Warframe: One of The Best MMO RPGs So Far

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of MMO RPG games. Sure, there is a plenty of nice and well made MMO RPG creations with great scenarios, characters and possibilities but still – the idea of running all over the map without the actual ening of the set is not something I would spend my time on. Well, maybe I’m a fool or maybe I do not understand the trends of modern society but the game that wants to get my attention has to be incredible. Not good, not great but incredible. Is Warframe one of those games? Let’s find out.

Warframe 2

For quite some time already Warframe has been in its beta and players all over the world did their best to make things better by playing the game and searching for things that look ridiculous or does not seem to be right. But even in its beta Warframe had a lot of things to show and share and believe it or not but they definitely managed to show what great ideas mixed with a proper attitude can turn into.

Warframe 3

As you’ve guessed, of course, Warframe is a MMO RPG game and I do believe that there is no need to describe the specifics of this kind of games. But unlike other MMO RPGs, Warframe offers one of the most unique and unexpected stories one can find among free online entertainments. Yes, Warframe is totally free to play and even despite the fact that the game happens to have a donating system, you won’t find it extremely hard to move the level ladder.

Warframe 4

Sorry – I got carried away by the availability of the game. So, back to things that make Warframe special. Take a deep breath, feel yourself comfortable in your chair and try to imagine a special world with modern technologies, samurai culture, devastating weapon, magic powers and strange but effective armors. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, how about this: try to mix in your head Japanese Samurais of the far future. Great and fast warriors with unique abilities fighting against evil with their swords and mental powers… what can be better than that?

Warframe 5

As I’ve mentioned before, the game is totally free to play meaning that the only thing you have to do to start things rolling is to register your character on www.warframe.com and choose your hero. You will be playing as mysterious warrior from the far past (technically, it is just a less far future than the future where the whole action is going to take place) who lost his memory after years and years spent in cryo-chamber. In the world of Warframe these warriors are known as Tenno and only Tennos can put on and use the special armor that by lucky accident or by cold logic is called Warframe. Every Warframe is unique in its kind but we will talk about them later. The other side of the barricades is held by the clone troopers in exoskeletons controlled by the Empire, Trade Corporation and, as a pleasant bonus, a suspicious virus appears here and there and turns good people in zombie-mutants. So, as you can see for yourself – you won’t be bored playing Warframe with so many bad guys trying to kill you.

Warframe 6

What Warframe Feels Like

If I was asked to compare how playing Warframe feels like, I would say that it feels like Left 4 Dead 2 and Mass Effect 3 combined in one game. You play from a third person view which gives you a good feeling of the fight scenes. I know that in 95% cases MMO RPGs offer only this point of view but for some reason in Warframe it feels special. The main idea of the game is pretty simple: a squad of 4 Tenno warriors extracts at a certain point and completes the given task. Missions differ in their objectives and goals and you will have the whole list starting with the simple veni vidi vici and going up to saving the hostage, defending a position and sabotage. All in all there are 10 different kinds of missions offered for your interest. The only thing that looks a bit disturbing are the landscapes or, better to say, locations. Due to the specifics of the game, they kind of look the same and from time to time you might get the strange feeling of déjà vu but hey – what games can boast with different locations around every single corner? After all, you will be entering different cargo facilities and war bases and it won’t seem right to make them all look different. Individualism is not favored in the future. Sure, you won’t see two identical levels in the whole game but frankly speaking – the feeling of copy-past will come to your from time to time.

Warframe 7


Now, as for the most important part of the game – Warframes. At this moment you can equip your player with 14 different suits. All of them are unique and offer different and sometimes even crazy things: one turn your character into a real tank, others can make you invisible. Also there are those that poison everyone around and those who will allow you to control enemies’ minds and turn them into allies. This game also has its own tanks, support units, close combat warriors and long distance shooters. As you progress through the game and make it to the higher levels, you will be able to improve your Warframe with different modules. Pretty much the same happens with your weapon.  I think you will agree with me that the idea of upgrading weapon and armor instead of the usual skill tree looks kind of refreshing.

