Battlefield 4: A Few Things I Want to Share

In the era of computer technologies it is pretty hard to surprise people with something decent. As a rule, games become boring and are nothing more but a remake of another game released years ago. Sure, the graphics get better and better but, if you ask me, I would prefer to have things less realistic but more interactive. After all, God gave us imagination for a reason and the only thing we have to do is to use it. I am telling you this because just a few days ago the most advanced FPS of the present has become available for download and now gamers are going crazy because it is said to be an example, a top of all shooters and, I bet, it will get a few rewards as the best FPS of 2013. Yes, I’m talking about the Battlefield 4. I had a chance to spend a few hours playing both the single- and multiplayer and, if you don’t mind, I have a few thoughts to share.

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Frankly speaking, I have really a lot to share. I’m even afraid to mess everything up and miss something accidently. This will, probably, be the first time when I say “this game is awesome” almost at the very beginning of the article. After all – it really is great and without any doubt will stay on the first place in FPS category until Battlefield 5 becomes available or until someone releases something far better. Though, the first thing I would like to mention is the Battlefield 4 single player because this is the hardest thing to create in nowadays FPS.

Battlefield 4: A Short History Excursus

If you are a developer and you plan to create a decent single player in nowadays spoilt gamers’ society, you will have to do your best and then double the effort. Believe it or not but being creative and responsible is only 50% of success. The other 50% depends on your ability to surprise people in those situations when it is not possible to surprise. The days of simple shooters are gone and now it is important to keep your customers close to their monitors because if they do not like something – you will definitely lose them in no time even despite the fact that the FPS world can’t boast with the great variety of breathtaking shooters. If you recall, back in 2003 Activision released its first FPS shooters about the WWII. I still remember my friends and me playing the demo level at least 50 times in a row on all the possible difficulties. Why we did that? Well, because the game was great and it had lots of skeletons hidden in the closet. In Call of Duty you were able to interact with the surrounding, feel yourself comfortable in the surrounding of your teammates (especially captain Price) and enjoy every battle because it was catchy and filled with adrenaline.

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Why am I telling you this? Mostly because this was a start for the great action shooters and lots of ideas were transformed and realized in nowadays games. I will even allow myself to say that back in the days Call of Duty franchise was a lot better than the Battlefield. Their popularity broke all the possible rules and game after game surprised players with something new. I can’t say that it was an easy task, but it definitely wasn’t that hard because Activision appeared to be the first to offer this kind of game vision. Though, with the Battlefield 3 from EA things have changed a lot. Call of Duty got stuck on pretty much the same graphical level, even despite the new conceptions used in the gameplay. Every next game was interesting to play but they all felt like graphically modified additions to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On the other side, EA managed to create a breakthrough and turned a so-so game (let’s be honest – Battlefield 2 was not that interesting to play) into a masterpiece. Battlefield 3 was EA’s best creation because of everything. They rocked the world with their graphics, physics and, of course, the multiplayer. You won’t be able to find anything better and more advanced that Battlefield Multiplayer. It is so entertaining that even years after still lots of gamers prefer it over anything else. But that was until Battlefield 4 official launch.

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Battlefield 4: Single Player

Battlefield franchise has always been known for great multiplayer gameplays and the newest Battlefield 4 is not an exception. Yes, despite all the rumors, tricky questions and expectations, Battlefield 4 does have a single player. Not the best one, but the one you will be able to complete at least once without 100% enthusiasm but still – with some interest. Unlike Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare line, that looks like a complicated military and political thriller, Call of Duty Black Ops, that is both psychedelic and illogical or Medal of Honor 2010 – a romantic war story about the Delta ranger, Battlefield 4 is a heroic fantasy story that is only about to happen in 2020. It’s simple, it’s linear and happens in a certain chronological order without any flashbacks or travels to the future. Is it bad? I don’t think so. Sure, it has its pros and cons and sometimes you ask yourself how, in the name of God, is it possible to be that irresponsible and illogical. But, if you don’t mind those things, the game is like a movie filled with action and picturesque landscapes. You know, it was one of those times when I wished to see someone playing and me just sitting near and enjoy watching the game process. Probably, I should go to YouTube and see how it goes. But there are a few things that some gamers might not like and will definitely draw a skeptic unhappy smile on their faces:

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– Battlefield 4 is no good for people who are crazy about modern military heavies. Despite the fact that major battles with tanks, helicopters and heavy machinery are those things that turn Battlefield 4 into a shooter with a special name, for some reason they are not covered in the single player enough. Sure, running with a bit futuristic guns and shooting bad people is great, but driving a tank and shooting those guys with big guns is a totally different thing, don’t you find? So, if you pay attention to the modern weapon and technology, you won’t be able to enjoy the single player campaign the way you would like to. Straight from here you should go to the multiplayer and see whatever happens there. At least, you will fully enjoy the beauty of great battles and machinery opposition.

