5 Things You Need to Do In GTA V Online: Part 1

GTA V was supposed to become one of the most incredible and breathtaking games of the year and I can say with a firm that it met all my expectation on 110%, especially with its multiplayer. While playing in single player puts you into shoes of three different characters who, by the way, are very and very charismatic, multiplayer scenario introduces you a totally different world with totally different goals. And if you think that the single player world of GTA V is a big sandbox, you should definitely visit GTA V Online and trust me – your vision and definition of the word “sandbox” will become different.

My first thought was to share with you the influence of GTA V on me and my game world but after all – you will experience that all by yourself. So, I came up with the idea to share 5 incredible things that you can do in GTA V Online. While they might seem to be casual and obvious, I assure you – there’ve been nothing like this in your life and here are 5 reasons why you can’t prove me wrong.


1. Race with your friends and don’t get caught

The world of GTA V Online if very and very flexible. You are allowed to do pretty much everything that comes to your mind and has logical or illogical explanation. One of the most exciting things (at least – for me) is an opportunity to gather up to 16 players (friends) and organize a race. All you have to do is to set up a marker and wait for others to confirm their interest in your offer. When players are ready, the race starts and the fastest or the most creative wins it. But if you think that everything will go as planned – you are very and very mistaken. Just imagine that you race with your friends trying to prove your priority and show that your car is not only good for delivering pizza,  when suddenly, on a 4 line highway you see a couple of police cars blocking the road. Hmmm… Yes, you violated a few rules and broke the speed limit minutes ago but your Crime Level is only 1 Star and it is too soon to have all the cops of the Los-Santos on your tale. But hey – this is GTA V and no one cares if there’s a problem on the road because the best solution for any obstacle is to drive through it (unless it’s a train or a wall). So, you speed up your car to break through the block post but when you come closer you realize that all that show is not about you and your illegal race with friends. It’s all because of other players on your server fighting for their rights. Instead of pulling over and paying the bill, badass criminals has made a decision to teach the cops a lesson and now, with a 4 Star Crime Level there are fighting with police officers and try to do their best in order to escape. So, if you think you can plan a race in GTA V and successfully come to the finish first with no complications, you should definitely think again because this is not the way things work in GTA V and at any moment someone can interfere in your game process and make the scenario flow in a totally different direction. At a certain moment you get a feeling that Rockstar did the impossible and took the best of Burnout Paradise, Need for Speed Most Wanted, increased the world to the impossible and gave it to you.


2. Rob a Wine Store and then… Betray Each Other

GTA V without a crime is like Call of Duty without shooting. If there is an open door it means you can come in and if you can come in it means you can come out with a pocket full of robbed money. Call your friends and decide what store will become a victim today. Take a car, drive to your friend’s home, pick him up and pull over near the target place. From here everything looks like in a movie. You come in, take your gun and order a person standing behind the counter to give you the money. You can even use the microphone to make him move faster. Sure, you are a smart robber, aren’t you? So, in case if you want to hide your identity, there are lots of masks at your service. Pick the one you like the most or the one you think will make the people crap their pants and start living the criminal life. Ok, now you have the money, what’s next? Get in the car and drive as fast as possible from the crime scene. Find a place to hide and make sure that the car you park next to is not a police car. When everything calms down and you control the adrenaline rush, how about splitting the treasure? Well, here’s the moment when you can see if your friends are really your friends or if they are only trying to look so. The one who has the reward can do a few things: if he thinks that you deserve your share and did your work well, maybe he will give you 50% of the stolen money. But your crime partner can turn into a very bad person and leave all that money to himself and give you 10% just to shut your mouth. But, if you think that the share is not fair, you can stand up for yourself and shot him in the head or something. In other words, everything you do together depends on trust between each other and the person you want to be. GTA V won’t judge – people will. But, who cares?