Warframe 8

The already mentioned game modules, as well as resourced required for creating new items, can be obtained by completing missions and yes, if you have intentions to get everything quickly, you will be forced to replay them one after the other. Of course, you can speed up the process by taking out your credit card and sending donations but it will simply speed up the process a bit and won’t turn you into mister Incredible in a second. I have to admit that sometimes the game gets a bit annoying, especially when you are in a rush for something better and something new. And, of course, interested in becoming stronger faster, not everyone will feel like playing a week to become the warrior he wants. But still – Warframe can be totally played without any investments and, if you have a partner to share your ups and downs, saving money and getting everything fairly won’t seem like a bad idea but…

Warframe 8

Firstly, you will have to gather enough money in order to buy blueprints. Secondly, you will have to have the required number of resources and those things do not fall from the sky whenever you think of them. And the last but not the least – you will need components as the last ingredient for Warframe or weapon modules and these are, first of all, rare and secondly – randomly appear on the map. In other words – the process of free upgrading might get pretty boring and kind of long.


One of the most exciting and picturesque things in Warframe happens to be the combat system. Oh man, do I need to tell you that it looks and feels just incredible! The combat system was completely modified and created for the player and when you are in control of your character, you do not get any confusions or surprises pushing this or that button. Every player is equipped with two kinds of firearms and also has one cold weapon. On the top of that, the number of different modules and upgrades turns you into a powerful warrior with lots of options on how to make a bad guy say goodbye to the cruel world he created. Every fight is a masterpiece and it seems like it is impossible to repeat them even if you really try to.

Warframe 9

Well, it is important to mention that Digital Extreme have always been known for making things right and beautiful and in Warframe they used all their ideas and invested all their potential to make gamers feel excited and satisfied and their parents and spouses are proud and happy. Just imagine this: your squad is trying to reach the mission point by hiding around corners and moving in stealth. One by one you move through the corridor, hack terminals and fool security cameras and when you are almost there, trying to break the last door, you realize that you are not alone and the intercom in the room alarms that you are not invisible anymore. And when you try to prepare your group for the battle, expecting enemies attacking from the front door, Ash appears from nowhere and slices them into pieces while Rhino suppressed them with whole his body. You look around and see Excalibur jumping over you and separating the whole dozen of enemies with his shiny katana. And you, Ember, blind the bad guys and fry them with the blessing fire. In these moments Warframe looks supper badass.


But when the fight is over and you leave dead bodies in the room behind, for some reason things become a bit boring. After all, even with the logical background, walking and searching locations that look alike do not inspire you for deeper inspection. Also, maps are not that detailed and in bigger locations it is even possible to get lost and not because you have allergy on maps, but because every wall and every door looks the same. You can entertain yourself with some mini games when breaking into secret laboratories or dealing with security cameras, but those mini games also become boring with time and do not seem to be cool anymore. In other words – if you are not in combat, there is a lack of things to do in Warframe.

Warframe 10

Unfortunately, Warframe has a few other problems that keep it away from being a perfectly balanced MMO RPG and from the best game to play with friends. Yes, you can play Warframe solo, but while some missions are as easy as blinking your eyes, other mission are simply impossible to finish when playing alone. So, the only option left is to find a proper companion for this job and here’s is the moment when the second problems comes in rule: searching for teammates, if your friends do not find Warframe interesting, is nearly impossible. The list of players, chat and clan control are far from being comfortable. On the top of that, Warframe uses strange filters and sorts players by either geographical position or their connection with the server. So, when in a search for a good team, you might turn out to appear in a totally lost surrounding with players who deserve to play card games or something like that. So, the best option here is to invite your friends and play in cooperative mode trying to fight enemies and completing missions the way they have to be completed.

Warframe 11


Warframe is definitely one of those MMO RPGs that everyone has been waiting for. It has everything one can imagine: great scenario work, charismatic and memorizable characters and, my personal favorite, THE idea. Let’s be honest: a well made combination of the good old and the better new has always been our weakness. If you don’t trust me – Star Wars with its blasters, space ships and light sabers is a perfect example. Yes, Warframe has its ups and downs and some of them might get surprisingly annoying, if you play too much. But, with the proper attitude and vision, you can lose the feeling of déjà vu and enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed. After all, with the final game release and update things should become better and more entertaining.

Warframe 12

Warframe will buy you with its dynamic and beautiful combat scenes, unique costumes and weapon upgrades. Some will enjoy collecting modules and gathering valuable resources while others will simply laugh from the way the enemies will look like. But in general, Warframe is the game that every not indifferent gamer has to try out. Maybe it will be Love from the first sight or maybe it will turn into something less pleasant but I assure you – Warframe won’t leave you cold.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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