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– Battlefield 4 is pretty bad balanced and sometimes surprises in all the possible ways. Sure, it’s not an X to win game that, unfortunately, Call of Duty happens to be. Battlefield 4 has an amazing open world and would even dare to call it a medium sandbox where lots of things are possible. In almost every mission you will have an opportunity to complete the level the way you think is best. Sure, if you are not into strategy tricks, you can surely use the most optimal way of solving the problem. But who would do that if it’s possible to get creative and a bit crazy instead? Though, not always you won’t be able to make your plans real because sometimes the key game characters do not act logically and spoil all the fun. Sure, being unpredictable makes everything more and more inspiring but at the same time there are some points where things can go only one way – that’s it. If a tank is moving forward and suddenly stops and changes his route for no reason – it’s either the crazy tank driver or something is wrong with the logic. Well, this is not the best example but I do hope you get the idea.

I know that, probably, I am being too skeptical, but the best FPS not only deserves a decent compliment but also decent critics. Despite some minor misunderstandings, Battlefield 4 is interesting and great to play, especially, when you get back home tired and the only thing you want to do is to relax and enjoy the sounds of 2020 battles. Lots of new gadgets, weapons, new features and surprises won’t keep your bored even for a second.

Battlefield 4: Multiplayer

Luckily, Battlefield 4 multiplayer is a totally different story. After all, every Battlefield has been known for its online battles with the great variety of tanks, helicopters and other transport one can imagine. One of the main differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield franchise has always been the amazing single player in the 1st and equally amazing multiplayer in the second. Mostly, because of this difference, the newbies don’t feel themselves as comfortable in the first days playing Battlefield as they do playing Call of Duty. But a day or two are totally worth spending on preparation because the entertainment you get afterwards is priceless.

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In this sense Battlefield 4 is definitely one step ahead than its predecessor – Battlefield 3. The new title is fully oriented on cooperation. No, I am not talking about cooperation mode but cooperation and team work. Pretty much everything tells you that you won’t be able to survive on your own. Whenever you try to fly the helicopter, to drive the tank or even to spawn – all that requires a teammate because one has to fly and the other one has to shoot the bad guys from the gun. The very same thing happens when you want to get inside the tank: one soldier has to drive it, the other one will shoot the gun, the third one will control the machinegun and the fourth one will repair the tank when it gets hit.

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As for the spawns – it’s a whole different story. First of all, you can’t just spawn whenever you want. After you die you can either appear at the checkpoint or, if it’s possible, spawn on your team member. Sure, the second option is a lot better because you get an opportunity to appear a lot closer to the battle without the necessity to cover the distance from the checkpoint to the battle epicenter one more time. As you can see – this is another proof that playing in a team is a lot more important than playing alone. After all, you won’t be able to survive long enough to enjoy the best of the Battlefield 4. So, if it’s possible, make sure you convince your friends to purchase the game and invite them to join your team in order to become the Expendables.

Battlefield 4 also offers new game modes that will surprise you in different ways and again – will refresh the idea of being a warrior. The first one to mention is the Obliteration. The idea here is more than just simple but with opportunities Battlefield 4 offers, the whole conception changes its objectives. In Obliteration a bomb randomly spawns somewhere on the map. Your task is to find it, pick it up and get it to one of the checkpoints. It does not matter how you plan to do that – you simply need to complete the task. Sure, the best strategy is to work as a team and, for instance, when two of your teammates deal with the enemy, the other one tries to steal the bomb and the 4th one gets inside the truck and drives it as close to the bomb as possible, only then everything works like a solid mechanism. Without direct orders and coordination it is not possible to complete the task, unless you are playing against newbies who kill themselves with a first shot.

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The second new regime in Battlefield 4 is called Defuse and it’s nothing more but a renewed Counter-Strike clone where one team has to place the bomb and the other one is supposed to defuse it as fast as possible. It’s not exactly what you expect it to be but still – the idea is great and the Counter-Strike reference would definitely be appreciated by lots of gamers.

But the best part in the Battlefield 4 is the Conquest mode. Here you can play against 32 real players with another 31 soldiers on your team. Conquest mode has no limits and you can use whatever moving object you find. Wars are possible on the ground, in the air and even on the water. Yes, some maps are very big but even this little fact won’t spoil the fun and if you play organized – all your attacks will look realistic and reasonable. Battlefield 4 Conquest mode is spiced with the Levolution technology which allows you to refresh the game by completing some side missions. For instance, you can blow the dam and watch the whole city going under the water. After all, I witnessed that myself. I was sitting in a tank, trying to figure out enemy’s position. Suddenly, my tank got under the water and I died without even saying a word. Levolution mechanics does not turn you into a winner but it refreshes the game and gives you a totally new feeling of excitement and game entertainment.

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Conclusions on Battlefield 4

My first impression hasn’t changed and I’m still more than sure that Battlefield 4 is the best first person shooter of the present and it’s only about to win whatever nomination it will get into. EA has got everything covered and even if you won’t enjoy the single player because of any reason, you will definitely like the multiplayer. It is gorgeous not only because of the gameplay and fresh ideas but also because of the amazing graphics. Everything looks very realistic, even though happens in the future, 7 years from now.

Sure, at the point Battlefield 4 is offered for the insanely high price and not everyone will be able to get it for the Best time spending. Though, winter season is on its way meaning that rather sooner or later things will get better, hopefully, for Battlefield 4 as well.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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