Brothers A Tale of Two Sons: Sad but Breathtaking

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Microsoft was one of the first to offer the idea of selling cheap and mostly indie games for Xbox via its XBLA service back in 2004. Well, despite all the skepticism from Microsoft competitors and PC gamers, it actually gave a new start for the whole era of games and unknown companies, who managed to open their creativity to the whole world. Sometime after this idea was picked up by Steam and other major online game retailers and now, thanks to this, we have Indie game sales, Humble Indie Bundle and stuff alike. But I would have been a really careless person if I didn’t mention and share with you a few ideas about the game called Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, probably, one of the best in its kind.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is not like any other game wondering the web, gamers’ computers or consoles. And why should it be? The Game was made by the Swedish game company Starbreeze Studios that specializes in a bit different kinds of games. You may know them by the masterpieces like Enclave, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The Darkness, Syndicate or Payday 2. In this perspective, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons looks like an unexpected experiment which, by the way, turned out to be more than just successful.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is definitely closer to the Indie game segment and kind of reminds LIMBO, Little Inferno and Kentucky Route Zero titles all at once. Frankly speaking, when you try yourself in the field that you’ve never been before, you do risk losing your reputation and the already formed client database if at least something goes wrong. And this might happen not because you are bad at your work but because you do what you are not close with. Though, with the help of Swedish director Josef Fares and his outlooks on life, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons turned out to be an amazing journey, a little bit scary but so simple and breathtaking story, that you would definitely enjoy playing.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure to the whole new world where your actions matter more than everything and count as such only when you work together. Two brothers are told that their father is very sick and the only way to save the head of the family is to go and find the “Living Water.” But are they ready to leave everything behind and sacrifice whatever it takes to get to the end and bring the hope back home?

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If you think that Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is simple a title for a game – you are more than mistaken. This title hides a lot of secrets and if you do not try the game at least once, you won’t be able to understand that Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is actually a tale of two sons who can’t reach their goal separately. Both boys always work together and always solve puzzles together. As a matter of fact, you control them all at once. There is not a single action that one can solve without the other. At first it seems complicated and unpleasant, sometimes – even frustrating, though – you will get used to it in 10 or 15 minutes and then you won’t be able to imagine that things may somehow work differently. When the elder brother moves big stones and does all the hard work, the smaller one squeezes himself into the holes and climbs the mountains to help the elder one get to the point. On Brothers A Tale of Two Sons both boys always help each other and work like one mechanism. If you separate them – you break the mechanism and everything will just stop moving.

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By all means, it is better to play Brothers A Tale of Two Sons on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 or whatever else that has a gamepad. Why? Well, because the Left Stick and Left Trigger is responsible for the elder brother and, of course, the Right Stick with the Right Trigger controls the younger boy. As a matter of fact, in order to play Brothers A Tale of Two Sons on PC you will need a controller with XInput support. For that matter Xbox 360 Controller for Windows will work just fine, though – you may try to find an alternative way.

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Sure, the control system is not the only thing that makes Brothers A Tale of Two Sons special. It has a plenty of small and not that small moments that will either make you feel tensed, surprised, satisfied or will even shed a tear from your worried eyes. As you walk through the fairytale world, you, obviously, meet fairytale creatures with their fairytale characters and ways of life. Sometimes, you do come back to the ground and deal with the regular people but even then everything seems to be very touchy and very fairytale. You can accidently drop a bucket on the doorkeeper or save a man who wants to commit a suicide or you can simply take a sit and enjoy the breathtaking views of the fairyland. This and a lot more you can and should feel like doing in Brothers A Tale of Two Sons.

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One of the prettiest things about the game is that it is good enough to surprise you no matter what, even in those moments, when you do not expect it to be that way. Here you will meet scary but kind trolls, funny but dangerous monsters and calm but tricky friends. As a matter of fact, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is a story filled with emotions that do not combine, it’s a story inspired by the brightest sadness one can think of and it can’t but touch the deepest and the most valuable feelings that you try to hide. No matter what it is – Brothers A Tale of Two Sons will always pick a key to unlock the door you are hiding them behind.

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The only bad thing about this game that I will allow myself to tell is that Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is too short. From the very beginning to the very end you will be able to complete it in 3 or 4 hours, though – those will be the best hours of your life. Right now it comes with a $9.99 price tag which sounds like a lot for a 3-4 hour game but trust me – those will be one of the best 10 dollars you will ever spend in your life and if you think that I’m being overconfident, just give it a try. You can thank me later.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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