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I do not know how about you but I do enjoy World War II shooters. I know that nowadays they are considered to be out of date and users prefer something a bit more modern like Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare. By all means, it is important to walk hand in hand with time and create shooters based on the newest achievements and world progress. Though, history is something that can’t be changed and as for me it does sound like a nice idea to make flashbacks from time to time and dive inside the cruel battles of the cruelest war so far. In this case Rising Storm seems like a nice opportunity, especially if you enjoy multiplayer.

Rising Storm 2

In the era of modern online shooters, a game that allows you to become a part of a net battle sounds like something that came from above or like a decent reference to the past that will make you remember Battlefield 2 and its amazing gameplay. And what not to like? Great 32 х 32 battles that can be won only with tactical approach and where “hard and complicated” is good and running on the open is very and very bad. So, let’s take a closer look at the Rising Storm and see if it deserves to become a Rising star?

Rising Storm 3

If you enjoy playing regular first person shooters where you have unlimited ammo and hiding behind the closest wall will restores your health then Rising Storm is definitely not for you. In here you have to play in a team and know things that you will have to know on a real battlefield. How about ballistics, customizable aims and all the other things one can only imagine? Of course, that is not all and real hardcore players can turn Rising Storm into a real challenge by turning off all the possible tips and during the first few battles play blind, so to speak.

Rising Storm 4

Rising Storm is nothing else but a 100% addition to the original Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Though, it has a plenty of differences in the gameplay and I am very grateful for that. The project itself is very out of time but this little detail makes the Rising Storm really special. This time you will change sides and instead of the well known and so played Eastern Front you will be offered to become a hero of the War in the Pacific between American and Japanese armies. That is why you won’t see any major tank battles that will definitely look strange in the jungles. But, don’t worry: this downfall is easily compensated with the improved graphics and soldier battles that will take your breath away and will make your fingers burn.

Rising Storm 5

Rising Storm has only 6 major maps and that is all (for now). But this is still enough because maps are literary big and 20 minutes of gameplay won’t be enough to become a winner. On the top of that you will have to deal with lots of natural and not only obstacles: climbing through the jungles, avoiding lights coming from the watch towers, fortified posts and not only DO count in the Rising Storm and make a difference in all the possible meanings. In a realistic mode it might be a challenge to differentiate human’s silhouette and very often you will fire at will exposing yourself and your squad to the enemy at night. Unfortunately, you are kind of limited in some actions in the Rising Storm and, for instance you won’t be able to destroy projectors and the only way to avoid them is to actually avoid them. But this little downfall won’t spoil the fun – I promise.

Rising Storm 6

Both sides have been made as authentic as possible and you will enjoy shooting from the Thompson when trying to attack the enemy and the famous BAR won’t let a single enemy cross the front line. And of course, if you think that the enemy is too close, you can always use your flamethrower to stop the unwanted guest. But when you will try to do your best and will approach the enemy using a certain strategy, Japanese soldiers, lead by their cultural background, will act in a totally different way. In the Rising Storm they will desperately attack you with the swards in their hands screaming “Banzai!” It doesn’t seem to be right after those major battles in Stalingrad but at the same time it keeps the battle spirit and the spirit of the war on the required level which is just great. Thank you, Rising Storm developers, for that.

Rising Storm 7

It is really nice to see that a few years after developers have managed to make things right and they actually fixed all the possible bugs that you could have come across in the original Red Orchestra 2. Well, yes, you will have to deal with a bit old game engine while playing Rising Storm but this only stresses that the game follows all the best game traditions. Another confirmation of this fact is the open reference to the original game and everything, I repeat, everything depends on the way your team plays and on the way you act in your team. As it was mentioned before – it is not possible to win the war simply running on the open. If you get lucky, then in a few moments you will turn out dead. In the Rising Storm you have to act correctly and listen to your commander. If he turns out to be strategically and tactically advanced person, you will start winning one game after the other. If not – you will have to say goodbye to the Rising Storm because it forgives no mistakes. In here you will have to keep your eyes on everything: your ammo, your battle comrades, your commander and, of course, your position. Enemies will be everywhere but if you keep on shooting nonstop, there is a great chance that you will end up empty with no bullets in your pockets. On the top of that a very great role in the Rising Storm in played by the commander. First of all, if you die, you will spawn on your captain and it is important to know where he is if you do not want to get another bullet in your head right away. Also, the commander himself plays an important role and his location can change the future outcome of the battle. Just keep that in mind. As for the squad – it has to be well balanced and include every possible kind of soldier. By the way – I really-really enjoyed “cleaning” bunkers in the Rising Storm when a squad surrounds it, throws a grenade inside and waits for the Japanese soldiers to run out. You should try this.

Rising Storm 8

Conclusions? Well, the Rising Storm is an amazing addition to the original game and makes it better. Yes, it is a bit out of date and it definitely is too hardcore for regular gamers. But those people who enjoy playing Operation Flashpoint will also like all the complexity. Besides, the atmospheric solution in the Rising Storm is simply amazing and playing in a well formed team should make all the little downfalls disappear in a moment. And, if you ask me, the picture of the Rising Storm should be in a dictionary explaining the meaning of the word “Hardcore.”

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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