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Sometimes, I can’t stop wondering how great and smart mobile games became. Only a few years ago it seemed like Angry Birds was the only title worth playing and now, one after the other, games become masterpieces. One of the latest projects that actually touched my gamer’s heart and soul was Breach and Clear tactical turn-based strategy. I was surprised with the number of underwater stones and “presents” this game has to offer not to mention the variety of customization and team members. How about taking a pick inside the game?

Breach and Clear 2

Breach and Clear appeared on the Apple Store and Google Play only a few days ago but it’s managed to become a hit already and keeps adding fans to the enormous community of those. Also, due to the game’s release, Gun Media had been offering a discount and Breach and Clear was available for 1.99$. But, I kind of missed that, so, please, excuse me. Though, the game is $2.99 which is only 1$ higher than the sale price. I still think myself that this is a hell of deal.

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Breach and Clear is definitely one of those games you would like to have on your smart-phone or tablet. While I do not mind first person shooters, still – playing them on mobile devices, sometimes, turns out to be ridiculous and uncomfortable. At this point mobile gadgets are not good for games like Modern Warfare and other Call of Duty and Battlefield analogues. The other thing are strategies and turn-based games which allow you to make decent decisions and act correspondingly. Also, it is very nice to have an opportunity to leave the game and then come back later to the very same place you were standing a few hours ago. For some reason, I feel a total lack of those on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Sure, they are hard to make, but I am willing to pay whatever it takes to enjoy a good gameplay on my tablet.

One of the main characteristics of Breach and Clear is the way it presents itself to the player. One receives a total control over its squad, its tactics, equipment and other stuff. I’ll try to do my best in order to explain it to you the way it shocks at the first time but pleasantly surprises afterwards.

Breach and Clear 4

So, as you start, you have an opportunity to get under your supervision a 4-member squad. This can be anyone including soldiers from US Army Rangers, US Navy Seals, Canada’s JTF2, British SAS and others. Also, Breach and Clear developers promise to bring a lot more special forces from all over the world to make the game even better. Speaking of the world: before you start playing the game, you will be able to choose different locations for your missions. At first only Afghanistan will be at your disposal but as you progress through the game, more and more locations become available. The better you play and the more accurate you complete the missions, the faster you open other locations. And while at first it might seem like an easy task, trust me – even if you end up completing a mission 100% successfully, you still might not be able to get 4 stars for your efforts. At this point and with the latest app update, Breach and Clear offers 4 unique locations: the already mentioned Afghanistan, Turkey, China and Germany. Mexico is the next to come.

Breach and Clear 5

Now, before you start living a dream of every gamer, I have to kind of disappoint you but just a little bit. In  Breach and Clear you should not expect big locations like in GTA III or another pretty much alike game called ARMA Tactics (by the way – we will talk about it on our future posts because this tactical turn-based shooter is definitely worth a story). Usually, those are small buildings or marketplaces, hotel halls or conference rooms with a few spots. It takes, I guess, no more than 10 team moves to complete the game. Sometimes it takes less than 5 to become a winner. But this is the way Breach and Clear works – it is not a strategy where reinforcement keeps coming and you, being a persistent man, fight back or counterattack. In Breach and Clear you have to think out all your moves and eliminate hostiles as fast as possible.

Breach and Clear 6

Breach and Clear was not created for long battles because it has a totally different concept. You, being a squad leader, need to enter the building and clear it out from all the possible enemies. That is why you move fast and act correspondingly. Sometimes, the pure game time is only 20 or 30 seconds. Though, the “thinking part” is always the longest. Well, I guess it’s the highest time to share with you the basic principle of how the Breach and Clear works.

Breach and Clear 7

No matter what location you play, you always happen to have 4 Team members. After that you are allowed to regroup them and make 2 soldiers enter the building from one point and the other 2 – from the second. Though, that is not necessary and not always strategically important. Sometimes, breaking in with the whole gang looks a lot more exciting. There are not rights or wrongs – there are just your preferences and if you think that 4 guys coming out of the toilet with guns is an answer for everything – it’s your call. But, usually, if you pay at least a little attention to the surrounding, you will notice that some allow you to act properly while others will definitely send some of your guys 6 feet under. So, my advice to you: always pay attention to the world around.

