Tiny Thief: Makes Stealing Fun

Since my childhood everyone has been telling me that stealing is bad. Firstly these were my parents, after that – my teachers and lecturers and now police (luckily – not in person). But frankly speaking I’ve never thought that stealing might be so interesting and so inspiring and all that thanks to the amazing game called Tiny Thief.

Tiny Thief 2

I bet you’ve heard about this game because it’s gaining popularity on both Google Play and Apple App Store in a speed of light. It has everything one would like to see in a touch-screen masterpiece: charismatic characters, great sounds effects and music, challenging levels and a good sense of humor. What other games can beat this set of great features? Well, only a few, I guess.

Tiny Thief 3

The first thing that makes your lips draw a smile on your face is the graphics. The whole game of Tiny Thief is represented in very modest but colorful and bright tones. It kind of reminds Angry Birds (not because of game mechanics but because of graphics) with its sweet sounds, funny characters and creative stuff you are supposed to do to make it to the end and complete the level. After all, there is a reason for that: Tiny Thief was created by the famous Rovio company and we all know that this team is standing behind the already mentioned Angry Birds franchise. Probably, this game is the first one every Android or iOS owner installs on his\her tablet or smart-phone in order to check how things work.

Tiny Thief 4

The main idea of Tiny Thief gets creative with every new level. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, your task is to become the best thief of the Middle Ages. Oh, yes – I’ve totally forgot! Everything that happens, happens in the brave times of Middle Ages and you will have to do your best in order to hide from the guards, greedy sheriff and angry confectioner. But, of course, this is not the whole list of character that will either make you smile or hide behind the bush.

Tiny Thief 5

Every new level of Tiny Thief starts with a small briefing giving you the idea of what you are supposed to do. Usually, tasks are pretty simple but the route to success sometimes appears to be more than just complicated. For instance, the first level starts with the task to steal a fruit basket from a sleeping guard and run away unnoticed but later you will have to deal with the angry pirates who are tough enough not to give you a single spare second to do something extra.

Tiny Thief 6

Also, every level of Tiny Thief has a few side collectibles. They are not obligatory and you can either skip them and pass to the next level or spend a few minutes more and earn extra stars for gathering the whole set. The most challenging part of the side task is that you have no idea what collectibles have to be founds and where they lie. Being a fan of this game and, already, an experienced player, I am going to give you a little tip: be attentive and do not forget to check some actions for a few times. For example, in one of the Tiny Thief levels you will have to tap a little green bird for at least 5 times in order to get what she hides in a tree.

Tiny Thief 7

If you think that it’s all – you are mistaken. Together with all the great characters and animals, you will have a companion of your own. I am still not sure what kind of creature it is, but it does look like marten or something and this naughty and creative ball of fur will be hiding in any possible places one can imagine. Of course, your task as a Tiny Thief is to locate the marten and make sure she escapes the location. Again, you are not obliged to do that and sometimes, you will have to redo the whole level and perform the thief tricks in a certain sequence to make the marten appear on the screen, but if you do so and complete all the tasks given above, you will get three stars for being creative and so detective!

Tiny Thief 8

The main mechanics of the Tiny Thief is based on collecting things and using them with other things: people, animals and so on. Sure, the principle is not new but the way it’s realized seems to be very refreshing. After all, the principle used in Angry Birds is not new either but look where they’ve gotten! Millions of downloads every time when a new update appears on the market. Hopefully, something alike will happen with the Tiny Thief because it is totally worth it, I promise!

Tiny Thief 9

Sure, you can ask me about the downfalls and if this game has any. Unfortunately, the only downfall of the Tiny Thief is the lack of levels. In a few hours, or even less, you will definitely manage to collect everything you have and finish the final level. By all means, the further you go – the harder and longer it takes to complete the task but still – missions do not take more than 10 minutes, considering that you collect everything twice. But I do hope (and I will keep my fingers crossed for it) that in the closest possible future Rovio will surprise us with a pleasant update and will release at least 30 more levels to treat their fans with. Of course, they can go the “bad developer way” and release episode 2, separately from the first episode, and make people pay another $1 or 3$ depending on whether it is on sale or not. Well, maybe I am too naïve but I do believe that things will go the way they should and we, the fans, won’t be forced to pay any extra.

Tiny Thief 10

One of the biggest problems of making mobile games is to make them, well… mobile! For instance, playing GTA III on a smart-phone or tablet is great but not as great as one would like it to be, mainly because this game meant to be played on PC only and you do not get the deep feeling of the gameplay, the one you get in the Tiny Thief. I am not telling that this is the only game worth playing on your mobile device or that GTA III is bad. Just on the contrary: I am trying to say that unlike other games, this one has amazing responsiveness with the player and you get only the best and most positive emotions when directing Tiny Thief to steal another pie and blame it on a kid living next door. Feeling interested already? Grab a dollar and welcome yourself into the amazing Middle Age times of Big Robber (that’s you) and Tiny Thief!




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Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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