Feed Me Oil 2: Twice That Good

Those mobile gamers who keep their eyes on the new releases, could not have missed Feed Me Oil arcade back in 2011. It was fun, creative and kind of reminded the World of Goo but happened to have its unique gameplay and catchy ideas. I do not know how about you but I enjoy creativity in all its realizations and would not miss a chance to give something like Feed Me Oil a try. Well, at the crack of 2013 and 2014 fellows from Holy Water Games game company have made a decision to surprise us with the second part of the game. I do not know how, but they did manage to make it better, stronger and even more catchy. So, here it comes – Feed Me Oil 2.

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Feed Me Oil 2 and its Unique Gameplay

For those who have no idea what Feed Me Oil is, I will give a short reminder. Technically, everything is pretty simply: you have to direct a puddle of oil into a strange creature. Those creatures are not real, of course, cause otherwise Greenpeace would have banned the game immediately. Luckily, you can’t just pour the puddle into the fantastic animal and for that matter you will need to trigger a variety of switches and move lots of obstacles to make the oil flow into the right direction. Feed Me Oil is based on the real oil peculiarities and that is something to keep in mind cause oil viscosity can be both – helpful and harmful.

In Feed Me Oil 2 the principle of gameplay remains the same: you still will have to direct a puddle of oil into a fantastic and non realistic creature. But, to refresh it a bit, Holy Water Games have added a few new elements that spice everything up and one of those elements is water. As you know, oil always stays on the top of the water when they are mixed together, which means – it won’t be an easy task to get to the end of the level without at least a few try outs.

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When you launch Feed Me Oil 2 for the first time, you will be given a short guide on the most important details of the gameplay. You see – usually, to make you suffer, the leaking oil pipe will be located in the most uncomfortable place, and your task of making it flow the right way will look impossible at first. Well, here is the moment when different construction units come into play. Here you will find pretty much everything that can be used to complete the task fast and clean: girders, fans, magnets and so on. The way you use them doesn’t matter. The only thing important in Feed Me Oil 2 is to use as less as possible and find the best solution for the puzzle. I hope you will manage to do that.

Feed Me Oil 2: Graphics and Physics

By all means – graphics in Feed Me Oil 2 is twice as good as it was in the previous version. After all – a few years of mobile progress turned out to be the best stimulators for game developers. I know, I know – there are cases when graphics is not important at all and people actually enjoy playing simple 2D games with the pixel decor. But, this is not the case and Feed Me Oil 2 does look great.

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Also, the renewed graphical arrangement directly influenced game’s physics. Now, oil looks even more realistic and can do even more tricks. And I just caught myself on a though that it is almost impossible to make something look better when it already looks great. Though – Feed Me Oil 2 proved me wrong and I am sure it will do the same with you. There is nothing more exciting in this game than to watch the paddle of oil moving around, bouncing from the objects, flying all over the map and then falling into the mouth of a strange fishlike creature. Especially in Feed Me Oil 2 I enjoy the fan thing when the puddle of oil turns into a dark chocolate donut and keeps turning around until you stop it.

Feed Me Oil 2 but Not Water

As I’ve mentioned above, Feed Me Oil 2 biggest refreshment is water. Ye, this substance looks as realistic as the oil itself, though – it has a different function. In the world of Feed Me Oil 2 you can’t feed water to the strange creatures, but you do can use it for your own advantage in order to direct the streams of oil correctly. At first it will seem pretty hard and even kind of impossible, but – it ain’t so and you will get used to benefit from the environment to your personal advantage. As for the complexity, really hard levels can be expected only at the end of the third thematic part. This will require you to trigger some buttons before actually pouring the substance into the creature.

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Feed Me Oil 2 is very fun and creative game. If you are into puzzles – this is something you should consider buying for your iPhone or iPad. Yes, unfortunately the game is not available for Android fans yet. I know, I know – it does not look right but Holy Water Games team has promised us to release it a bit later this month. Let’s hope they will keep their promise and rather sooner than later we will be able to enjoy Feed Me Oil 2 on our Andy devices.

Conclusive Thought on Feed Me Oil 2

In general – there is not a single thing I do not like about the game. If it keeps you excited during the whole gaming process and to the very end – it already means something. Feed Me Oil 2 is exactly this kind of a game and with lots of great liquid puzzles it definitely stands out. The only downfall of this masterpiece is that Feed Me Oil 2 is too short. Well, not short short, but middle short. That is why I am looking forward to see an update with at least 2 more worlds being available for the try out. So, if you have no idea how to spend your weekends or you are going somewhere and want to spends you travelling time being occupied in an interesting game, this is your chance, cause Feed Me Oil 2 is expecting for your fast and creative fingers.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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