5 Things You Need to Do In GTA V Online: Part 2

Another week and another reference to the most awaited game of the year – GTA V. Oh, I said awaited? Ye, still awaited but not that long. Only a few days left for the official release and on September, 17 of 2013 we are going to leave our real lives and will lose ourselves in the amazing world of GTA V. Unfortunately, the release date mentioned above is valid only for the most popular consoles – Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. As for PC – the date is still to be announced which kind of makes us feel depressed (I understand your pain, PC guys, I really do). But in this post we won’t talk about the bad things and will continue the 5 Things You Need to Do In GTA V Online post with another 5 making it a golden 10. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the board and let’s roll!


1. The Most Popular Missions Increase Your Rating

When playing online, you will be able to choose missions that, you think, suit you best and play them with your friends. While that sounds kind of obvious, everything is not as simple as you think. By all means, to satisfy different tastes and preferences Rockstar has the whole bunch of missions to satisfy every player and if you, for instance, do not like racing and prefer robbing banks – you will be able to delete racing missions from your map. Yes, it is that easy. After this action system memorizes all your choices and later offers only those you enjoy playing or those that seem to be popular. As for the participation, Rockstar promises everything one can imagine starting with small missions for two people and great events with up to 16 players which, by the way, look just amazing. And, of course, by the good old tradition you can always play Free Roam that also offers lots of interesting things to do.


2. Visit Cinemas in GTA V

At this point it may sounds ridiculous but let me explain the way I see it and I give you my word – you won’t be disappointed. Rockstar plans to integrate movie theaters in GTA V. You will be able to gather together with your friends and enjoy watching movies. And while this is still to be officially announces explaining us all the details and peculiarities but as I see it – this is going to be awesome and here’s the reason why: I do believe that watching cinema in GTA V will be a lot like renting movies from Google Play or Netflix. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that opens a totally new era and principles of playing or, be to exact, watching games. If you follow the news and want to see something new, you won’t have to go to the closest cinema and will have an opportunity to watch the freshest titles sitting on your sofa. Not bad, right? I also believe that Rockstar will open an opportunity to watch movies, TV Shows and things alike at your virtual homes on your virtual TVs. Or, as a pleasant bonus, you might get an opportunity to pay for some channels like Discovery or HBO and watch them like you actually do at home. Yes, I can feel that at this point there might be some technical difficulties to make all that happen as well as legal rights but… One can hope and one will hope, right? Stay tuned for September, 17 to see what actually happens when the GTA V is out. GTA V 7

3. Excuse Me, Would You Tell Me Where the Closest ATM is, Please?

But please, don’t overreact too soon and hear me out. As a matter of fact, adding ATMs in the game is more than just great. This is how it works: in previous GTA titles when you were killed or simply died because of careless driving, all your money, except for a few hundreds, stayed with you. Now it works the other way round: the money you have you carry in your wallet and when you die, your wallet just keeps lying on the ground and who finds it first, gets all your income. Fair or not – this is how things work in GTA V. So, that is why you need to keep all your money (at least, the bigger part) on your bank account. Luckily, it works pretty simple and you won’t have to travel to the other side of the map in order to put another hundred on your bank account. Also, almost every (if not all) stores and shops allow you to pay with your card which is kind of cool. Though, there is one thing that bothers me the most: if you can send money to your bank account, is it possible to hack that account and transfer the money somewhere? I guess, that would be an interesting part of the game, but not very fair.


4. Create Your Own Missions

By all means, this is, probably, one of the best parts of GTA V. Not only can you create your own missions but you can invite your friends and play with them trying to prove who’s in charge. Mission editor is very intuitive and allows you to create, from what I know, racing missions and death matches. I can say with a firm (at least, I really-really believe in it) that there are lots of other great things you can do in GTA V in editing mode. Also, with all the great possibilities to customize your characters, dress them like soldiers and put masks on their faces, you can turn a regular shooting mission in a real massacre. Let’s not forget about racing missions where you can customize the track the way you see it. It might be a city race, a desert challenge or something unexpected and impossible with obstacles and stuff. Yes, GTA V allows you to do that and even more. If you are still not in love with this game, here’s another reason to play it nonstop 24/7.