3. Yes, Air Races Will Be Too

In a real life it might take years to teach you how to fly a plane. In GTA V all you need is a plane. So, one of the cooperative missions was to steal the plain that goes under the name “Titan.” And while everything seemed to be pretty easy and logical, no one has told us that the plane is located on the military air base. What are the odds, right? But hey, this is GTA V – a real game for real men. Anyway, we get inside the stolen helicopter (cause no one just simply walks to the target place) and flew over the Los-Santos to the military base far-far in the desert. While flying I really enjoyed the views, especially the sunset over Los-Santos. To say that it was gorgeous is to say nothing. But, after a few moments of relaxation I had to come back to reality and start fighting with the soldiers. I am not sure why they were so angry. Maybe, it’s because of the helicopter parked inappropriately or, maybe, because of us coming to the party without the invitation. Anyway, the fight was pretty hot and while my partners have been covering me from all the bad guys, I ran like hell to the hangar and found exactly what we game for – the Titan, Oh, man – that plain was gorgeous. So, I get in, start the engines and start driving out. I give a signal to my bodies and they hop in without me stopping the plane. A few seconds later I take the plane off the ground and we are in the air, again, enjoying the views. Luckily, the army was too sleepy to damage the plain heavily and we managed to leave the base behind without suffering any casualties. I do remember my friends saying that a few planes took off to go after us but either because of my crazy flying of them being too surprised, no one reached us or sent a rocket in our direction. But that was not the whole story: the next thing was to land the plane safely without crashing and killing the crew. I was forced to make a few attempts in order to perform a landing but only the third one appeared to be successful. Landing a plane is really hard in GTA V but this hardness is justified and I have nothing bad to say about it.


4. Play Sport!

From the previous GTA games we know that our characters can do crazy things and should not only enjoy walking around but also are advised to play sports and keep their bodies in the shape. Well, in GTA V you can do that and do that with style. Among all the great things and activities one can imagine I would like to point out golf and big tennis. The first one is not another parody with a few holes but an actual and more than just real golf with 18 holes and acres of grassy territories. It’s like putting Tiger Woods PGA Tour in the GTA and mixing it with guys carrying guns. As in a real golf, you can use golf carts to travel from one hole to the other and, when bored, enjoy hitting each other with golf club. Sounds inspiring, don’t you find? On the top of that you can play golf with up to 4 of your friends. Pretty cool way to relax and enjoy the evening.

Tennis is a totally different story but still – one of the greatest ways to spend your free time. Tennis in GTA V looks exactly like a tennis simulator and there is nothing one can add to it. Invite a friend and challenge each other in an interesting game. Just give it a try, even if you hate sports with all your nature.

GTA V 10

5. Chill Out and Relax

I know how it sounds but relaxation in GTA V is also as interesting as robbing banks and killing people on the street. After a hard working day you can come back home, invite some friends and play some console mini games. If not – watch a movie or the freshest TV series of the popular TV show. You don’t like soap operas? Well, how about watching news about your gang robbing another bank? It not only looks great but also seems like a nice flashback. But, of course, if you feel yourself tired and there is nothing in your room that can make you happy, you can fire a joint and relax with a smile on your face. Of course, this influences your look and if cops or your mom shows up – your relaxation methods won’t be unnoticed.


You think it’s all? You’ve never been so wrong, trust me. There are still lots of great things you can do with your friends to make the evening past faster. Try to challenge one of them and beat the crap out of his head for playing the very same song for the 50 time or observe the starts and Los-Santos with a telescope standing near the window. I assure you – the views are gorgeous. After all, if you prefer to spend this evening alone and forget about everything, you can take a shower or even invite a woman in your room. Well, you know, to have a little chat…


In GTA V everything is made for players. No matter what you do and how you do it – you will enjoy every move and every consequence. Everything that appears on the screen, be it a planned action or a spontaneous outcome of events, has a certain meaning or, maybe, has no meaning at all. By it gets to the deepest parts of your soul and inspires you to play the game minute after minute, hour after hour. GTA V is one of the biggest sandboxes I’ve ever seen in this kind of games and if you think that you’ve had enough, how about the opportunity to create your own levels and missions and challenge your friends to become better than you? Stay tuned for the next Best 5 Things you can do in GTA V Online.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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