Breach and Clear 8

The next great thing to mention about Breach and Clear is that you can set their movement trajectory and direction they need to look in. It’s kind of hard to explain but I will try. So, let’s imagine that you are breaking into the room. Before you press the “Break” button and let the mass begin, you need to tell your soldiers what to do. Usually, this requires them to clear the area and clearing the area without movement is not possible. So, you draw a line or set marks for your guys to move. The nice thing is that their movement area is pretty big and they can actually run across the room in one turn. Now, as you draw the moving line, make sure that the last mark you set will be behind a cover. Leaving your fellows at open is irresponsible, especially in Breach and Clear. On the preset mark you can place point and set instructions in which direction your soldiers will look when moving. For instance, you can set your hero to look backwards while he’s moving forward. This really helps in a battle as far as you can get a better feeling of the territory and while moving forward see if there’s an enemy on your right. Another thing is watching behind the corners. Without exposing your soldiers and without leaving a comfortable cover, you can shoot someone and take no damage yourself. Pure strategy!

Breach and Clear 9

As you’ve probably guessed, your task will be to move your soldiers and they will choose whom to shoot all by themselves. For some mobile gamers it might seem like a downfall but after a few missions you start to realize that this is the way it was supposed to be. And if you think that moving is a lot easier than shooting – Breach and Clear will prove you wrong. In this game proper movement and proper angling is one of the most important and vital parts of the game process.

Breach and Clear 10

At your disposal you have 4 brave and tough fellows. There are six classes you can choose from to apply them to your guys. You will have to do that right after you purchase a team in order to form a tough squad. Every class has its own peculiarities that can be very useful at the battlefield. For instance:

– Fireteam Leader. Specification: Leadership. Gives cohesive stat boost to teammates in proximity to this soldier. It also has a perk that forced enemies to focus on this soldier and allow other to either attack from the back or do something tactical.

– Weapon Sergeant. Specification: Weapons Proficiency. Improves damage of shots fired. As for the perk, it uses suppressive fire which forces enemies to stay behind their covers and your team members to flank them if possible.

– Breacher. Specification: Explosives. Increases distance to throw grenades, accuracy, their radius and effectiveness. Also, Breachers can throw grenades and move in the same turn which can be more than effective at some points.

– Medic. Specification: First Aid. Improves effectiveness of medpacks used. As for the perk, a doctor-soldier gets an  amazing possibility to revive the other soldier if he’s down.

– Direct Action. Specification: Intimidation. Increase the time for enemies to acquire this soldier. As for the perk, this soldier can move in a speed of light, though – he can’t run and shoot at the same time.

– Intelligence. Specification: Intuition. Gives 360 degree view of enemies within limited radius of this soldier. As for the perk, this soldier can place a door wedge and prevent enemies from using that door. This actually prevents your team from being ambushed or killed from behind.

Sure, the way you form your team depends only on your preferences but, as you’ve guessed already, there will be a necessity to sacrifice at least two classes. Due to the squad limit, gathering all together in one gang is not possible.

Breach and Clear 11

Every mission in Breach and Clear has three levels of complexity. Obviously, the harder you choose – the more experience and money you get. As always, the Beginner level is the easiest one and allows you to complete the mission easily. The Novice level, usually, adds a few more hostiles that act with a lot more taste in their strategy. And the last one available is the Standard complexity level. Pretty hard but not deadly hard. Though, if you play nice and get enough stars, you will open other complexity levels. Probably, they will be called “Hard” and “Extreme.” Before starting every missions, you can choose what kind of game you want to play: a regular Breach and Clear or a bit more interesting like defuse a bomb. This also kind of refreshes the game without any updates.

And now, as for the desert, I present you the incredibly big arsenal of Breach and Clear. Here you will find pretty much everything one would like to have in a zombie apocalypse: weapons of all kinds, helmets, kevlars, optics, magazines, golden rifles and else. Some of them are cheap, others will force you to spend a fortune or, if you prefer, donate a few dollars to make something beautiful yours in no time. Every element in this game has its own peculiarities and influences your soldiers, so, before you purchase it, make sure you choose right and read the description. Breach and Clear has also an upgrade system that allows you to improve your soldiers’ basic skills like accuracy or endurance. This might be vitally important during the game and that is exactly why you should not ignore spending your XP points on your soldiers.

Breach and Clear 14

So, what should I say about this game? Sure, it is not perfect, but it is only 2% away from becoming one. Speaking in the words of the famous 148Apps site, “I can’t believe something as impressive as Breach and Clear almost managed to sneak by me. It’s a fantastic combination of turn-based strategy and team-based tactical shooter that absolutely should not be missed.” I totally support their words and even if you are not into tactical turn-based strategy shooters, it is still a great piece of work that will encourage you to pick up your tablet from the table again, again and again. Breach and Clear is available on both Android and iOS platforms for 2.99$ and will run on newer devices. Older gadgets might feel some discomfort launching this game.


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Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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