and that’s what important.

Gravity Badgers: Almost Angry Birds

Frankly speaking, if you take a look at Gravity Badgers, you will recognize a lot from the Angry Birds franchise, especially from Angry Birds Space. All the events take place in space as well as you are supposed to act using the laws of space physics (so to speak). Your task is rather simple, and yet – very challenging. You can play as one of the badgers. There is badger son, badger grandpa, badger sister (or maybe she was not a sister) and badger junior. Though, at first you can only play as badger the regular. You need to launch your badger in the best possible way so he can collect all the energy cores. Collecting them all is not obligatory as long as you reach the portal, but if you plan to unlock all achievements – that is definitely something to be concerned about. Well, it appears that I am a person who enjoys being perfect and yes, I am one of few who collected all starts and Easter eggs in all Angry Birds games (I guess, this game will pop up a lot in this article). I’ve made a decision that Gravity Badgers won’t be different and started going for the achievement. But, we will get to this a bit later.

Gravity Badgers 4

Gravity Badgers and Its Space Game Mechanics

At first your launches will be pretty simple and regular. Easy trajectories, short distances, barely noticeable challenges and levels changing each other. You might even start thinking that the first part of the game is a joke – nothing more. Well, don’t rush into making any conclusions just yet. When you reach level 50 and go higher, you will definitely start biting your nails and hating developers for their “creativity.” At least – I did. Anyway, here is the list of elements you are going to deal with during the game: red planets, blue planets, cubes, portals, teleports, power cores, worms, asteroids and, of course, Gravity Badgers themselves. As you can see – it is pretty pure, but never the less – game creators have managed to mix those elements in perfect combinations and that is exactly what makes Gravity Badgers so interesting. Sure, some levels will show the lack of creativity, others will prove that developers were out of their minds. No, Gravity Badgers is not perfect, but I sacrificed some of my appointments in order to complete it and I do think it means a lot.

Gravity Badgers and Game Elements

Red Planets – oh, those things work like pluses on magnets and they won’t let you go unless you play tough and launch your character as hard as possible. Also, those can be used to avoid obstacles and for setting up the course.

Blue Planets – they have the exact opposite abilities and instead of holding things, they push them away. Again – this can work out well if you know how to use the power of refusal.

Teleports – those things work like fast travelers and allow you to disappear in one place and appear in the other. Though, they can work in one direction only.

Gravity Badgers 5

Asteroids, Worms – they are moving obstacles that won’t let your character reach the destination point the easy way. As a rule – perfect timing and perfect angle make them vulnerable and unnoticeable.

Cubes – probably, the best thing you can get when in the open space. Cubes can hold your character for as long as you need and send him in the direction you point. Very useful and very handy.

Power Cores – you need to collect all of them or as many as you can. This will count towards the achievements and will allow you to be among the first in the chart.

There are also curved pipes that allow your character to change course on 90 degrees. They might be useful but also can get pretty annoying.

Gravity Badgers Can Make Your Blood Boil

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, Gravity Badgers start as a simple Angry Birds like game with pretty easy task and very easy challenges. But with time you will have to show all your temper, confidence and knowledge in order to make the right happen. Trust me – I’ve died so many times and in so many ways that I was ready to throw my tablet away. Also, there is a PC version and I tried to play Gravity Badgers via Steam. After all, game achievements have a bit higher value there than on Android or iOS platforms. I have to admit that the game turned out to be a bit better to play on Windows than on Android and I managed to perfectly complete those levels that seemed to be impossible on the tablet. But still – there were some parts of the game where I had to play the very same level for 50 times or even more in order to collect all power cores. That was insane and, as it appears, I still can’t kill the 4th both without dying at least once. And trust – that is not because I am a bad player.

Gravity Badgers 7

There are few things that I do not like about Gravity Badgers, mostly, the navigation and automatic zooming process. You see, when you start setting a perfect angle and increase the power Arrow, you try to do your best in order to be as accurate as possible. Though, at a certain point the game zooms out a bit to give you a better prospective. Sure, having a better prospective is not a bad thing but at the same time, all your setting are now useless because together with the world, you arrow moved too. I got busted on this for a couple times and I’m not sure that this is the way it has to be. Also, despite the friendly graphics, they could have made worms a lot more interesting and scary than they did. But, this is my opinion. In general, Gravity Badgers is definitely the game you should have on your PC or smartphone and get back to it whenever there’s a minute. At least, this is exactly what I do from time to time. Gravity Badgers if offered for free on the Google Play and can be bought on Steamfor 1.49$ until February 3. Its regular price is 3$. You will definitely like it if you are a big Angry Birds. Or don’t – if you are a very dedicated Angry Birds fan.

Gravity Badgers on Google Play

Gravity Badgers on Steam


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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