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Day by day we are getting closer to the awaited moment of the final and so desired GTA V release. Dedicated GTA fans are now biting their nails and cross days with a red marker in their calendars before the D-day. Well, according to Rockstar Games preorders are going to start on the 5th of November, though this date might be changed for this or that reason (let’s hope it won’t). But today we are not going to talk about the bad things and instead will talk about the inspiring miracle that is going to become real sooner or later and thanks to the latest Gameplay video of GTA V we have lots of things to share.


Rockstar does its best to keep things in secret and shares only small portions of information about the game but without any doubt GTA V is the most wanted game of the year, so they do not have to be that secret after all. But, frankly speaking, I do like what they do. Anyway, let’s see what they’ve got prepared for us. Of course, the best presents are still to be unpacked but what we already have looks… how should I say it – AWESOME!


If you’ve been keeping your fingers on the GTA V news pulse, lots of things shown in the video at the end of the post are definitely familiar for you but I can say with a firm that before this video they’ve been only in your imagination. Right now you can see things the way they are going to be in a few months. So, the first goody to mention is the world you are going to play in. To say that it is big is definitely saying nothing. Now it’s wider, better, smoother, clearer and definitely a lot more interesting. From cold to hot and from sandy to grassy – all that is packed in a wide area of reimagened Southern California. Every player will definitely find a place to stay be it untouched wilderness or a fancy restaurant somewhere in the downtown.


Every previous GTA game was built on a story of a certain man with his ambitions and desires to become rich and famous. Of course, it is not a bad thing because you get used to a hero, his behavior and surrounding. But, what if I tell you that in GTA V you will get a chance to play three stories? Sometimes totally different, sometimes closely interconnected and sometimes ridiculously funny. So, let’s say hello to our new friends! Michael. Formerly known as a successful bank robber, now he tries to be a good family man but we all know that being a good husband and a bank robber are things that never come together. Franklin. Street hustler convinced that he is surrounded by morons. What else can you expect from a person who was born with a knife in his left hand and a gun in his right hand? And the last but definitely not the least – Trevor. Well, Trevor is the blackest sheep of them all and you should definitely meet this guy in person.


Now, as for the GTA V gameplay. As I’ve mentioned before, all three stories will be interconnected. For instance, you will have to rob a bank or take a hostage all together. But here comes the best part: no matter whom you choose to play, during the robbery you will have an opportunity to pick THE character you need or want to play with at the exact moment. Also, when something goes wrong with one fellow, you can quickly switch characters and assist each other in any possible way. A very great example is shown in the gameplay trailer.


Don’t worry – when you are not on a mission in GTA V, it doesn’t mean that you will be forced to stick to one of the characters mentioned. Just on the contrary: they are living their own lives and you can make them change their regular behavior by interfering at any moment. You feel bored from quarrels with Michael’s wife? Go ahead and take a look what Franklin is doing. No interest in gang wars? Get crazy with Trevor and his unpredicted decisions. Yes, all that and more is possible in GTA V.


The world of GTA V is huge and by saying that I do not only mean parks, streets, shops and other places to go. We’ve got that in the previous version. This time you can interact with almost anything and almost anywhere. You think your car is too regular? Customize it and make it better in a Car Repair. You are in a hurry for a meeting or simply do not want to spend hours standing in a traffic? Take a plane or helicopter and look at all those people on the ground from above! You are not going to wear the same close through the whole game, aren’t you? Sure you won’t do that with so many malls and shops all over the city. How about playing sport? Any interest in golf, tennis, football, baseball, bowling, chess, skiing and pretty much any other kind of –ing? GTA V has all that and more!


Rockstar has gotten everything to the whole new level and now it would be pretty hard to find things that do not interact than those that do. Exploration is game’s moto with all those oceans and seas to see in a diving costume and all those animals you hunt in the forest. And people, yes, people. The NPC characters that you treat like regular citizens but that won’t let you simply pass them by. How about that weirdo standing on the street and claiming that the end is near? You might not be interested in him but he is definitely interested in you!


The way you see the world and the way you interact with the character have been totally redesigned to bring you more fun and leave all the complications in the past. You think it – he does it, you say it – he makes it! Everything you do feels fun and responsive. Sure, you can make things simple but who does that in a game with so many possibilities? Right – no one. So, in GTA V you have to be creative and the more creative you become – the better the game will flow. You think I’m kidding? Well, look for yourself – the video is at the end of this post. Plans, plans and more plans! This what defines GTA V as the most awesome game of the year. They might not be good or might not be well thought out but plans make things work and add money to your account.

GTA V 10

And then – there is GTA V online. Oh man, do I need to tell you that this is going to be Legen… wait for it – dary! Legendary! Rockstar keeps those things in secret right now but trust me – you will be in love in everything what should become real by the end of this year. Let me give you a reminder that GTA V preorders start on November, 5 and the game itself should become available for downloads a bit later after that mark. Can’t way to see it rolling on my PC.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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