Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Medieval RPG I’ve Always Wanted

I do believe that there is no need to name all the great Medieval RPG titles one can find in the web. All of them have lots of great things to offer and all of them have been forcing players to stay awake at night trying to become a better person and a better knight. However, it is pretty hard to find a decent and pure Medieval RPG without any magical elements. Yes, Skyrim V is great and if you haven’t played it yet – make sure you do that immediately. But it is based on magical elements and can’t be nominated in this category. Though, the guys standing behind Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven have made a decision to improve the situation and release something nice and something that will blow gamers’ minds.  This something is Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance and Its Potential

This game has recently started its own Kickstarter campaign and as it appears – it has more than just bright future. The required sum to make the game become a true element is £300,000 but only in 24 hours they managed to collect more than £197,000. Well, it looks like they are going to reach the desired sum pretty fast. Also, if everything goes well, Kickstarter officials claim that at the end of Kingdom Come Deliverance campaign, developers should collect more than 3 million to make their beauty a real masterpiece.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

One of the main reasons why people responsible for the immortal Mafia title have made a decision to start a Kickstarter campaign is very simple: they received no support from major companies because those consider their game to be a failure. Well, it’s not for them do decide and as you can see – lots of gamers are ready to prove them wrong and play the game this very moment. Sure, the magical element in Kingdom Come Deliverance could have saved the situation but again – the game is meant to be pure Medieval and nothing else and if you see things otherwise it means that it is not for you. At least – for now.

Kingdom Come Deliverance and Its Concept

First of all – it will be a single player mode oriented game. Unlike Chivalry that is totally multiplayer oriented, Kingdom Come Deliverance will be a major sandbox with more than 9 square kilometers filled with woods, villages, waters and castles. By all means this has to be legendary. At least – the first game trailer and some screenshots prove that very well. Also, Kingdom Come Deliverance will be an interactive sandbox with lots of side mission and side opportunities. Not only will you be able to complete the story and save the king but also you will get a chance to solve different tasks using different approaches and the more creativity you show – the better your results will be.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 6

Instead of random missions and tasks you will be offered to play well thought out challenges that might or might not end the way you expect. Together with the simple kill and run objectives you will be involved in major battles, chases, detective stories, discoveries and castle attacks. All that and even more already make the game called Kingdom Come Deliverance a better title. At least, I keep catching myself on a though that I want to give it a try this very moment.

Kingdom Come Deliverance will be released in parts. This will allow you to enjoy it even more and thanks to the open world there is no way you will get bored. Trust me – discovering the world itself (even without any quests) is very and very exciting. Just walking around and finding new locations as well as visiting new castles can stun you for a few minutes if not more. And if you really plan to do that and learn as many interesting details about the Kingdom Come Deliverance as possible, it should take you about 100 to do that. Though, if you just go for the missions, you will still have to invest about 30 hours of your time and lots of effort to complete the first 3 parts. Yes, completing the whole game will take you a lot more.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 5

The Main Hero of Kingdom Come Deliverance

You will start playing as a regular blacksmith of a regular village. You will be a simple young man doing pretty simple blacksmith things. But at a certain point something will break in you and, following your father’s last will, you will start changing the world. Unfortunately, there is no information on how the story will flow but there is definitely a 100% chance that from the unknown guy you will turn into a noble knight and will, probably, save the king. Well – sounds good for me.

One of the most intriguing questions is the RPG system. The absence of magic and other elements kind of makes it confusing to understand the trickery of the question. I, personally, see it as a combination of a few features. First of all, your skills will depend on your way of life. The more you run and fight with a sword – the better you become in those fields. Though, with every level up you will also get some skill point that will require investment in your character and will make him stronger, faster and better. Well, that’s how I see it. Maybe, it will be a totally different approach with a totally different system.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 7

You will be able to pick one of three classes and play as a knight, thief or bard but due to the game specifics – there won’t be a major difference between them. It is both good and bed but after all, if you want to keep the realistic feature realistic – this is the price. As the Kingdom Come Deliverance developers claim – you won’t be playing as a superhero and won’t be able to slay the whole army all by yourself. In order to do that you will need help and help from other warriors (probably – other players in the multiplayer mode) will be available only if you are a respectful person.

Kingdom Come Deliverance and the Fighting System

Oh… the fighting system should be just amazing too. First of all – it will be simple and won’t force you to spend hours preparing for a fight by watching video guides on YouTube. Instead, it will be very realistic and very player friendly system that you will recognize and accept using only your instincts. Thanks to the great work before the actual developing process and weeks spent with the people who know everything about sword fights, it should be even better than you think.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 4

And, to escape the limitation and give a future player a total fighting freedom, Warhorse Studios will also add horse fights that will include simple tournaments and actual horse fight on the battleground in major battles. Don’t forget about catapults, rams and other stuff that had been used in Medieval times. All together they make Kingdom Come Deliverance look like the tastiest piece of pie one can get for just a couple of bucks.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: When and How?

If you already feel excited about this game – I have to disappoint you a bit. You see, we won’t be able to see it until the Q4 of 2015, so, technically – it will be released in two years (with the condition that everything goes well). Also, it‘s already aimed to come to the newest consoles only which includes Xbox One and PS4. But don’t worry – PC, Mac and Linux owners will also have a chance to enjoy the game on their devices. If you want to backup the project, head to Kingdom Come Deliverance Kickstarter page before it’s too late.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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