5. Men, Now You Can Officially Visit Strip Clubs

Yes, it’s officially official now: whenever you feel bored or your virtual life is not filled with great and unpredicted things, you can always relax and visit a strip club. Well, I won’t promise you boobies of all kinds and virtual sex if you pay a lot to a stripper but you should definitely expect private dances and Make it Rain things. If you do not know what it means, I can explain it to you in a minute, and please – don’t ask me why and how I know what it means. Make it Rain is an action when you (or your character, in our case) throws all the money he holds in his hands into the air showing off that he is rich and does not care what others think about him. Officially, like in every strip club, you are not allowed to touch strippers and if security sees you doing that three times in a row, they will make you leave. Though, when they are not looking you might and even should try to be a bad gentleman and make an attempt to touch the dancing beauty. I bet, this will be one of the first things you do when GTA V comes out. GTA V 6

Sure, GTA V has lots of other great features that you will discover all by yourself. After all, it is far more interesting to experience all the innovations in person than to hear someone talking about them. At least, I am this kind of person. But, there are a few moments I would like to mention about the game. By all means, GTA V developers have done an amazing job on creating such a big world and I can assure you that they will do even more with the future mods, DLCs and updates. And to prove that their intentions were serious, I have an interesting fact to share.

1. You might not know, but all characters in GTA V were voiced by professionals and, what is really great, Afro-American gang members were voiced by real gangsters (or people who think that they are gangsters). Whenever they say a word, you can’t but recollect different movies and stereotypes shown in movies. Thank you for that, Rockstar and thank you for making it possible in GTA V.

2. There was an interesting idea to add a woman in the trio of main characters. But the idea has never reached the finish. And not because Rockstar team is a group of sexist men but because, to their mind, a woman character won’t correspond the game’s concept. It is not an easy thing to make people believe that a pretty woman did something wrong in her gangster childhood and three masculine characters look more realistic in this cruel world. By the way: they are not universal and while one fellow is good in one thing, the other one is good in something else. All three characters have their strong and weak sides. 3.  On September, 17 we are going to see GTA V being released for Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation

3. As for the PC version, there is still no info for that matter. Some rumors claim that sooner or later GTA V for PC will be released, others say that it won’t appear and that Rockstar is strongly against making another version for computers. You might be surprised, but there are two petitions regarding this situation. The first one has collected more than 350 thousands voices where PC gamers ask Rockstar to reconsider their decision and release GTA V for computers. At the same time, another petition asks Rockstar not to listen to PC gamers and make GTA V only for consoles. I am not sure how this confrontation is going to end but I bet there are not right or wrongs. As for me, I vote for the PC version.

4. Not once and definitely not even 10 times Rockstar was asked to consider the possibility to create a movie about GTA and its heroes. GTA V is not an exception and again Hollywood representatives make them another offer that will turn one of the most popular franchises into even more popular title. Though, Rockstar says that right now they are not ready to do that. First of all, because of the strict policy. Movie companies always set some rules that do not always correspond owner’s vision. In other words, if Rockstar sees GTA V characters being tuff, some movie company can make them look weak and helpless. Well, maybe not the best explanation ever but I hope you get the point. Though, this is not a dead end and Rockstar actually considers making TV series about GTA V and not only characters. Frankly speaking, this sounds a lot better than a movie and gives a lot of freedom in all aspects.

5. If you are still interested in how big GTA V world will be, here’s a map of Los-Santos County. While I think that the unpopulated part is too big, the map still looks great and I can’t wait to ride my chopper or police car on the roads of Los-Santos. GTA V 10

GTA V still has a lot of secrets to share and, probably, even developers themselves have no idea of what they’ve done. Even with a few days left for the official release, GTA V is already a masterpiece and I can only imagine what will happen after the game officially becomes available for gamers all over the world. I am both excited and worried about this. But, let’s relax for the time left and think about something else because after September, 17 your life will change. Forever.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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  1. no to the pc version. RS North knows that modders come from the pc world and don’t want us console gamers having problems. we have complained to them enough to where they have finally listened. thank you rockstar north! =)

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    • That’s… complete and utter nonsense. First of all, modders didn’t need a PC version of GTA IV to hack the console releases and disrupt online play. Hackers gonna hack, it’s that simple.

      Second of all, while you may not realize this if you are exclusively a console gamer, the modding community has actually ENHANCED many already great games, Minecraft, the Elder Scrolls games, and yes, the GTA PC titles have many mods that add a vast amount of new content to these games, much of which is on the same level or even better than the content put out by the devs themselves. For TES: Oblivion, while Betheseda was selling horse armor, the playerbase was adding new equipment, dungeons, quests, etc for FREE. The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 fanbase actually recreated vast amounts of content that was originally cut from the game. Putting creative tools in the hands of the playerbase is not always a bad thing.

      What Rockstar needs to do is include methods for preventing modded content from making into their controlled online console experience in the first place. To say that they should ignore the PC community entirely out of fear that this will somehow enable hackers to mess up the console versions is extremely ignorant and shows a lack of understanding of just how game development works.

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      • give the modders a finger and they’ll take the whole hand. Give them the ability to mod and they’ll find a way to screw with consoles!

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