Dead Trigger 2: When Money Kill the Fun

Not that long time ago Dead Trigger was considered to be one of the most advanced mobile FPS games. Frankly speaking, I can’t recall a single smartphone or tablet review without this game being tested on it. After all, it had (and still has) great graphics, more than intensive shooting and even with pretty simple scenario (or, let’s be frank – no scenario at all) it still happened to be one of the best time killers. A bit more than a year after Madfinger Games released its sequel – Dead Trigger 2. Every single mobile gamer in the world truly expected to see a lot better game with the plot, interesting missions and greater ingame variety. Madfinger Games were pretty close to the point of making Dead Trigger 2 the game of the year but there is one thing they did wrong. Which one, exactly? Let’s find out together.

When the game starts, everything seems to be promising and inspiring. The only thing that keeps ticking in the head is the unpredicted and suspicious free to play principle. We all like to see tag free games, especially when they are highly expected and promise to become masterpieces. Dead Trigger 2 is exactly this kind of game – you get to know its real face only after you install it on your smartphone or tablet and keep playing for a few hours.

Dead Trigger 2 2

Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay

When you launch Dead Trigger 2, everything looks OK. Even more than just OK. The first thing you notice is the plot. Now you do not simply scavenge the territory looking for resources and killing zombies – now you do it to achieve a certain goal. On the top of that, everything seems to be greater, better and different: locations have gone bigger, the graphics is outstanding and the list of places where you fight the dead with the trigger is doubled or even tripled. Together with the plot missions, you will also have a chance to try out your killing skills in the side missions. Technically, you are not obliged to complete them but, no matter if you want it or not, you still will have to get back to them sooner or later.

Dead Trigger 2 3

Even due to the renewal and gameplay improvement, Dead Trigger 2 only seems to be new but when you look at it closer you realize that the set of zombie missions is pretty much regular and there is nothing in the game that you can’t see neither in the first title of the franchise nor in a few zombie movies. I can’t say that it’s bad but it would be great to see something refreshing, extraordinary and catchy. And while I can’t name it as a downfall, I still would recommend Madfinger Games to improve the situation and release an update that will change the game conception a bit. When you release something new and want it to be breathtaking, adding “2” at the end is not the best solution. As for the missions themselves, you are familiar with them – I guarantee: getting from point A to point B killing zombies on your way, surviving the time given, collecting resources, saving people and so on.

Dead Trigger 2 4

Dead Trigger 2: What’s New?

One of the great innovations in Dead Trigger 2 is the Safe House. Now, every time you complete a mission or want to improve your health, upgrade your weapon and all that stuff – you simply get back to the safe house. Luckily, you do not live here alone and other survivors live here with you. Also, the Dead Trigger 2 technique works the good way and survivors help you out in creating weapons, medpacks, gathering resources and doing all the other things you would do yourself.

As you progress through the game, a new territory becomes available and it’s Africa. When you are done clearing the USA from zombie hordes, you get an opportunity to visit the sunny continent. After all – none is better in shooting zombies than you are. Well, here comes the point where the game keeps its hidden secrets and motivators. After every city you clear out from zombies, another one becomes available and when you’re done clearing cities, you are awarded with the zombie clear country. But in order to make this happen, your kills and kills of other people playing Dead Trigger 2 are summed up. This is both fun and statistically interesting because it makes you feel like you’re a part of something big, something, that can change the world. No, Dead Trigger 2 can’t boast with the multiplayer but even this simple solution makes things look brighter.

Dead Trigger 2 5

As I’ve mentioned before, missions in Dead Trigger are not that complicated and in most cases the only thing you need is a decent gun with enough fire power to keep zombies away from you. As a rule, you need to run around and pick up different resources, activate various switches, hold your position or shoot zombies from a helicopter (yes, yes – a real helicopter!). And zombies… they are OK. Not that smart, sometimes even stupid, well – like all the other zombies in the world. Sure, in Dead Trigger 2 they wear a bit different clothes and sometimes you come across really scary figures with the TNT on their stomachs or with the gas can in their hands. But in general – these are pretty regular zombies with pretty regular needs.

To protect yourself a bit you can barricade the windows or whatever holes they are coming from. Though, you can do that only in those places that are specially designed for this matter. Unfortunately, Dead Trigger 2 game mechanics does not allows you to do barricade whenever you find is suitable. The process itself gives you an opportunity to do a lot more for the same period of time and do not bother about zombies a lot.

When the game thinks that you are bored, it will surprise you with some tougher zombies that, of course, are a lot harder to kill. Taking it down with a regular weapon is possible but is not as effective as doing it with a few grenades. 1, 2, 3 and 4 – zombie’s lying on the floor. Or, you can even perform a trick and tie a dynamite stick to a chicken. No, I am not kidding! You take one chicken and explosives, tie them up together and let the chicken run. Zombies get distracted and try to catch the screaming animal. Boooom! 5 of them are down and you are free to go. On the top of that – this looks funny and creative.

Dead Trigger 2 6

Dead Trigger 2: Skeletons in the Closet

But, it looks easy only when you play Dead Trigger 2 for the first time. After you’ve tried all the best features, everything will get tougher. You see – the deadly combination of illogical things make this game impossible to play, unless you are ready to spend a fortune. First of all – your weapon gets weak pretty easy and the weaker the weapon – the higher the ammo waste. Also, the number of zombies increases really fast while the number of bullets stays on the very same level. And when it comes to using the grenades – you get stuck with the simple problem: your character is out of money. Well, there are two options at your service: you can either let it go and survive to the last bullet until the scariest and the toughest zombie sends you to the world of dead or you can spend your ingame money to buy a few grenades and make it to the end. But, as you’ve guessed already, earning money in Dead Trigger 2 is not easy. Also, game creators are not shy to put you in ridiculous situations where it’s impossible to survive even if you have money. For instance, you get to the level where you are supposed to take down 4 big zombies. They are tough and almost impossible to kill with the regular weapon because it is too weak for their skin. So, in order to make it through, you need 4 grenades worth 200$ of ingame dollars each. In total it makes 800$. But, the trick is that you get only 700$ of reward for completing this mission. Correct me if I’m wrong but I can tell it from here that those 2 do not match.

