FIFA 14: Better, Faster, Stronger, Harder

Due to the latest official launch of the GTA V and GTA V Online, it is hard to write about other games because all the titles kind of remain in the shade of the GTA sandbox. Even despite the fact that GTA is not for everyone and there are people who still prefer to play something a bit more straightforward, the game manages to make those gamers join the dark side. But those who happen to have enough power and prefer something a lot simpler, and yet – a lot healthier, won’t be able to miss this post, a post about FIFA 14.

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Since I remember myself as a conscious player, FIFA series from EA sports have always been the first to share innovations and new ideas in virtual soccer or, as it is also called in European countries, football. FIFA 14 is not an exception and also has more than enough things to share. At this point FIFA 14 is available for download for almost every player be it a PC owner, a Sony PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 master or even a portable Android or iOS gamer. Though, a bit later this year (sometime in November), EA Sports will release FIFA 14 for Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 but in this case the game will be exclusive, running on the newest Ignite Engine. Can’t wait to see that!

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For more than enough years FIFA series have been known for their a bit arcade character: beautiful moments, kicks from the other side of the field and moves that only a rubber man from the Fantastic 4 can repeat. Never the less, thanks to this arcade character, gamers all over the world enjoyed playing FIFA games and preferred them to the hardcore and more realistic PES. Well, EA Sports has made a decision to change the policy a bit and add more realism to the FIFA 14. What it looks like? Well, not bad, not bad at all. Football players don’t skate on the field like they used to do in the previous versions as well as they don’t smash and break everything on their way when a tackle is performed. But, probably, the most noticeable change in FIFA 14 is the ball. Yes, now this round-shaped character has gained a few pounds and it’s almost impossible to send him all the way across the field. It kind of reminds Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, so if you’ve been playing it for some time, you won’t feel the difference.

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Most players in FIFA 13 and previous versions did their best to leave the strategy behind and simply kicked the ball as far as possible and then forced quick footballers to run with the ball to the other side of the field. In FIFA 14 this doesn’t work. For instance, one of the quickest players in FIFA 13 Theo James Walcott had 96 out 100 in speed and crossed the field in a few seconds. In FIFA 14 he will be just a regular player with a regular speed. Also, online matches with the final score 7:5 or 6:6 are history now. You might like it or not – but that’s how the things work in FIFA 14 now.

FIFA 14 5

Everything in the EA’s new title looks tougher and more realistic. Probably, players who enjoy competing with each other online, will be disappointed a bit or even shocked because in some moments you can spend the whole match attacking the opponent without any result but at on the last minutes miss a goal or even two from the opponent when his counterattacks. It’s tough, but it’s so true to life!

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There was one thing in the demo version of FIFA 14 that could have ruined a lot if it wasn’t for EA. Footballers who play good with their heads could have become a big trouble for opponents and saviors for their owners because no matter the pass, the angle or, sometimes, even the position – every time the ball touched the head, it always appeared in the net after. Luckily, after the full version of FIFA 14 was released, the issue was gone, so – thank you for that, EA.

FIFA 14 7

Game modes in FIFA 14 have been taken from the category “The Good and the Old.” Here players will enjoy everything they used to like in previous titles including quick games for relaxation with AI teams, offline carrier where you play as a coach or a player and need to reach the top using all the possible tools. Also, you will have different online matches with the randomly chosen players who will either show themselves from the worst side or on the contrary – will smash you like an apple when it falls from the skyscraper.

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If you figure everything out, it appears that FIFA 14 offers only one new game mode. Some gamers might like it, others, who happen to be independent loners, will definitely hate the Online Cooperative mode. Though, I personally enjoyed it and enjoyed it a lot. Here is how it works: you and your friend play for one team and your opponent with his friends play for the other team. While it seems like an easy task, very often things get pretty bad especially when you, as a confident professional, leave all the defense behind and pass to your cooperative body and he, being overexcited, misses the net because of the button confusion. Sure, it might be cruel, so that is why you need to pick friends who know how to play football.

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There is one game mode in FIFA 14 that some players try to avoid or even hate with all their hearts. As you’ve probably guessed – it’s FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. This is the place where you have to earn money, spend them on footballers, sell your own teammates and manage the team in all the possible meaning. Well, you might not like it at all but if you just take another look at FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode you will realize that things are not that bad out there. Technically, it’s nothing more but online analog for the carrier coach mode. At first you get a bronze team of the 60th level and your task is to turn those players into Gods or spend money and buy golden players instead of bronze and silver to make it to the top. At least, give it a try and you will enjoy it – I promise.

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Frankly speaking, I was afraid that EA will spoil FIFA 14 with the new ideas and techniques they invested in the game. Though, I was wrong and I’ve never been happier realizing that. Even with the risky innovations and unpredicted changes, FIFA 14 became a great game and still happens to be a trending soccer or, if you prefer, football title for all the others alike.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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