Republique: One Click Stealth Action for iOS

I think you will agree with me on the fact that some mobile games nowadays look better and actually happen to be better than most of the PC titles. Sure, they might not be that good in graphical sense, but their atmospheric and scenario twists kind of make you think that the future is in mobile gaming. Well, at least for now. I do enjoy playing games on both Android and iOS platforms, but I have to admit that in most cases iOS users get a better variety of titles, including incredible ports like the Walking Dead and else. Republique is another breathtaking game that was released exclusively for Apple gadgets. I do hope to see it coming to other platforms, but until that happens – let’s find out if it’s worth being waited for.

Republique takes the best possible advantage of mobile gaming and turns it into something special. Mobile games are meant to be mobile and you can’t just create something without keeping that in mind. With all do respect, but FPS shooters and other action games are far from being perfect and, what is really important, they are less attractive (at least – for me) than other games. Even with auto aim and other optimizations, I will never give up playing FPS with a mouse and keyboard. It may sound snobbish, but I vote for healthy game experience. Anyway, Republique leaves all that behind and offers you all the best on this beautiful day and you can’t but accept its generosity.

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Republique Gameplay

Your mobile device is the only thing that connects you and the girl named Hope. Technically, you will control her actions, but practically – you won’t be the one in control of her. You see, the game is built not as you are used to and everything that happens, you see through the security cameras. Moreover, Hope is directed by a decrypted voice. Yes, the mysterious voice behind the curtain who says where to go and what to do. You don’t know this man but it seems like he has a guilty conscious and wants to change something by helping you. But we will get back to him a bit later.

So – Republique and its gameplay. When the game starts, you need to securely direct Hope and lead her from point A to point B. The voice advises you your next moves, but you and your fingers are the ones to either accept or decline those offers. With every tap you tell Hope to go here and there, check the room or hide behind the desk and if she does it well – you are good to go further, if not – well, bad things might happen.

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In Republique you move from one camera to the other and keep on doing that until you reach your goal in the labyrinth of Metamorphosis. This is the name of the building you are in. For some reason it is highly secured and besides the security cameras, you will have to face lots and lots of guards. Actually, you have to avoid facing any guard, because this will force you to do some extra actions in order to progress through the missions further on. That’s why do not forget to change angles with both fingers and always watch your back.

By the way – there is one thing in Republique that makes it all look a lot better and gives you a serious advantage. There is a so called “Improvised Pause” in the game. It allows you to study the area and decide what to do next. By knowing that you can complete the level in a blink of an eye and not a single hand will grab you from behind. Moreover, when in the pause, you can hack gadgets, read newspapers, send e-mails and unlock doors. Kind of a great thing, right?  I’m pretty sure you will enjoy having it on your side.

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Republique Story

You have no idea who Hope is: you just meat her at the beginning and started helping this girl in her challenging reality. Also, you have no idea what is she doing here and what she came for. But what is really important – the place you are in, the Republique and the Metamorphosis… those are unfamiliar words for you and your connection with them is unknown. There are so many questions you need to find answers for but I can’t guarantee that you will be able to solve all the mysteries of the Republique. But again – maybe it was meant to be so. You will start collecting the puzzle with the help of short notes and phone calls. They won’t give you the full story but they will help you out to figure out what should be done next.

The other part of the story is built on dealing with the guards. Who are those guys and why do they have criminal records and posttraumatic stress disorders? There should be a logical explanation for that as well as there should be an answer for all the restrictions ruling in the Republique: closed totalitarian society, a list of forbidden literature and, of course, full control of social activity. All that sounds familiar and looks suspicious, don’t you find?

Republique 6

Your Invisible Republique Friend

A person with the decrypted voice calls himself Cooper. You can’t tell if it’s his real name or not but you know for sure that he is here for you and does his best to help you out. He contacts you using emoticons and synthesized text. He is afraid to reveal his identity as far as he works for the Ghost units who control the Republique and follow the orders. Also, Cooper has one tiny weakness – in school he used to be a nerd and old-school games are his favorite. That is why he asks Hope to collect them while she wonders the corridors of Republique. But what is really great and unexpected – those are not just games, but games clicking on which you will be redirected to iTunes with the opportunity to purchase one from the App Store. Well, maybe it’s just a sales move, or maybe – it’s a creative way to honor the best titles of the mobile game world. Never the less – I enjoyed this idea a lot!

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Republique is a Dangerous Place

Yes, Republique is a dangerous place, but you are not supposed to make things to be hard for you. Sure, you can attack every single guard in the game, or you can simply use a good hiding place and leave them all behind. This is all up to you, my dear gamer. In general – you can complete the game in 2-3 hours and understand only 10% of everything that just happened. Or, you can take the full advantage and the Republique and search in every corner for every part of the puzzle. In this case you will understand 50-60% of the story. But hey – there’s a Republique season on the way and some secrets are meant to be kept.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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