Dead Trigger 2 7

Dead Trigger 2: Trick or Treat

Sure, you can forget about the explosives and concentrate on upgrading your weapons. But, this process has its own skeletons in the closet and, from what I can tell, too many of them. If you don’t trust me – here’s the recipe for a regular weapon upgrade. In order to upgrade your rifle, you will need to upgrade your armorer but in order to do that you will need to upgrade your engineer. In other words, you need an upgrade for your upgrade in order to upgrade your upgrade. And do I need to mention that this circle of upgrades is really pricy! You need to spend a fortune to make this all happen. This is exactly how a simple medkit creation that should not take more than 30 seconds turns into the manufacturing process of creations and upgrades that takes 6 hours instead. Not cool, man, not cool.

Sure, you can change the situation and invest real money in the game. This will help you a lot and will speed up whatever you plan to do. Also, you will unlock some weapons and skills that are not available for the ingame money. Or, if you are not ready to make someone richer, you can pull yourself together and get back to the side missions. They are pretty interesting in Dead Trigger 2 but you will get bored of them pretty soon considering the number of replays you will be forced to make in order to gather the required sum.

Dead Trigger 2 8

Unfortunately, the game mechanics in Dead Trigger 2 hasn’t changed as well and you are still a zombie killer who can’t jump, hide or run faster unless you upgrade your moving skills. When you take a closer look you do realize that Dead Trigger 2 is nothing else but a corridor shooter with the great graphics. But if that does not sound easy for you, things can get even simpler if you go to the settings and turn on the automatic shooting feature. Now, all you have to do is to run and point – Dead Trigger 2 will do the rest. Be the way: if you happen to have a gamepad, you should try and connect it to your tablet or smartphone – it will make the game process even more comfortable. Though, if you don’t have one or do not want to use it, but the onscreen buttons still seem to be uncomfortable for long gameplays, you can set them to your liking by going to the Dead Trigger 2 settings menu.

Dead Trigger 2 9

In order to prevent players from hacking the game, Dead Trigger 2 synchronizes with the servers all the time meaning that it won’t be that easy to crack it and give gamers the unlimited cash features. Sure, if you are a developer, you try to do your best and make sure that your creation brings you both satisfaction and money. Though, when you get too greedy – your efforts won’t be appreciated. Probably, Madfinger Games are still mad about the first Dead Trigger game. At first it was worth a dollar or so but Android gamers simply kept hacking it providing access to pretty much every item in the game. So, to stop this Dead Trigger 1 became free to play. It had its own problems and the lack of plot was, probably, the deadliest downfall but still – with a few casino spins and a little effort you’ve been able to buy a decent gun without spending a dime. Dead Trigger 2 offers a totally different policy and is the best example of the Pay to Win games. The more you invest – the easier it gets to play but if you pay nothing – you either have to wait long hours to get your free medkit or you have to play and replay side mission to get more money and to move a bit faster.

I have to be frank – I do not like paying for mobile games. I do realize that this is somebody’s work and that they deserve more than a thank you. Luckily, the tendency is changing and I do not mind sending a few bucks to support a developer and get something decent in exchange. Though, I have when developers ruin the feeling of change and make games only free to download. Everything that goes afterwards is nothing else but asking for money and definitely not in the best possible way. I promise you that if Dead Trigger 2 was offered even for 5$ on Google Play, I would have bought it without any doubt. It might not be perfect but by all means it is great. The graphics is incredibly fresh and pleasant to watch and even with a bit simple gameplay, I would have spent hours and hours playing it for weeks. But, I am not that kind of person who is ready to spend money on virtual guns and medkits that will vanish in a few minutes.

Dead Trigger 2 16


So, my conclusion is pretty simple: the game is OK to play for a few hours as long as the challenge is felt in every move. After that the only thing you face will be disappointment. As a matter of fact, I even have a new term for this – mobile bagging. Why? Because the way Madfinger Games forced their fans to pay for different items inside the game can’t be tolerated in any possible way. I’m sorry, but that is a very big insult to the whole world of mobile gamers be it iOS or Android fans.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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  1. Gamers vs Developers, that’s the question. Gamers don’t want spend dad’s money, while developers need buy their children’s milk.

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  2. Great review, I agree completely. I spent about two bucks on a gun, but nothing seems easier. I ended up dumping the gun (M16) after about 1 and a half weeks. The game is always asking for so MUCH! I mean, a virtual gun can NOT cost $5, the game’s code (in physical terms) probably isn’t even worth that much. Having specials and deals for your stuff is completely illogical – shop owners have specials due to wanting to clear stock etc. DIGITAL ITEMS HAVE NO STOCK! just make the game cost $7 (like a certain other Halo-inspired game *cough nova cough*) and make everything cost 85% cheaper, then more people will buy and the more money will enter the dev’s pockets. I seriously don’t get greedy humans these days…

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  3. I completely agreed. It’s quite the frustrating game. You are never able to keep up with the z’ constant evolution. And more frustrating is that if u decide to put some bucks on the game, it will be useful for like, a week, tops… Such a shame!!

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