The Walking Dead Assault: Retelling the Story Once Again

The Walking Dead franchise has managed to become one of the most talked about due to its great adaptation for watchers, players and smart-phoners. So far we have an amazing collection of comic books, 3 seasons of TV series, a couple of games that include the incredible and breathtaking masterpiece from Telltal, another, less interesting but still good The Walking Dead Survival Instinct PC game and a couple of smaller creations for Android and iOS devices. About one of those games I would like to talk today and its name is The Walking Dead Assault.

Walking Dead 2

Before I’ll start walking the routes of excitement or disappointment (we are still to figure that out), I will tell you one thing: it is not fair. It is not fair that games like this are not released for both platforms simultaneously and very often either iOS or Android owners have to wait a day, a week or even a month to get something that others already have. I do understand that the one who pays more comes first to the finish line but please – get reasonable and take care of all your potential clients. In this case it doesn’t mean if we are Apples or Androids – we are customers and we want be even.

Walking Dead 3

Now, as we figured that out, I want to start talking about the Walking Dead Assault game. In reference to my previous paragraph I have to say that it has been available for a while on Apple’s App Store and only a few weeks ago or even less the Walking Dead Assault was released on the Google Play. As well as on the competitor’s territory, the app is worth $2.99 and it’s about time to figure out if it is a good decision to spend 3 bucks on 200 MB of zombies and blood.

Walking Dead 4

In the Walking Dead franchises there are two different groups of products: ones who follow the original comics line and those who go the other way. Thanks to the great popularity of the Walking Dead series, lots of developers, film makers and others decide to repeat the story of Rick, Glenn, Shane, Lori and others. Why? Because people love them and would definitely enjoy meeting their favorite characters again. The Walking Dead Assault is based on this principle and will retell you a story of the best (almost the best) zombie survival group.

Walking Dead 5

The Walking Dead Assault was made with a clear reference to the original comic book. From the very beginning when you launch the menu, you see that it will be divided into chapters and as the time passes, new chapters will be available for download. I do believe that new updates won’t cost any extra and will come as regular updates but we will find that out a bit later.

Walking Dead 6

The very first chapter offers you 11 small levels. While they do seem like easy ones, I can say with a firm that it’s a false impression. As you’ve probably guessed, the main idea of the Walking Dead Assault is to kill zombies and survive as long as possible. And this is exactly the part when everything gets interesting and exciting.

Walking Dead 7

First of all, the world around you is drawn like a comic book. Whenever you do something or interact with some items, the background sounds will be decorated with onscreen signs like “Bang”, “AAAAAARRRRRR!!!”, “Blank – blank” and else. Well, it does create a certain mood, especially with the black and white world around. The only colorful things are the heroes you play with, zombies, blood and interactive stuff. This actually helps you to identify what’s important and what’s not in a blink of an eye.

Walking Dead 8

As you start playing the Walking Dead Assault, you will be in charge of Rick. Other characters will appear in pretty much the same sequence they appear in the Walking Dead Season 1. All characters have one fire weapon, one melee weapon and one special ability. For instance, Rick has a revolver, an axe and an ability to kill zombies in a head with one shot. Otherwise, it takes from 2 to 5 shots depending on a zombie. Pretty much like in TV series, shooting with any firearms is effective but attracts other zombies and when at the beginning of the game it’s OK, already in the third level you might get into a big trouble if you do not act carefully. On the other hand, melee is silent but not that effective and when 3 zombies surround you, you might get hurt.

Walking Dead 9

What I personally don’t like is that you only have to control your character and give him/her orders to run, hide or interact with different items. Shooting and melee attacks are performed automatically. Partially, I understand why it is so but deep inside I was looking forward to see something a lot more user friendly than this. So, if I was forced to describe this game in a few words only, I would tell that the Walking Dead Assault is a tactical comics book.

Walking Dead 10

As it was mentioned before, the very same characters you see in the Walking Dead TV series, will appear in the game. With every new level you will find survivals and one by one or in groups they will join your team. From this group of survivals you can form a smaller one for tactical maneuvers. Unfortunately, it can’t be bigger than 4 survivals, but frankly speaking, 4 people with unique abilities are more than enough to fight zombies properly.

Walking Dead 11

Every level has a certain number of resources scattered all over the location and your task is to gather as many of them as possible. Resources can be traded for other members of the team or for upgrading their basic skills like health, damage and else. So, keep your eyes on yellow glowing boxes and do not hesitate to pick them up when it’s safe.

Walking Dead 12

One of the biggest downfalls of the Walking Dead Assault is the necessity to spend some extra cash in order to make your characters better. You should definitely try to complete it without dollar support but I should warn you – it won’t be easy. For me it is a big nonsense to spend even 2$ extra dollars on a game that is worth 3 bucks. For 3 bucks I want to be independent and happy.

Walking Dead 13

My verdict for the Walking Dead Assault is simple: the game is OK to play but not as OK as you might have expected. Your task is to properly use your team members’ skills and make sure they survive to the end of the level. By the way – if they don’t they will turn into zombies. After 7th or 9th level things become kind of boring because the strategy you play is always based on hit and run or shoot and hide. And, of course, the price: 3$ is OK to spend on game that will be upgraded with new episodes but it is not OK to have any donating system inside the game. After all, by adding another 2$ you can get the best Walking Dead game so far from Telltal that has been ported, unfortunately, for iOS devices only. But in general, the Walking Dead Assault is good to play, especially if you are a big Walking Dead fan.


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Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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