Huawei Tron Will Fight for the Throne

Frankly speaking, I was more than sure that after OUYA and a few more attempts to create an Android based console, manufacturers will stop working towards making more. Sure, the idea is great, but to be fair – it is a lot better to pay 250$ or something like that and get yourself a decent Nexus 7 tablet and enjoy all the new games no matter where you go. Well, yes – Android consoles have a bit different target market, but as I see it – they can’t substitute any tablet, especially if you have to stay at home all the time in order to play your favorite games. So, why Huawei Tron is different from all the other Android consoles in the world?

Huawei Tron Design: Great Box, So-So Controller

Huawei Tron 6

As you understand, the Huawei Tron console will consist of two parts – the console itself and the original controller. The first one will come in a cylindrical design, pretty light, if you compare it with others, but not light enough to accidently drop it without noticing. The plastic box doesn’t look cheap and this is definitely a good thing. On the top of Huawei Tron you will find a big power button that shines in blue whenever the console is on. I do not know how about you, but I like blue notification colors, so here’s a definite plus from me. On the bottom of the console you will find a microSD card slot that, obviously, supports microSD cards with up to 64 GB of storage. On the back of the console (even though it’s hard to tell where’s back on a rounded surface) all the rest connectors are placed. Here you will find USB 3.0, LAN port, mini Jack, HDMI and, of course, AC for charging. Kind of a regular set of ports – nothing extraordinary. Also, I think that they could have added a few more USB ports to the Huawei Tron. Well, just in case.

Huawei Tron 3

As for the controller, it’s some kind of a mix of a regular and well known Xbox 360 controller and the one created by OUYA enthusiasts. It feels very light in hands and for some reason I would say that this is rather a minus than a plus. You see, when controllers happen to be very light – you do get a feeling of cheapness. It might not be so, but that’s how it feels. Those who have ever dealt with cheap Chinese batteries, will get the idea of what I’m talking about. As for the controller’s functionality – it is more than regular. Together with the Huawei logo you will get two analog sticks (Xbox 360 like location), the D-pad, 4 action buttons and four triggers on the topper side.  Also, there are 4 service buttons known as Home, Mute, View and Menu. But, the biggest difference of this particular controller for Huawei Tron is a big enough touchpad. I can’t say that I enjoy the way it looks but it’s OK. I guess, some games would really benefit from this one. By the way, the controller itself also has a mini Jack port, so you can attach your headphones directly into it.

Huawei Tron and its Characteristics

From what I can tell already, Huawei Tron won’t stand out from the variety of existing Android consoles. Just listen to the following specs and you will get what I mean: NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2 GB of RAM and either 16 or 32 GB of inbuilt memory. Add here the already mentioned microSD slot and the maximum you can get is 96 GB of storage. Huawei Tron will be running Android 4.2.3 JellyBean and will support Bluetooth 4.0 and a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi connectivity. Obviously, aside from the original Google Play market you will also have some third party Huawei Tron app store. At least, that sounds pretty logical.

Huawei Tron 8

As you can see for yourself – there is nothing extraordinary on the specs list. Unfortunately, it’s a pity because Tegra 4 based devices have been announced months ago and if Huawei Tron is to be released sometime later this year, it won’t be able to compete with the other titles like Nvidia Shield, which is a portable Android game station, and other Android consoles that have been available on the market for some time already. But, that’s what I think. You never know how things will actually turn out to be. Sometimes, the less expected products do win the race and steal the audience despite all the pessimistic promises.  Who knows – maybe Huawei Tron is the one?

Huawei Tron at CES 2014 and My Personal Impressions

Huawei Tron was presented at the CES 2014 event by the popular Chinese company but I can’t say that it was a blast. First of all, the company itself mentioned that the product is not consumers ready yet. At least, that was their explanation for every glitch and problem that occurred during the testing. I am not telling that this is not true, but on the other hand – I can’t say that it ain’t a good excuse for an unfinished job. What else can you say when something is going bad? Oh, sorry, we missed that because we wanted to show our unique and unlikely console on CES 2014 despite the fact that it was not ready? I hope you get the point.

Huawei Tron 5

With the variety of already available Android consoles, Huawei Tron can’t boast with something new. Unfortunately, it is not like releasing cheaper smartphones and tablets cause in that case you do can drop the price or offer different terms of the future usage. But the most important thing is that Android smartphones and tablets are wanted everywhere, but Android consoles – not. I, personally, would prefer to get a decent tablet instead and then connect either PS 3 Dualshock or something else that is supported by the device and enjoy whatever game I want. After all, you can use your tablet’s mirroring abilities and stream the game or the recently downloaded video directly from it. But again – I might be mistaken.

Huawei Tron 4

I can consider buying and Android based console only as an addition to my set of devices and not as a primary gadget. For that matter PS 3 is a lot better solution. A bit pricier – yes, but not as much as one could imagine. Though, Huawei Tron should definitely draw some gamers’ attention thanks to its 150$ price tag. If you think about it – it ain’t as much as its competitors offer, so – why not? But again – there are just a few things to keep in mind before purchasing Huawei Tron. First of all – it will become available for Chinese market first. Well, it’s not a problem, of course, but there is a though that it will be a unique Chinese only product. Even if not – I am pretty sure that the retail price outside the Republic of China will be a bit different and with the perspective of not knowing what will happen with the technological world in the future – purchasing Huawei Tron is like playing the Wheel of. By all means – Huawei Tron is not a bad product but its appearance is just not on time. The famous Chinese manufacturer should have done this a long-long time ago and right now it’s just a risky play with the uncertain outcome.


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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